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An Atraita God


In my old age God gave me the grace to coin a new Sanskrit word ATRAITA to explain the mystery of Holy Trinity.

The Hindu Trimurthi, The Muslim Compassionate Allah and the Christian Holy Trinity are united as called Atraita God. Sree Sankara’s Advaita, St. Basil Holy Trinity and his question what is number in the God head as answered by St. John’s GOD IS LOVE. Sri. Sankaracharya of Kalady is the greatest exponent of Indian philosophy. Kevala Advaita does not mean monism but non-dualism. Like Sankara, St. Basil, the greatest Trinitarian theologian asks the question ‘what is number in God-head?’ in his treatise on Holy Spirit. Christian theologians in the west almost ignore incarnation Trinity as a mystery, which cannot be explained.

Schleiermacher, Rudolf Bultman and many others consider incarnation of Trinity as myth. Bultman’s demythologization is an effort to present Jesus Christ as the greatest man who alone was sinless Schleiermacher taught that Christ’s uniqueness was in his absolute dependence on God. The Eastern Churches however still cling on to the doctrine of Incarnation and Trinity as the only Christian theology. If western theologians have studied Indian philosophy, they would have agreed with Sankara that the conceptualization of God is an impossibility. The Church Fathers would have agreed with Sankara who taught “Neti Neti” as god is neither this nor that.

I crave the indulgence of readers for coining the word Atraita as patristic doctrine of Trinity of Tri unity of God-head including singularity and plurality in himself. The central theme of this paper is, “God is love and God as love is more than Advaita but is Atraita”.