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Catholicose to kids: Think good about others and they will think good about you

MUSCAT: Moran Mar Baselious Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan received a warm reception by Sunday School Students of MGOC Muscat on March 17, Friday morning after the Holy Qurbana.

The speech was a real inspiration for the hundreds of kids gathered in the parsonage.

The Supreme Head was welcomed by Mary Varghese (Head-Mistress) and Dr T K Philip (Sunday School Inspector).

The teachers of the Sunday School gave His Holiness a warm welcome. Chants of Jai, Jai Catholicose rent the air when the Catholicose entered the hall.

The Holy Father in his speech in English spoke about Jesus feeding 5,000 men. He stressed on the sincere qualities of children and those with good behaviour are loved by God. “If we read the Holy Bible we can get examples of the importance of children. “Always think good about others and they will think good about you, ” His Holiness pointed out.

Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios and M G George Muthoot (Lay Trustee, MOSC) also addressed the students.

By Ricky Cherian, Class VIII, MGOC Muscat Sunday Schoool student