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MGOCSM North America Released Video on St. Severus of Antioch

NEW YORK: The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church celebrates the feast date of St. Severus of Antioch (Mar Severios), on February 8.

St. Severus of Antioch is referred to as the Crown of the Syrians, the eloquent mouth, the pillar, the teacher and doctor of the Holy Church of God as a whole.

Remembering the grat father of the Church, MGOCSM North America released a Video on St. Severus of Antioch for those interested in learning about the life and contributions of St. Severus the Great.

Click to view the video

Narrator: Tenny Thomas.
Video Editor: Manoj Varghese

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Now email id of Mar Eusebius gets hacked, Metropolitan safe at Houston Diocesan Centre!

HOUSTON : Beware! Now, emails ids of Orthodox Metropolitans are constantly being targeted for hacking.

Yesterday, Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan, South West America, was a victim and had to respond within hours not to respond to such mails by tricksters. It was a clever hacker this time who stated “Madrid” in the subject line, probably, to divert the attention.

Metropolitans’ should desist from making their trips abroad widely known. Hackers are waiting for such opportunities and on the look out for making fast money.

Last week, email of Dr Mathews Mar Thimothios, Metropolitan of Diocese of UK, Europe & Africa was hacked which was also on similar lines. The Metropolitan had to immediately issue a regret letter to all his contacts for any trouble caused.

In the case of Mar Eusebius, the hacker also emailed to most of his contacts stating that the Metropolitan was in Spain and badly needed cash to pay for his hotel bills and for flight ticket back home. These mails have similar tones and by reading the first line itself one can understand it is hacked.
Mar Eusebius has responded stating that he is safe at the Diocesan centre and expressed sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hackers Mail:
Just hoping this email reaches you well, I’m sorry for this emergency and for not informing you about my urgent trip to Madrid, Spain but I just have to let you know my present predicament. Everything was fine until I was attacked on my way back to the hotel, I wasn’t hurt but I lost my money, bank cards, mobile phone and my bag in the course of this attack. I immediately contacted my bank in other to block my cards and also made a report at the nearest police station. I’m physically ok and fine but I’m urgently in need of some money to pay for my hotel bills and my flight ticket home, will pay back as soon as i get back home.

Kindly let me know if you would be able to help me out so I can forward you the details required for a wire transfer via the western union money transfer service. I don’t yet have a local phone (still gathering my bearings and such), so email is probably the best form of contact for now. I will expect your response soon.

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Fullerton, St. Gregorios Orthodox Church perunnal on Nov.5

LOS ANGELES: The third Parish Feast and the 109th Memorial Feast of St. Gregorios of Parumala will be celebrated on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at Fullerton St. Gregorios Orthodox Church.

Fr. Philip Abraham, vicar of the parish hoisted the flag after Holy Qurbana on Saturday, October 29, marking the beginning of the Perunnal.

The Perunnal will begin with Morning Prayer at 8:00 a.m followed by Holy Qurbana . Fr. P.C. George (Vicar, St. George Orthodox Church, Vancouver, Canada) will be the chief celebrant for the Holy Qurbana. Special intercessory prayers and holy Rassa will be held thereafter.

On Friday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m after the Evening prayer Fr. P.C. George will deliver devotional speech.

Nercha vilambu and harvest festival auction will be held after the service. The perunnal will be concluded officially by lowering flag around 1:00 p.m.

The Managing Committee under the leadership of Fr. Philip Abraham, Lalu Kurian (Treasurer), P.T Homas (Secretary), Mathai Polachira Vivek Nambiar Annie Pothen, Accamma Thomas, Sunil Kuruvilla and Paulose Ittiavira is working for the success of the perunnal function.

For special prayer request, e-mail to:

News sent in: Johnson Kangazha

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Mar Polycarpose would lead Tampa St. Gregorios Church Perunnal on Nov.6

TAMPA: The 109th commemoration perunnal of Parumala Mar Gregorios and parish Anniversary Celebrations will be celebrated at Tampa from October 30 to November 6 at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church.

Yuhanon Mar Polycarpose, Metropolitan of Ankamaly Diocese will be the chief celebrant for the Perunnal celebrations.

The celebrations would begin with the hoisting of the flag by the vicar Fr. George Paulose after the Holy Qurbana on October 30.

On Saturday, Nov. 5 at 6pm a warm reception will be given to the Metropolitan Mar Polycarpose. At 6.15pm Evening Prayer will be followed by devotional message by Mar Polycarpose. Parish Anniversary Celebrations would begin at 7.30 pm

On Sunday, Nov. 6, at 8.45am Perunnal celebrations will begin with Morning Prayer. Metropolitan Yuhanon Mar Polycarpose will be the chief celebrant for Holy Qurbana. At 11.15am, the ceremonial procession (Rassa) would be conducted. With the feast lunch, perunnal celebrations will be concluded.

For more information contact
Fr. George Paulose (Vicar) 813-991-4728
Binu Cheriyan – 813-957-6432
Manoj Max Palakkat – 813-919-9797

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New Indian Orthodox congregation formed in Memphis, TN

TENNESSEE: St.Mary’s Indian Orthodox Congregation, a new Indian Orthodox congregation has started in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Alexius Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan of the South West American Diocese, issued an order to establish a new congregation in the name of ‘St.Mary’s Orthodox Congregation of Memphis, Tennessee’.

Fr. Johnson Punchakonam is appointed as the vicar of the congregation.

Holy Qurbana for the new congregation will be on First Sundays of each month at 8.30 AM, at the St. Mary & St. Rueis Coptic Orthodox Church. The Church is located at 501 N. Mendenhall Rd, Memphis, TN 38117

“All the faithful in and around Memphis are welcome to take part in the Holy Qurbana” said Fr. Johnson Punchakonam.

For more details contact
Fr. Johnson Punchakonam (678) 342 – 0246

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Website for St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando Launched

LONGWOOD, FLORIDA: The newly designed website for the St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando was launched on Sunday, August 21, after Holy Qurbana.

Vicar, Fr. Dr. Jacob Mathew, clicked the mouse in the presence of the whole congregation to declare the website launched.

Jagan Rajan designed the website, whereby the managing committee and many members of the parish contributed with ideas and suggestions to improve the website during its testing.

“This website is a long cherished dream coming true for the St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando. The many attempts to get this done are herewith reaching the goal and all, who have toiled therefore may receive blessings and rewards from above in abundance”, said Fr. Jacob in his speech. He also thanked everyone, especially Jagan Rajan for the hard work and percevearance in getting the task successfully done.

Jagan Rajan explained various menus of the website to the congregation. He called for articles and writeups from members to enflush the website. He also requested for positive criticisms and suggestions to improve the quality of the website.

There are options for viewers to register themselves in the website and members of St. Paul’s Orthodox Church have special registration available. In future, payment of all dues to the Church are also planned through the website using credit or debit cards.

Important links pertaining to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, the Diocese of South West America, under which the St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando falls, and Orthodox Seminaries are embedded in the website. Important news portals of the Church like IOH and Orthodox Radio are also available through the newly launched website.

There is a possibility for blogging as well in the website. Prayer requests, daily bible readings and lectionary, recent events and calendar etc. are other important features therein.


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Dr Mar Seraphim begins US visit from Aug 13, leads St Mary’s harvest festival

CHICAGO: Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan Bangalore Diocese, embarks on a 24-day visit to the United States from August 13.

This will be the second visit of the Metropolitan after his ordination as a bishop and the first after taking independent charge as head of Bengaluru Diocese in August last year.

The Metropolitan will visit Orthodox churches in New York, Chicago, Dallas, North Carolina and other states. His Grace will also lead the celebrations of Assumption of St Mary or the Feast of Shoonoyo.

Dr Mar Seraphim will maintain Chicago as the hub, the place where he spent over two years as an Asst Vicar at the St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Oak Park, Illinois. The church is under the South-West American Diocese.

Another high point of the Metropolitans trip will be visit to the famous St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan Township, Pennsylvania. It is one of three institutions of professional theological education in the Orthodox Church in America.

Metropolitan will travel to North Carolina (Raleigh) to meet Fr M K Thomas, the former vicar of Oak Park Church, where the Metropolitan had served as an Assistant Vicar. The Metropolitan will also spend time in meeting friends, relatives and others during his visit. His Grace will hold fellowship meetings, Bible Study and bless marriage ceremonies and give briefing about his vision of the new Bengaluru Diocese.
Dr Mar Seraphim will be back to his Bengaluru Diocese headquarters by September 5.

Here’s wishing the Metropolitan a successful stay in United States.
The tentative schedule is:
Aug 13: Arrival in Chicago
Leads evening prayers and hoists flag at Oak Lawn St Mary’s Church
Aug 14 (Sunday): Leads Holy Eucharist at Oak Park St Gregorios Church
Aug 15-19 In Chicago
Aug 20, 21: Leads St Mary’s Church Feast. Main speaker at MGOCSM meetings, conventions related to the feast.
Aug 21: (Not confirmed) Leads Holy Eucharist at St Thomas Church, Chicago
Aug 22-23: Travels to North Carolina to meet with Rev Dr M K Thomas
Aug 24-28: Travels to Dallas
Aug 28: Leads Holy Eucharist at St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Dallas.
Aug 29: In New York. Pays visit to his grand-mother’s sister
Visit to St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, talks with theologians
Sept 2: Back to Chicago
Sept 4: (Not confirmed) Leads Holy Eucharist at St Gregorios Bellwood
Sept: 4: Leaves for Kerala, India

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The Voice of Orthodoxy Forwards $1,200 to IOCC for Japanese Tsunami Victims

CHICAGO: Chor-Episcopos Dr. Kyriakos of Chicago, President of The Voice of Orthodoxy, Inc., a Ministry for Global Orthodoxy, has sent $1,200 to the International Orthodox Christian Charities to assist the victims of recent earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan, with preference for Orthodox Christian victims. He also expects to provide more assistance to the tsunami victims of Japan in future when more funds become available.

The Voice of Orthodoxy is a journalistic and philanthropic Orthodox Christian ministry controlled by a board selected from various States in the U.S. and headed by Chor-Episcopos Dr. Kyriakos of Chicago. The ministry publishes, an Internet conservative magazine, publishes books and tracts, and conducts charitable services to economically disadvantaged students and sick people overseas.

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Joel Mathew to Diaconate on May 21

DALLAS: Joel Mathew will be ordained to the Holy Order of Sub-Deacon (Yaupadiakono) by H.G. Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan of the Diocese of South-West America on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

The ordination will take place at his home parish, the newly consecrated St. Mary Orthodox Church, Farmers Branch, Texas on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Morning Prayer will begin at 7:30 AM.

Joel Mathew is in his final year at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania and will graduate on May 28, 2011. Joel is planning to join Old Theological Seminary in Kottayam (India) in October 2011.

Prior to joining seminary, Joel attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas where he received his BA & Masters degrees with a concentration in accounting & economics. As a licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in the state of Texas, Joel worked for Ernst & Young, LLP before deciding to attend seminary. He has also served as the General Treasurer of the MGOCSM of America from 2008-2010. Prior to his term as General Treasurer he also served on the MGOCSM National Council as a representative for the Dallas/Oklahoma area from 2006 to 2008.

Joel Mathew is the son of Thomas & Gracy Mathew (Valliazhiathu Family from Kattanam, Kerala) who now reside in Flower Mound, TX.

News sent in: J. George

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Consecration of Seattle St. Thomas Church on May 6 and 7

SEATTLE: The consecration of the newly constructed St. Thomas Orthodox Church will be held on May 6 and 7 2011. Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan of the Diocese of South-West America will be the Chief Celebrant on the occasion.

St. Thomas Orthodox Church is the first Church for the Diocese with own facility in the Greater Seattle Area after the consecration. The Church is located at 11651 188TH ST SE, 98058.Fr. T.U. Jacob serves as the Vicar since its inception.

The Consecration of the new Church will be done in two parts. The first part will follow evening prayers at 6PM on Friday, May 6, 2011. The second part will begin at 7AM on Saturday, May 7 and will be followed by the Holy Qurbana. The Consecration shall conclude with a luncheon reception.

News Sent in: Maggie John