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Byzantine Orthodox Ethos: A threat to Our Liturgical Theology? E.S.John, Australia

“I believe that warning about unbridled freedom is implicit in our Lord’s reminder, “wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Man bereft of discipline is like an animal which is not tamed and disciplined. We have enough past experiences of drinking bitter chalice from the colonial imperial churches that have ultimately created an Indian orthodox church of organieed chaos, because of imbibing from any heretical whirlwind that bring us temporal benefits.

Discipline is like breathing and drinking water that sustains all other body system under control. If one aspires to cherish an Indian orthodox worship, the church must be insulated from all other alien influences that slowly can bring in corrupt practises, ultimately rebelling and challenging against the authority and discipline because one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Weed out all cosmetic and peripheral influences for keeping a pure apostolic church and its faith. We expected angelic gifts from the Dutch and the
British Governments and their churches; they came with olive branches and eventually formed branches of their own thorny denominations.

A stone-throw can make numberless ripples that can’t be controlled later because of the fluctuations of our thoughts seconds by seconds. Better keep away from all innovations and renovations because the impact of personal agenda will imprint upon the soul of the church slowly. Nothing is spiritual now; only a hybrid worship of personal agenda dominates in this world of a global fluid culture.

As our children yells out, ‘it is a free county and a free world and an open society”. If the church aspires to survive with its apostolic faith, discipline that brings a coherent culture is a must for our survival. Don’t borrow anything from anywhere because a crossbreed paradigm of faith has threatened our existence. Even the church denominations that sprang up few decades ago is stronger and capable of sustaining a better spiritual ethos among themselves and attracting people from our church than the 2, 000 year-old Indian orthodox church.

Nothing apparently is wrong in the beginning that may invite a disastrous war in the church later. Be careful not to adapt to changes as in the case of secular and social set-up.

Source: ICON


Monastic Revival


This topic draws us to the reminiscences of the exiled Jews who sat and wept by the waters of Babylon –Ps.137- that does not give equal status to women at worshipping places now. Monasticism is the life and blood of a worshipping community that praises and glorifies God in seclusion by the weapons of abstinence and continence. Their incense of worship that supplicates God brings blessings to the whole community and the world, also their life style is supreme to be emulated and extolled by the generations yet to come. St.Antony, who pioneered the monastic movement that flourished down through the ages, has been a fortress and shield for the church and the world. Those were the days when the family unit or the social infrastructure that didn’t smell the flavor of sexism and feminism and the financial boom that chartered to a highflying life of technological bonanza. Only an ideal family life can produce monks and nuns who please God by their dedication and worship. A dysfunctional family of today that breathes for various reasons in different frequencies finds it impossible to give religious and spiritual giants for a monastic life style.

It would have been a lot easier for the Creator to create Adam and Eve from the same wet clay simultaneously, but He had to make another meticulous operation for the creation of Eve, the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh, who didn’t even bother to consult the various consequences that may affect Adam before eating the forbidden fruit. The same scenario is repeated at the end of the aeon that was started in the beginning. God made man and woman as complementing partners; we have now made a gulf and want to treat them as of equal in functional and social status that is unnatural and unbalancing. God installed man to be the head of the family, and asked him to give offerings to God. A minority of the Orthodox clergy also follows the feminists without understanding the decree of The Triune God. A Creator who created Adam and Eve by His own handiwork could give them an elder daughter and a younger son or vice versa or 2 girls to give offerings to Him. Instead He gave them 2 sons, Cain and Abel, for giving sacrifices to their Creator. God’s decree or tradition of asking of sacrificial offerings by men continued for 6000 years without questioning. Despite the H. Fathers have been writing countless volumes about the redemptive plan of the Savior who takes us to the land of the living through the narrow gates, we are playing football with 66 books by misinterpreting and counter misinterpreting them. Everything has got a life span, so also the planet that we inhabit, together with all the fauna and flora.


To Save Our Church From Its Peril


Number our Internet groups are echoing with this topic for some time. Don’t we realize yet that we are like the Apostles who had a sound sleep in the garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper. Our last supper is a seven square meal of seven vices during this Apocalyptic age. It is a good aspiration for many to save our church from its peril, but it is only a dream as we are living in a fool’s paradise. Look at the degeneration of the church and the society stage by stage as portrayed in the prophesies of old. Let us start the vicious seeds that were sown from the beginning of the church as foretold by St. John( Rev.6 and later chapters and other other prophets of ancient times, particularly Daniel. The depravity of this degradation is given in order.

Persecution for the first 3 centuries> The age of heresy and the birth of Islam that led to the era of a number of Crusades. Feudal lordship and the sale of Indulgences and the birth of Protestantism> Renaissance and materialism>colonization of the world> industrialization mass migration due to world wars that uprooted the ethnic Christian communities to the four corners of the world>the age of advanced scientific inventions that led to the fossil energy and the age of the unfit test for the accumulation of money for humanizing all our religious and moral values, inviting the Beast from the nether world (Rev.13)>the age of cold war and the eventual demise of Daniel’s Iron Empire-Soviet Union- ( the last one out of the four)> the age of single super power that dragged into globalization of everything> the age of human bombs and the use of nuclear weapons and the establishment of a global kingdom of Antichrist> trials and tribulations for all religious communities that involves the era of imprinting the devil’s seal of No.666 on all their cronies and execution of all others who defy the Beast >Armageddon war that kills the Antichrist and the second coming of Jesus for taking the believers to Paradise. The global rule of Antichrist, though unimaginable now, is likely to trigger at any time, even within a couple of years. The sex culture that evolved drastically and perniciously together with the social and moral degradation dawned the age of the delusions of falsehood and unrighteousness (2.Thess.2.3-12). Now we have come to the zenith of the age of moral turpitude.

Good luck to Charley and his well wishers in their mission of saving the church from its ruin. Charley’s genuine cultural shock and his anguish in saving the church by speaking openly will have to be applauded and encouraged. The question is, can we do what God can’t do? (Lk.18: 8). This is the time when the Bride, delineated as false prophet-Rev.16: 13; 19: 20- rides on the Beast( Rev.17: 1-7). It is our duty to fight against the Beast and his evil trinity till the coming of the Lord. This furor started by the topic of dating and moral decadence of our generation, as per the posting of Charley in number of our websites. As it is a very delicate and subtle private matters, the church or the family hasn’t the taught the topic of sex morality explicitly. The article, basing on the Bible and scriptures, called ‘sex morality’ that I posted may be useful for the young and old for practicing and learning on the burning topic.