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Catholicate Centenary Celebrations- Mavelikara Diocese 2012

Catholicate Centenary Celebrations- Mavelikara Diocese on Sunday November 18, 2012

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Parumala church festival began on October 26

PARUMALA: The annual festival at the St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s Church on the banks of the Pampa at Parumala began on  October 26, 2012.

The festival began with a flag-hoisting ceremony on October 26. His Holiness the Catholicose Baselios Marthoma Paulose II and Metropolitan of the Niranom diocese Dr. Youhanon Mar Chrysostomos led the ceremony on the church premises at 2 p.m.

The Catholicos of the East Baselius Marthoma Paulose II  inaugurated the week-long annual pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Gregorios, the first canonized saint of the Church, at a meeting at 3 p.m. Dr. Youhanon Mar Chrysostomos  presided over the meeting. P.H. Kurien, IAS, delivered the keynote address. Fr. John Abraham Konatt, clergy trustee of the church, Jacob Thomas Arikupuram, Thomas T. Parumala and G. Oommen spoke on the occasion. Fr. K.V. Joseph Ramban proposed vote of thanks.

A 144-hour continuous prayer session began under the auspices of the Malankara Orthodox Youth Movement at 5 p.m. Youhanon Mar Polycarpus  inaugurated the session. OCYM Vice President Fr. Mathews T John, General Secretary Fr. Stephen Varghese, Treasurer Friju T. Mathew will lead the 144-hour continuous prayer session which will be concluded on Nov.1.

Free medical camp

A free medical camp under the auspices of St. Gregorios Mission Hospital will begin at the Parumala seminary auditorium on October 28 forenoons.
Cultural meet

High Court Justice Surendra Mohan will inaugurate a cultural meet to be held in connection with the church festival on October 28. Dr. Youhanon Mar Chrysostomos will preside. Sabha Secretary Dr. George Joseph will welcome the gathering and the Lay Trustee M. G. George Muthuut will propose vote of thanks.

Processions by pilgrims will be accorded reception at Parumala on October 31. Dr. Abraham Mar Epiphanios will inaugurate a All Malankara Prayer meet later in the day.

State Human Rights Commission Chairman Benjamin Koshy will deliver the keynote address at a felicitation meeting to be held on November 1. Film director Blessy will inaugurate a music programme ‘Sangeetharchana’ at 5 p.m.

Saint’s 110th feast

The 110th feast of St. Gregorios will be held on November 2. Baselius Mar Thoma Paulose II will lead the tri-mass at the church in the morning.
The Catholicos will inaugurate the MGOCSM meeting at 12 p.m. Kerala Accountant General Dr. Biju Jacob will deliver the keynote address.
Believers from different parts of the State and abroad will reach Parumala in separate processions to offer prayers at the saint’s tomb on November 1 and 2.

The annual church fete and pilgrim week will come to a close with a procession at 2 p.m. on November after a ceremonial Rassa.


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Dr. Mar Osthathios in Extreme Critical Condition at St. Gregorios Hospital, Parumala

PARUMALA: Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios, the senior Metropolitan of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, is admitted at the St. Gregorios Hospital, Paruamala and IOH learned that his condition is extreme critical.

Both the kidneys of the Metropolitan have failed and therefore, the medical team tried to do dialysis on him. However, the attempts to perform dialysis were with no success. The Metropolitan was immediately moved to the ventilator for sustenance.

Learning the critical condition of the Metropolitan both the Catholicos Emeritus and the reigning Catholicos rushed to the Parumala Hospital to conduct Holy Unction (Kandila Service) upon Metropolitan Mar Osthathios.

Children of Dr. Mar Osthathios’ brothers Dr. K.M. Mathew and P.K. Joshua from Atlanta and Baltimore were expected to be at Parumala on Thursday morning and the service of ventilator was supposed to be until then a minimum, it is learned.

“Thousands of poor patients in this world have no access for dialysis and therefore, do not let me undergo dialysis”, pleaded Mar Osthathios earlier. The thousands and thousands of people, whom the great visionary had influenced through his persuasive preaching and remarkable life, promised their heartfelt prayers for their exemplary spiritual leader.

Metropolitans Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos of Niranam, Dr. Yuhanon Mar Theodoros of Kottrakkara-Punalur, Geevarghese Mar Ivanios of Kottayam, Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios of Thiruvananthapuram, Pualose Mar Pachomios of Mavelikkara, Dr. Mathews Mar Severios of Kandanadu West, Dr. Joshua Mar Nichodemus of Nilackal, Mathews Mar Theodosios of Idukki, and Dr. Abraham Mar Epiphanios of Sultan’s Battery are camping at Parumala for monitoring the situations closely.

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Catholicate Centenary Celebrations: Details Released

KOTTAYAM: Catholicate centenary celebrations will be inaugurated in the second week of November at the nation’s capital on a grand scale.

The Holy Episcopal Synod and the Malankara Sabha Managing Committee is also planed to meet on the previous day in New Delhi

The Centenary inauguration day will be observed in every parish of the Church as the Catholicate flag day as well as a day set apart for prayer.

Seminars and colloquiums on the history and importance of the Catholicate will be organized at parish level from 1-25 August.

Seniors of the Church above 80 years will be honored at parish level as part of Catholicate centenary celebrations.

Meetings of ecumenical bodies, namely, WCC and NCCI will be organized at the diocesan head quarters of Madras, Kolkotha and Ahmedabad dioceses.

Meetings of World Religions and Culture will be organized at diocesan level all over the Church.

Catholicate day celebrations for the year 2011 will be organized regionally in Kerala, namely, at Sasthamkotta, Karthikappally, Thrikkunnathu Sseminary, Pazanji and Sultan’s Battery. Dioceses outside India will organize various programs under the auspices of their spiritual originations.

Exhibitions proclaiming the Malankara Christian heritage will be organized. More over, pilgrimages to historical centers of ancient Christian importants from the far south of Kerala, Thriruvithamkode through to the northern end, Sultans Battery are also planned.

In September 2012 a meeting of the Heads of all Christian Churches will be convened at the Catholicate palace, Devalokam, Kottayam under the presidentship of the Catholicos of Malankara.

A grand meeting of members of Malankara Orthodox Church will be organized at the Marine Drive Ground Kochi, where the faith of the Church will be proclaimed and reaffirmed.

As part of centenary celebrations 100 cancer patients will be treated gratis and so also 100 Cardio Vascular patients with heart surgeries. 100 girls will be helped who financially struggle to get their marriages arranged and 100 bright students with financial constraints will be given scholarships.

A Church museum, where the history and tradition of Malankara Church being exhibited, will be set up at Parumala. Books and documentaries that explain the history and tradition of Catholicate are planned to be published in English as well as in Malayalam.

The Church will pay more attention to the environment by implementing the ‘Green Church Project’.

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Metropolitan Elects Proceed to Parumala Seminary on Friday

KOTTAYAM: Having received blessings from retreat fathers Metropolitan Elects return tomorrow to Parumala Seminary from Mar Baselius Dayara, Njaliyakuzhi. Metropolitan Elects received the goodwill from their retreat fathers with commitment and assurance to uphold the tradition and heritage of the Malankara Orthodox Church, which she inherited from St. Thomas, the Apostle.

Metropolitan Elects reached Catholicate Palace, Devalokam on Thursday, March 11th, and called on the Catholicos to procure apostolic blessings. After evening prayers at the Aramana Chapel, the Catholicos bestowed the Metropolitan Elects with the preliminary session of retreat.

Absence of love is the biggest crisis that the society faces today. This crisis can be overcome with love alone. Presumptuousness is reflection of evil. Love sustains only when ego fades away. “Metropolitan Elects shall become carriers of love and this is the advice that I have to give to you”, the Catholicos said.

“Saint Gregorios of Paraumala was able to open the gates of heaven through prayer, fasting and meditation. May Parumala Thirumeni be your role model in your endeavor to achieve this goal”, the Catholicos exhorted the Metropolitan Elects, who are about to enter into the highest orders of ecclesiastical authority. Catholicos Elect Paulos Mar Milithios and Secretary to the Holy Episcopal Synod Dr. Mathews Mar Severios have also attended evening prayers along with the Catholicos to bless the Metropolitan Elects.

On Friday, March 12th, the Metropolitan Elects reached Njaliyakuzhi Dayara to carry on with the first phase of mediation prior to their receiving of apostolic succession. Catholicos Elect Paulos Mar Milithios and Dr. Mathews Mar Severios were also there to receive the Metropolitan Elects at Njaliyakuzhi.

On the following days Metropolitan of Kottayam, Geevarghese Mar Ivanios led meditations for the Metropolitan Elects. “Creator and the creation intermingle neatly at the Dayara and hearing from a great retreat father like Mar Ivanios has paved ways to know the profundity of truths of the faith of our Church. This will surely help to lay a stronger foundation to lead the Church into the 21st Century. This was a time for us to learn from silence as well”, reflected the Metropolitan Elects in one accord. There were prayers for seven hours of a day at their stipulated times.

On Friday, March 19th, Dr. Mathews Mar Severios Metropolitan will lead deliberation on principles to be followed at sacred proceedings and services. Tomorrow Metropolitan Elects will attend evening prayers at Parumala Seminary and on Sunday, the priests among the elects will receive profession of Remban from the Catholicos at the same venue.

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Armenian Catholicos Aram I Honored with Order of St. Thomas

KOLENCHERY: The Catholicos of Malankara Orthodox Church Baselios Marthoma Didymos I confirred the Armenian Catholicose Aram I with the ‘Order of St. Thomas’ on Saturday February 27, 2010 at a gorgeous public ceremony at Kolenchery. ‘Order of St.Thomas’ is the the most presigious honor at the Malankara Orthodox Church.

In his reply speech the Armenian Catholicos expressed his happiness over receiving such an honor from Malankara, the land of Saint Thomas.

Union Minister K.V.Thomas inaugurated the function. Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Didymos I presided over. Catholicos -Elect Paulose mar Milithios, Metropolitan of Marthoma Church Zacharias Mar Theophilos, Archbishop Sebouh Sarkissian, Bishop Nareg Alezmezian, Fr. Mesrob Sarkissian, Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios, Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, Alexios Mar Eusebius and Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konatt attended the ceremony

This was the crowning function of the visit of Armenian delegation in the Northern dioceses of Malankara. The Pontiff was welcomed in the Kerala traditional style with mounted elephants, girls carrying plates of flowers and percussional accompaniments. Faithful in multitude turned up to the function, which made the event only one of its kind in the memory of many for that region.

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Malankara Association Concluded: Seven More Metropolitans to Malankara

SASTHAMKOTTA: Seven more Metropolitans to the Malankara Church. Malankara Association Members gave an over whelming and standing ovation with heaven breaking applause to seven Metropolitan elects, when the Malankara Metropolitan declared their names as winners of the Episcopal election 2010 at Mathews II Nagar (Mount Horeb Ashram), Sasthamkotta at 9.00 pm local time.

Some of the Association members, who were in an ecstatic mood, were literally elevating their loved candidates, who have been confirmed by their mother Church as befitting candidates to lead them deep into the 21st Century!

Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil (714 – 1677) = 2391, Fr. Dr. John Mathews (769 – 1475) = 2244, Fr. Dr. Sabu Kuriakose (701 – 1536) = 2237, Fr. Yuhanon Ramban (599 – 1619) = 2218, Fr. Dr. Nathaniel Ramban (611 – 1510) = 2121, Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham (544 – 1384) = 1928 and Fr. V. M. James (497 – 1184) = 1681 are the seven priests, who have won the Episcopal election.

When the Malankara Syrian Christian Association President, Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicose Baselios Didymos Marthoma I declared their names and invited them to the stage to garland and congratulate, children of the Malankara Church all around the globe had also approved their accord with pleasure.

The Association concluded with prayer and apostolic benediction by the Supreme Head of the Malankara Church, the Catholicos.

The home parishioners and loved ones of the Metropolitan elects from their respective dioceses received the Metropolitan elects with delight and have led them to their residences with motorcade accompaniment. On their way home prominent parishes of Malankara will also extend their joy and love to them by extending warm welcome.

“It is the second time in the history of Malankara Church that the desired number of candidates has been elected to the bishopricate. This reflects the depth of prayerful and saintly stature of His Holiness,” the priest trustee Fr. Dr. Jones Abraham Konatt said to IOH. He went on to reflect that the prayers and blessings of His Holiness’ predecessors, especially Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, whose mortal remains rests to the second coming of the Lord at the Association venue, have visibly reflected in the proceedings.
Malayalam Edition

Profiles of the Meropolitan elects

Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil (42) BSc, GST, BD, M.Th, PhD
DOB: 17 May 1967
Member of St. Mathias South Cross Parish, Kunnamkulam. Parents: Late Mr. P. V. Pavu and Mrs. K. V. Anna, Present Address: STOTS, Nagpur, Post Doctoral Research Fellow. Diplomas in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and German Languages. Priest since 1992 and served in different parishes under Dioceses of Kunnamkulam, Kottayam, Madras, UK Europe, and Canada and Diocese of America. Lecturer/Professor at OTS Kottayam & Nagpur since 1994. Served as Registrar of Divyabodhanam, Program Secretary of Sophia Centre – Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue and Cultural Studies, Resource Person for Oriental Studies, Associate Secretary of the Kerala Council of Churches, Member of the Association of Professors and Research Scholars in Germany for Study of Religions, since 2002. Authored more than 10 publications.

Fr. Dr. John Mathews (57) MRE., PhD.
DOB: 18 December 1952
Member of St. Thomas Cathedral, Kollam. Son of Samuel Mathews, Pulimoottil, Kollam. B.A. from Kerala University, M.R.E from America, Ph.D from Fordham University U.S.A, Serves as Professor of New Testament, Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam, Registrar of Divyabodhanam English Section, Secretary of Orthodox Vaidika Sanghom, Secretary of Inter- Church Relationship Committee of the Orthodox Church. Author of Gospel According to St. Mark – An Interpretation.

Fr. Dr. Sabu Kuriakose (43) B.Sc., BD., M.Th., D.Th.
DOB: 11 March 1966
Principal Secretary to H.H The Catholicose and working as Lecturer in the Dept. of Religion and Culture, OTS, Kottayam. Home Parish: Chungathara St. George, Malabar Diocese , Permanent Address:Tachiruparampil, Chungathara, P. O Malappuram Pastoral Work: Vicar- St. George Cathedral, Kozhikkodu, Asst. Vicar- Mar Gregorios, Salem, Asst. Vicar- St Thomas, Bangalore and St. Gregorios, Tumkur, Vicar- St. Gregorios, Nilambur,Vicar, St.Stephens, Karappurum, Vicar- St. Marys, Akampadam, Vicar, St. Marys, Shornur, Vicar, St. Thomas, Nattassery . Present Vicar of Thazhathangady Mar Baselios & Mar Gregorios

Fr. Yuhanon Ramban (47) MA., B.D., MTh.
DOB: 8 Oct 1962
Parents: (Late) Sri. P.Mathai and Thankamma Mathai,Nediyavilayil House, Pandalam, Superior of Holy Trinity Ashram, Ranni, Home Diocese: Chengannur, Home Parish :Kurampala St. Thomas, MA Sociology (Kerala), GST (OTS, Kottayam) B.D (Serampore), S.T.M (in Patristic Studies) from General Theological Seminary, New York, USA M. Th. (Spiritual Theology) Course completed from Indian Institute of Spirituality, Bangalore, Served the parishes in the Dioceses of Trivandrum (1987-92), America (1992-2003) and Madras (2006-07), Served as Secretary to: (Late) H.G. Geevarghese Mar Dioscorus (1981-’82 & 1988-’92) at Trivandrum and H.G.Mathews Mar Barnabas(1992-2003) at New York and as the Diocesan Office Secretary at New York. Attended various conferences of NCCA in 2000 and 2001 as delegate of the American Diocese. Member of NAMS since 1984. Author of the Book: Baptism Eucharist Ministry. Chief Editor: of “Diocesan Voice”, a quarterly publication of the American Diocese.

Fr.Dr.Nathanael Remban (57) BA., BD., M.Th., D.Th.
DOB: 10 February 1953
Superior of St. Paul’s Ashram, Puthuppady, Principal of St.Paul’s Mission Training Centre, Mavelikara, Son of M. George & Thankamma George, Thoppil, Vazhuvady Thazhakkara, Mavelikara, Parent Parish – Mar Baselios, Vazhuvady, Mavelikara, B.A. (Economics). M.A (Philosophy) Osmania University, BD, M.Th & D.Th (Serampore), Secretary, Orthodox Church Mission Society & Mission Board. Governing member of: St. Gregorios Balagram, Yacharam, St. George Balikagram, Pune, St. Paul’s Balagram, Ittarsi, Kalahandi Development Project., St. Gregorios Dayabhavan & Palliative Care Centre Kunigal, Bangalore, Mar Osthathios Sharing Trust. Written & Published 12 Books in the area of Theology, Philosophy & Spirituality. Published more than 30 research papers and 3 Thesis, Managing Editor – Doothan Tri Magazine

Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham (40) BD., M.Th., D.Min.
DOB: 28 December 1969
Member: St. Basil Dayara, Pathanamthitta, Home: Vadutala, Mathoor, Pathanamthitta, Home Parish: St. George Valiya Palli, Thumpamon Erom. Education: B.Sc., M.G University, B.D., (Serampore) from OTS, Kottayam, M.Th., Dharmaram College, Bangalore, Pastoral Counseling, Elmhurst Hospital, Elmhurst, IL, Doctor of Ministry – Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL, General Secretary – MGOCSM since 2005, Sabha Managing Committee Member since 2006, Governing Board member Thadagam Ashram since 2005, Sabha Mission Board member since 2005, Mar Eusebius Memorial Project Director Board member since 2009,Kerala Council of Churches delegate since 2007, Director, St. Gregorios Shanthinilayam Counseling Center(1997-2000), Secretary to L/L HG Philipos Mar Eusebius (94-95). Parishes Served: St. Gregorios, Tumkur, Karnataka St. Mary’s, Thirumuttom, St. Basil Dayara Chapel, St George, Mukkaluman, Thumpamon, St. George, Angadical, St. Gregorios, Oak Park, IL, USA

Fr. V. M. James (56) GST., BD., M.Th.
DOB: 24 February 1953
Member of Budhannur St. Elias Orthodox Church, Chenganoor Diocese, Son of late T. K. Mathew, Budhanoor, M. A from Kerala University. B. D and M. Th from Serampore University, Served as Vicar St. Thomas Kollam, St.Gregorios, London., Higher Studies in Eastern Spirituality and Monasticism in England. Now Director of St. Basil Bible School and Orientation Centre, Sasthamkotta. Superior Mt. Horeb Ashram, Sasthamkotta. Member of Dr. C. T. Eapen Trust. Author of Pravachaka Sandesam in Divya Bodhanam Series.

Profiles prepared by Philip A. C

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Church News Episcopal Election Features News

Episcopal Election 2010: Malankara Association Today

Malankara Association venue: Baselios Mathews II Nagar -Sasthamkotta

SASTHAMKOTTA: (Feb.17 -7.30am IST) The Malankara Syrian Christian Association, the parliament of the Malankara Church, will be held today at Mount Horeb Ashram- Sasthamkotta at 12.30pm to elect 7 priests to episcopate.

11 priests have been short listed for election. Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil, Fr. Dr. John Mathews, Fr. Dr. Nathaniel Ramban, Fr. V. M. James, Fr. Yuhanon Ramban, Elavukkattu Fr. Geevarghese Ramban, Fr. Skriah OIC, Fr. Dr. Sabu Kuriakose, Fr. M. K. Kurien, Fr. V. M. Abraham and Fr. J. Mathukutty are in the official panel of the Church presented by the Sabha Managing Committee.

The seven candidates will be elected through secret ballot. Metropolitans, priests, managing committee members and lay representatives will cast their votes in the election.

The registration will begin at 9am. Association members will have to verify themselves at 41 counters according to the dioceses set at the entrance of the Association Nagar from morning 9 am to 12 pm. After verification of Document of Legitimacy (Adhikara Pathram) the delegates will receive identity cards from respective counters. The members will have to submit their Adhikara Pathram at the counter and thereafter they will get the official leaflets on election procedure.

Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan Baselios Marthoma Didymos I will preside over the Association. It will begin with a prayer at the Mar Elia Chapel of Mount Horeb Ashram at 12.30 p.m. Thereafter the Malankara Metropolitan and other Metropolitans will proceed ceremoniously to the dais.

Around 4,000 delegates from across the globe, including those from America, Europe and African Continents, Gulf Countries, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia will participate in the Malankara Association 2010.

“A Five-Member Tribunal, chaired by the Catholicos-elect, Paulose Mar Milithios, would look into the complaints over the list of delegates for the association meeting”, Dr. George Joseph, the Association Secretary, said. Fr. K. A. Abraham, K. T. Chacko I.A.S, Adv. P. G. Jacob and Adv. K. K. Thomas are onboard as jury members of the ‘Tribunal’.

Polling booths will be arranged and counting of votes will be held immediately after the polling. Alexander Daniel IPS, the additional Director General of BSF is the returning officer for the Episcopal Election 2010.

9.00am IST : Registration started
11.00am IST : Lunch for the Association Members began
12.30pm IST : Procession began
1.00pm IST : Association meeting began with prayer
1.20pm IST: Fr.Bijesh Philip -Nagapur Seminary Delivering the devotional address.
2.15pm IST : Polling began
3.15pm IST : Polling Closed
3.30pm IST: Sorting of ballot paper began
4.00pm IST: Counting began

Total Voters registered
Clergy: 901
Laity: 2094
Minimum vote to pass
Clergy: 451+1
Laity: 1047+1

9.00pm IST : Election declared . 7 priests won

Name : Clergy vote : Laity vote : Total

1. Fr. George Pulikkottil (714 – 1677) = 2391
2. Fr. John Mathews (769 – 1475) = 2244
3. Fr. Sabu Kuriakose (701 – 1536) = 2237
4. Fr. Yuhanon Ramban (599 – 1619) = 2218
5. Fr. Nathaniel Ramban (611 – 1510) = 2121
6. Fr. V. M. Abraham (544 – 1384) = 1928
7. Fr. V. M. James (497 – 1184) = 1681

Congratulations to the Metropolitan Elects from the family of IOH!

Circular- page 1 Page 2
Circular from Asso. Secretary

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Episcopal Election 2010: Association Flame reaches the Destination

SASTHAMKOTTA: The 2010 Malankara Association Flame reached its destination Sasthamkotta Baselios Mathews II Nagar today at 5.30pm with only 1 day to go until the Episcopal Election and ignited at the Association Nagar marked the opening of the event.

The Association 2010 Flame was ignited today morning at 7am at Parumala Seminary after a brief prayer at the tomb of Saint Gregorios of Parumala. Metropolitans Paulose Mar Pachomios, Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos, Mathews Mar Theodosius and Mathews Mar Epiphanios, Priest Trustee Fr. Dr. Jones Abraham Konatt, Association Secretary Dr. George Joseph, Manager of Parumala Seminary Fr. MD John Ramban, Assistant Managers Fr. K. V. Joseph Ramban and Fr. Simon Skaria, and Fr. Abey Philip were present at the occasion.

The flame traveled across Theo Bhavan, the Mavelikara Diocesan Centre and accepted receptions at the St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiyakaavu, Karippuzha, Muttam, Pallippadu, Danappady, Karthikappally, Cheppadu, Evur, Pathiyur, Kayamkulam, Kattanam, Vallikkunnam, Suranadu, Poruvazhi and Chakkuvallam, and reached Bharanikkavu at 5pm pm. The flame has been followed by hundreds of faithful including the dignitaries of the Church on many vehicles.

The flame was welcomed at Baranicavu with musical accompaniments by the community and taken out in a procession to the Association Nagar which was received by Paulose Mar Pachomios, Zachariah Mar Anthonios, Association Secretary Dr. George Joseph and Lay Trustee Muthoot M. George. Later on at the gate of the Association Nagar the flame was received the Catholicos Elect Paulose Mar Milithios.

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Church News Episcopal Election News

Association Torch Rally began From Parumala Seminary

PARUMALA: Association Torch Rally began at 7am today from Parumala Seminary. Metropolitan of the Mavelikkara Diocese Paulose Mar Pachomios lighted the Torch from the tomb of St. Gregorios of Parumala after Morning Prayers. Metropolitan of Idukki Diocese Mathews Mar Theodosius handed over the Torch to Fr. Jacob John, Diocesan Secretary of Mavelikkara Diocese.

Metropolitans Youhanon Mar Chrisostomos and Mathews Mar Epiphanios, Priest Trustee Fr. Dr. Jones Abraham Konattu, Association Secretary Dr. George Joseph, Manager of Parumala Seminary Fr. MD John Ramban, Assistant Managers Fr. K. V. Joseph Ramban and Fr. Simon Skaria, and Fr. Abey Philip were present at the occasion.

The Torch Rally will first reach Theo Bhavan, the Mavelikkara Diocesan Centre. It will proceed from there to accept receptions at the St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiyakaavu, Karippuzha, Muttam, Pallippadu, Danappady, Karthikappally, Cheppadu, Evur, Pathiyur, Kayamkulam, Kattanam, Vallikkunnam, Suranadu, Poruvazhi and Chakkuvallam, to reach Bharanikkavu at 3.30 pm.

The Torch will thereafter proceed to Mathews II Nagar with musical band accompaniments. The Malankara Metropolitan will receive the Torch at the Association venue to light the lamp, which will mark the official opening of Association.

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