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Silver Jubilee of the Diocese of Kunnamkulam and its Shepherd

KUNNAMKULAM: Silver jubilee of formation of the Kunnamkulam Diocese and silver jubilee of Episcopal Consecration of the Catholicos Elect Paulos Mar Milithios will be celebrated extensively with programs stretching for over a year. The Kunnamkulam Diocese was formed in 1985 and it was in the same year itself that Paulos Mar Milithios was consecrated as bishop.

Various committees were formed to facilitate the silver jubilee celebrations at a meeting held at the Bishop’s Palace, Arthat, Kunnamkulam. On May 16th, there will be a Rally from St. George’s Orthodox Church, Parayil to St. John’s Bethany H.S. Kunnamkulam to mark the beginning of Jubilee Celebrations. Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Didymos I will preside over the meeting. Catholicos Elect Paulos Mar Milithios, othe Metropolitans of the Church, Cultural leaders and Political leaders will attend the meeting.

Kunnamkulam is the home of the people, who bear in their hearts the natural piety of spiritualism, the fragrance of tradition and the steadfastness of true faith. The uniqueness of this region is that the Christian Church was established in this part of Malankara at the same time when Christian faith was established in Rome and Antioch. The entire history and glory of Kunnamkulam is associated with the The Chattukulangara (Arthat) Church. Being the permenant monument of the St. Thomas mission in Kerala, it has a long and glorious tradition and history. The Christian Community associated with the Church is believed to be the most ancient one in Kerala, even a little earlier than the Niranam Christian Congregation.