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We do not have to do it alone!; the Promise of the Resurrection

Through the resurrection, there is a way out of our personal tombs of pain and suffering, of cynicism and despair, if only we will open our eyes, sit up, and see how the stone has been rolled away by a power far beyond our control.

As Jesus said in his Sermon on the Mount, “Do not worry about your life…for…indeed your heavenly Father knows what you need.”

The sun goes down, but the sun also rises. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Human desperation and hopelessness are real, yet they can also be transformed into human aspiration and hopefulness. We are still concerned: who will roll away the stone at the entrance to our tombs?

We see that there continue to be wars and refugees from wars – cruelty and oppression, violence, accidents, and sickness.

We hear people cry out, with hurt, pain, and fear in their eyes.

We face the Easter Sunday with our questions and hope, with despair over our faults and the evil around us, with deep yearning for joy and goodness and life. Many live not knowing who will roll the stone away or how?

On this Easter Sunday, I want to assure you that the stone has been moved by nothing we said or did or prayed, but only through the gracious power of our loving and compassionate God through His only begotten Son.

We do not have to do it alone! The Easter message is to find the open door and actively to walk through it.

Prophet Isaiah says “…….the everlasting joy shall be upon our heads…and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”

Wishing you all a blessed Easter. May His Peace and Joy reign in our daily Christian life.

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When Dr. Billy Graham was preaching in Russia, he asked his host, the Catholic Bishop Vladimar while traveling to another city, whether Dr. Graham needs to change the focusing of the message. After a brief pose, the Bishop
replied “Dr. Graham, emphasis the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST”.

Many of the non-Christians will say very reverently that JESUS was a great teacher etc. But, the resurrection of JESUS makes the difference, more weight along with His divine birth “the word became flesh”. His grave is empty-He is living today; that makes the total difference because He is unique.

It was too hard for me to talk anything about GOD or spiritual issues to my totally money loving brother in-law. For a vacation, he went to Israel, visited the places where JESUS walked, and HIS open grave. Something happened to him. When I met him after his visit, avoided talking about spiritual matters. But he started lecturing about his visit and he became a believer in JESUS.
Indeed, the empty grave of JESUS changed his life.

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