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Urgent help Needed; financial assistance for stem cell transplantation Rev.Fr Varghese George

urgent help needed
Rev.Fr Varghese George, a priest of Trivandrum diocese, is undergoing treatment for cancer at Vellore Medical College.

The doctors recommended a life-saving high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell rescue transplantation ASAP. Its cost about 25 – 30 lakhs for surgery alone and pre-medication cost is1.5 lakhs per week for 4 weeks.
Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios Metropolitan visited Fr Varghese George last week at Vellore Hospital.

Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebios has sent out a circular to all the parishes of South-west American Diocese for an immediate help. Metropolitan who is travelling to India will hand over the funds collected from his parishes. He also urged the faithful to remember Rev.Fr Varghese George in their prayers.

The IOH family is truly hoping for your favorable response from the readers of IOH all around the world. You can send the financial help directly to:
S.B.T. Kottarakkara, Pulamon.Br.70272, Kollam. 691531.
IFS code: SBTR.0000272
A/c. 57022993024
Name: Rajamma Varghese

Funds Directly sent to Achen’s Family

1. St.Stephens OC, Long Island by Fr.Dr.C.K.Rajan (Northeast American Diocese) – 1 lakh INR

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HH the Catholicos reached Lebanon to participate in the consecration of Holy Muron

LEBANON: HH Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the supreme head of Malankara Orthodox Church reached Lebanon to participate in the consecration of Holy Muron to be conducted by His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, on Saturday, July 18, 2015.

The ceremony will be held at the St. Mary Monastery and the Genocide memorial monument in Bikfaya. The blessing of Muron is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The blessing of the Holy Muron will take place in the evening, followed by the address of His Holiness Aram I.

On Sunday, July 19, Holy Liturgy will be celebrated at St. Gregory the Illuminator Mother Cathedral in Antelias presided over by His Holiness Aram I, who will conduct the blessing of water with the newly blessed Holy Muron. An Ecumenical Service will follow at the Genocide Memorial Chapel in Antelias with the participation of various church leaders and representatives.

Prelates from Oriental Orthodox Churches worldwide and members of the Holy See of Cilicia Brotherhood will participate in the ceremonies and events.

As the delegates of Malankara Orthodox Church, Metropolitan DO. yuhanon Mar Diascoros, Prof. Fr. Dr. Baby Varghese, Fr. Abraham Thomas,Dn. Shibu Kattil and Sabha Managing Committee Member Jacob Mathew Kulanjikombil are participating in this function along with the Catholicos.


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Indian Orthodox Herald Stops updating


PHILADELPHIA: Due to financial crisis and rising server costs Indian Orthodox Herald is forced to stop news updating English Edition for the time being.

Please visit Malayalam Edition for news updates.

Fr. Shebaly
Editor In Charge

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First Meeting of Sabha Managing Committee on March 28 at Kottayam

KOTTAYAM: The new Malankara Sabha Managing Committee that has set in from March 7 on will meet for the first time on March 28 at 10 am at the Smrithi Auditorium of Pazhaya Seminary, Kottyam.

Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan will preside over the meeting.

The new Malankara Managing Committee has 129 elected members and 30 nominated members. It is the Malankara Managing committee that elects also the new Malankara Association Secretary for the coming five years.

Last date for withdrawing nominations was today and thus, it is final now that the contest will be between two candidates, namely,the current Malankara Association Secretary Dr. George Joseph and Adv. Biju Oommen Muringasseril of Niranam Diocese.

Post of the Malankara Association Secretary has a very influential stature in the administration of the Malankara Orthodox Church along with the Malankara Metropolitan. It is the Association Secretary, who prepares and presents the Annual Budget and Annual Accounts of the Church as well as the Executive Officer, who implements the decisions of the Malankara Managing Committee.

Earlier nominated members of the Managing Committee had no voting power. However, it changed from the last Malankara Association and therefore their votes can be decisive now.

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Metropolitan Job Mar Philoxenos of Delhi Diocese No More

Indian Orthodox TV Live

KOLENCHERY: KOLENCHERY: Metropolitan Job Mar Philoxenos of the Diocese of Delhi passed away. The end came at 7.30 am on Sunday, November 20 at the Kolenchery Medical College Hospital.

The senior Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese was under treatment at the Kolenchery Hospital due to his failing health from September this year.

Viewing of the mortal remains of Mar Philoxenos will be held at the Orthodox Seminary chapel at Kottayam till 10 am on Monday. The body will be taken out as procession to Mount Tabor Dayara, Pathanapuram via Thiruvalla, Chengannur, Pandalam and Adoor. There will be a special stop for the funeral procession at St. John’s Orthodox Church, Mepral, the home parish of the deceased Metropolitan.

Funeral has been planned for and will begin at 2 pm on Tuesday at the Chapel, Mount Tabor Dayra, Pathanapuram at a specially constructed crypt.

Honoring Metropolitan Mar Philoxenos holiday has been declared for all educational institutions under the Mount Tabor Dayara, Pathanapuram on Monday and Tuesday. All educational institutions under MOC management would remain closed on Tuesday in deference to the memory of Mar Philoxenos.

A short Profile

Metropolitan Job Mar Philoxenos, the youngest son of Kanianthra Thomas and Achamma, was born on 8 may 1939, at Mepral, a village near Tiruvalla. His Grace spent his formative schooling at Mepral and subsequently joined the Mount Tabor Dayara, when he was 16 years old. Sacrificing a life of material comfort he chose the austere discipline of a monastic calling, influenced by none other than his dear mother and inspired personally by his maternal uncle the Catholicos Moron Mar Baselios Geevarghese II. The Catholicos entrusted the school-aged boy to the care of Metropolitan Thomas Mar Dionysius, the founder and head of the Mount Tabor Dayara, a socio- spiritual enterprise that sought to re-live the communitarian ideal of the Early Christians. The boy was named Job at the Dayara.

The life and work of Mar Philoxenos reflected the spirit of Mount Tabor Dayara, which emphasized the virtue of dedicating individual lives to an austere discipline, in a common effort toward prayerfully agreed social endeavors. His Grace was ordained as a Deacon on May 26th, 1956, a full Deacon on November 3rd, 1961 by Moran Mar Baselios Geevarghese II and a priest on May 11th, 1972.

His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos earned his Master’s degree in English Literature from St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirapalli and was appointed faculty of St. Stephen’s College, Pathanapuram, until he was elected by the Malankara Syrian Christian Association as an Episcopal candidate on December of 1989. Elevated as Ramban and as Episocapa on April 30th, 1991, the Holy Synod appointed His Grace as the Assistant to Metropolitan of the Delhi Diocese on June 14th, 1991. He was consecrated as Metropolitan on August 27th, 2002 at Devalokam Aramana Chapel by H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews II. Shortly after the demise of Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios on November 24th, 2008 His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos was given the charge as Metropolitan of the Delhi Diocese.

The years His Grace dedicated to the Orthodox Church were filled with accomplishments reflecting his quiet commitment to the growth of the Church. He had consecrated over 16 new parishes in the Delhi Diocese, a majority being in the National Capital Region (NCR). It is worthy of mention here the tremendous amount of hard work and effort which went into acquiring the land through active negotiations with officials such as Governors and Ministers, the fund raising, planning and finally the monitoring of the construction that was required in the successful completion of these projects. In the spirit of cooperation, he maintained an excellent relationship with valiya Thirumeni and further more established the prestigious Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios Award in his name. He completed valiya Thirumeni’s dream project of a retreat center in the Golden Heights of Aravali hills in his remembrance. To realize his commitment to the community, he established the Shantigram project for the development of a village in Haryana (40 Km off Delhi). This project involved the purchase of 30 acres of land, the institution of a good English Medium School and an affordable Clinic to service the people of the village.

He is remembered for his untiring efforts in striking up personal relationships with active members in each parish of the Orthodox Church, visiting all the Churches and congregations from JAISALMIR, a congregation in the Pakistan border, to UAE. His untiring support of fellow priests through difficult times has not gone unnoticed. Thirumeni looked to the future and to include the future generations of Orthodox members he started a new spiritual organization Diaspora, conducted conferences and meetings with an eye toward inclusiveness and ecumenism. Finally, through the melodious voice of Thirumeni we have been blessed to enjoy the sweetness and beauty of our worship. Perhaps, one can call H.G the real Vanampady of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.


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An Interview with Fr. Dr. K. J. Gabriel (Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios)

An interview by George Thazhakara

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Chronology Of Catholicoi Of The East

The Catholicate of the East was established by Thomas the Apostle in Edessa, Mesopotamia during his mission. The see was moved to Selucia, the capital of Persian Empire and then to Tigris and Mosul in Iraq. The see was re-established in Malankara (India) by the Patriarch of Antioch HH Mar Abdul Messiah II (1895-1915) in 1912 AD.

I. St. Thomas the Apostle – (Founder) 35-72
2. Addai (Thaddeus) 72-120
3. Aggai (Aggaeus) 120-152
4. Mari 152-185
5. Abrosius 185-201
6. Abraham 201-213
7. Yakoub 213-231
8. Ahod Abuei 231-246
9. Shah1uppa 246-266
10. Pappa 267-336
II. Simun Bar Sheba 337-350
12. Shahoudolh 350-352
13. Bar Bosomin 352-360
14. Thomuso 360-368
15. Quoyumo 370-375
16. Ishaq 375-386
17. Oah 386-393
18. Vahb Allaho 393-398
19. Magina 398-400
20. Merbukhat 401-420
21. Daudesh 421-456
22. Babuyah 457-484
23. Acasius 485-498
24. Babi 499-502
25.Shilo 502-504
26. Elisho 504-536
27. Paulos 537-539
28. Aabo 540-552
29 Joseph 552-556
30. Ahoudelle 559-577
( Yakoub Burdana)
3l. Qoum Ycsu 578-579
32. Samuel 614-624
(Maphrianate at Tigris)
33. Morooso 628-649
34. Denha-1 650-659
35. Bar Yesu 669-684
36. Abraham 686-687
37. David 687
38. Youhanon Souba 687-688
39. Denha-ll 688-728
40. Paulos 728-757
41. Youhanon Keeyunoyo 758-788
42. Joseph 789-793
43. Sharbeel 794-810
44. Simun 812-828
45. Baselios Bar Baldoyo 828-838
46. Daniel 838-847
47. Thoma of Tigris 848-856
48. Lo Asar 856-869
49. Sargis 872-883
50. Athanasius 887-904
5l. Thoma Asthunoro 912-913
52. Denha-III 915-935
53. Baselios III 938-962
54. Kuriakos 964-982
55. Youhanan Darmascus 991-997
56. Ignatius Barkiki 997-1022
57. Athanasius of Edesa 1027-1141
58. Baselios of Tigris 1046-1069
59. Youhanan Sleeba 1075-1106
60. Dionysius Moosa 1112-1142
6l. Ignatius Lo Asar 1143-1164
62. Youhanan Srugayo 1165-1188
63. Dionysius Bar Msah 1188-1204
64. Gregorios Yakoub 1204-1215
65. Ignatius David 1215-1222
66. Dionysius Sleeba 1222-1231
67. Youhanan Bar Madan 1232-1253
68. Ignatius Sleeba of Edesa 1253-1258
69. Gregorios Bar Hebraeus 1266-1286
70. Gregorius Bar Sauma 1289 -1308
71. Gregorius Mathai 1317-1360
72. Alhanasius Abraham 1365-1379
73. Baselios Bahnam 1404-1412
74. Dioscoros Bahnam 1415-1417
75. Baselios Barsauma 1422-1455
76. Baselios Asiz 1471-1487
77. Ignatius Nuh of Horns 1490-1494
78. Baselios Abraham 1494-1496
79. Baselios 1560-1589
80 Baselios Yaldo 1634-1685
(d. at Kothamangalam)
81 Baselios Shakrulla 1751-1764
(d. at Kandanad)
82 Baselios Elias 1838-1840
83. Baselios Bahnam in Malankara 1850-1860
Catholicate in Malankara
84. Baselios Paulose I 1912-1913
85 Baselios Geevarghese I 1925-1928
86 Baselios Geevarghese II 1929-1964
87. Baselios Ougen I 1964-1975
88. Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews I 1975- 1991
89. Baselios Marthoma Mathews II 1991- 2005
90. Baselios Marthoma Didymus I 2005-2010
91. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II 2010-

(This List is reproduced from Catholicate Sapthathi Souvenir 1982 Pp.64-67)


Edinburgh Conference 2010 – Live

Edinburgh Conference 2010 – Live web cast

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Stretch Out a Helping Hand

Indian Orthodox Herald launches a fundraiser to maintain IOH as a free online news paper for the Malankara Orthodox faithful, especially for those in the diaspora.

IOH is the only news paper of its kind publishing from the United States of America that brings news at once in English and in Malayalam. There is also a weekend Malayalam Edition, where one can read articles of credence and speeches from reputed orators on important occasions and events related to the Malankara Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Dr. Geevarghese Mar Julios is the Patron of the Indian Orthodox Herald.

IOH is approaching the first, second and third generation faithful in the diaspora with this fundraiser to carry on the good works it is doing in the web from 2002 onwards. Unfortunately we had to layoff four of our Indian office personals due to financial constrains. Unless we make the Indian office run in full swing, we are handicapped in bringing news, speeches and photographs firsthand. In the event of a continued financial constrain we will be forced to make Malayalam edition available only under paid subscription from 1st July 2010.

You can press the following buttons after entering the number of donations you wish to contribute at the designated place. We consider your goodwill as encouragement to our efforts and sincerely appreciate your benevolence in advance. This drive will remain online for the month of June.

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Fr.Dr.Jacob Mathew: IOH US Resident Editor

: Fr. Dr. Jacob Mathew assumed charge as ‘Resident Editor US’ for the English Edition of Indian Orthodox Herald. He had been one of the contributing editors of IOH for the last four years.

He had completed Ph.D. in Christology from Paris Lodron University, Salzburg, Austria in 2001. Fr. Dr. Jacob Mathew is the only person from the Malankara Church after legendary Fr. Dr. V.C. Samuel to study the Christology of St. Severus of Antioch, who is extolled as the pillar of Syriac Christology.

In 2002 he joined the Gospel and Plough Theological College of the Allahabad Agricultural Institute-Deemed University, Uttar Pradesh, India as Associate Professor. In 2006 February he joined the Theological Faculty of Holy Trinity Theological College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for two years.

Before joining the Orthodox Theological Seminary in 1990, he joined with the Malankara Orthodox Herald as Sub-Editor Trainee, which was under the initiative of Baselius Marthoma Mathews I, the then Catholicos.

Fr. Jacob resides in Florida now with his wife Dr. Shiney Alex and two children, Agatha Elizabeth Jacob and Abiyah Mariam Jacob. He also serves the St. Paul’s Orthodox Church, Orlando.