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MGOCSM Yesturday -Today and Tomorow

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement, popularly known as MGOCSM, was started by our spiritual leaders with a good intention for students at High School-College levels initially, if I am not mistaken. Later it was established in parish levels, especially in outside kerala regions, during the regime of late lamented H G Dr Philipos Mar Theophilus Metropolitan who was the President for a longer period assisted by late lamented H G Philipose Mar Eusebius, H G Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, H G Paulose Mar Pachomios, H G Dr Zachariah Mar Theophilos, H G Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim and other prominent priests who are in que for the decorated post of a Metropolitan.

Late lamented Theophilus Thirumeni paved way for this spiritual organization into parish levels with due respect and consideration to the parish priests, the initial student leaders of the parishes could perform its activities mainly in consultations with their respective parish priests. However, as time changed especially after the passing away of Theophilus Thirumeni in 1997, attitude of the student leaders have changed. They think that they are the whole and sole and needs no support of the parish priests and think that the President Thirumeni and others are always with them to support and protect them, which many a times causes an embarrassing situation leading to arguments between the parish priests and MGOCSM members. Many a times I had to warn the MGOCSM members of the parishes wherever I have served as they give less importance to worship and spiritual services and are engaged in extra activities, which I never entertain or encourage, instead I am sorry to mention that I discourage them, even though I may face hatred from them, which I am not at all bothered.

It is my humble request on behalf of my fellow priests to the present President Thirumeni, who is also my Diocesan Metropolitan/Superior and Vice President Thirumenis to advice students atleast during this annual conference, in the last week of December, to behave well, be disciplined,consult and seek proper advice and guidance from their parish priests. Hope that CoorilosThirumeni, Pachomios Thirumeni, Theophilos Thirumeni, Seraphim Thirumeni and other priest leaders especially Fr Varghese Varghese, my seminary mate, will advice the next generation MGOCSM delegates.

Fr Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil
Kalyan Parish,
Bombay Diocese.