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‘Patriarch Ridiculed Judiciary’: Malankara Orthodox Church

he Malankara Orthodox Church alleged that the Patriarch has ridiculed the Judiciary by visiting Piravom Church. The Patriarch was led to the feuded Churches, despite the Court order banning the entry of Bishops. “He could have been misled by the followers.

KOTTAYAM: The Malankara Orthodox Church alleged that the Patriarch has ridiculed the Judiciary by visiting Piravom Church. The Patriarch was led to the feuded Churches, despite the Court order banning the entry of Bishops. “He could have been misled by the followers. Yet, he, being a foreign spiritual leader, challenged the law of the land. This has put out the enthusiasm for reconciliation,” the Catholicos said.

A similar opinion was aired by the Metropolitan of the Kandanadu East diocese Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius two days ago. He said the Patriarch’s visit to Piravom Church was not in the program schedule approved by the state government. By arranging such a program later, the state has also shown partiality. The Orthodox Church will present an official response on the affair at a Holy Synod to be convened on February 23.

The Patriarch constituted a panel to hold mediation talks between the two churches during his first ecclesiastical visit to India last week. The decision was welcomed by the supreme head of the Malankara Orthodox Church also. However, now HH Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicos of the Malankara Orthodox Church, had said that certain actions by the Patriarch had disturbed the mediation attempts.

The Orthodox Church alleged that there are certain people within the other Church with vested interests, though the Patriarch yearned for peace between both.

8 replies on “‘Patriarch Ridiculed Judiciary’: Malankara Orthodox Church”

The same Patriarch led Jacobite church people in Kerala, including their Shresda Thomas I Bawa, are now proclaiming that Court orders are no solution to the Malankara Church disputes. This is something funny and interesting!

If they do not believe in Indian judiciary, why these people are fighting in Kerala courts, as well as in Hon. Supreme Court of India, for churches like Kolanchery, etc? Can the Patriarch of Antioch explain to us?

The supreme court itself asked the factions to solve this dispute outside courts. Many lower courts voiced the same opinion. So I dont know why we are making a big deal out this “out of court” solution for this never ending factional fight. It took the Patriarch forty minutes to come out of the car in Piravom due to the amount of people surrounding the car. If the people of that parish want their Patriarch to be in that Church why or whats the point in even objecting to such a visit after the visit. When the same parish members objected Catholicose to even enter the Church ground what was anyone able to do. Videos are still in youtube. Not sure why this is being published as news. Every one should play their part to bring an end to this factional dispute. How long could one keep repeating that Church should be one and not accepting the Patriarch as the spiritual head. The common faithful with see right thru this hollow truth that the administration is trying to push.

Two prominent Church legal battles were the Marthoma Church vs K. N. Daniel (sathopdesham and pathiyopadesm), also the prolonged friction between the Orthodox and Patriarch sectors.,

For settling these religious disputes, if the Christians are standing in front of the non-Christian judiciary, that is not a Biblical format. The Churches of Kerala must have an organization composed of laymen and the religious hierarchy to settle these problems through spiritual format, to solve the problems through prayer and forgiveness. In every religious dispute, they will be hiring top level non-Christian lawyers, and the disputes is settled by the non-Christian judiciary.

Even if Patriarch was to visit Parumala church , it would still take more than an hour to enter.. the same folks will come out to see him… This is because a whole bunch of Orthodox & other christian denominations respect the throne of Antioch. I had numerous friend and relatives who tried to visit churches where Patriarch visited not belonging to Jacobite faction. Please note the same Patriarch when he was a Bishop in USA, would not pull in even 1% of the crowd .

The measure of justice is totally different entity. Do you think that court judges are ignorant of the who has the majority in that church? Even after ovewhelming support of Jacobites , why is most court rulings for the Orthodox faction & 1934 constitution? So there is a strong element of justice which court has observed . This is where law of land needs to be respected. The Patriarch may not had any intentions to break the rule, but was dragged on to the church by crooked leaders in his own side.

Which Church did we get from the Patriarchal faction thru a court order? Can we name even one Alex. In Mulanthurathi Marthoman Church the court rules four weeks to Jacobite faction and One week to Orthodox faction based on strength of each factions members. This might also happen at Kolencheri. Catholicose we not able to enter a church 15 minutes from Devalogam at Manarcad and what makes you think that HH will be able to enter Kothamangalam Church deep in their territory thru a court order. As Mor Athanasius of Muvatupuzha mentioned many times that the Orthodox factions would not even have a foot place in the North if it wasnt for the efforts of Mor Athanasius or Mor Melitius. Even Mor Melitius a staunch supporter of Unity now realises that unity is not the only solution to peace. If you familiar with the developments of St. George Orthodox Church at Vattully, Thrishur the parish members parted and went their own ways putting and end to factional dispute at that Church. Malabar diocese as a whole only has two more parishes left that needs to be opened. Unity is not the only solution to peace, Court orders are not the only solution to peace, and Unity thru court orders will never be the solution to peace.

I wish that Mr. G. John, the hardcore Jacobite, should know the following facts before he open out his mouth wide once again:

1) It was after 50 years of litigation and after having failed in its final appeal and re-appeal at the Hon. Supreme Court of India, the Patriarch led faction in Malankara Church, surrendered and opted for a peace settlement with the Malankara Orthodox Church, in the year 1958!

2) As per the rulings of the Hon. Supreme Court order of 1958, the legal custodian of all church properties of Malankara church, is the Malankara Metropolitan, no matter whether a particular church opt for it or not.

3) It is true that a vast majority of the the Piravom church members and many other churches in Malankara do not accept the supremacy of the Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicose of the East. However, it cannot be said that they are legally right.

4) It is also true that the Indians, especially the Keralites are habitually being attracted by white skin people, no matter where they are coming from and what for? This is the main reason that the Spanish, the Portugese, the French and lastly the British, who came here for trading, ruled India for more than 2 Centuries! So also, the Patriarch of Antioch!

If all was well in 1958 and the courts had the solution for Peace then why are we still in never ending litigation. I dont know if you conveniently ignored the fact that the supreme court in its last judgement asked individual parishes to start filing suits. So to claim legality on Piravom Church is ignorance. They conduct the elections as per the rules of the 1934 constitutions. This is the closest crores of rupees was able to make that Church closest to being Orthodox. For argument sake, if all the courts in the world say that the Jacobites have no access to any of the Church in their possession. What would you do with all those churches without its people. Do you want them to stop practicing Christianity. Back to reality. Let us realize the fact that no Jacobite is ever going to give up his Church or his forefathers grave sites just because some Thirumeni said or some Court said. Let us not forget how Mor Makarious in his biography claimed how he was able to swing the verdict the Orthodox way because he went to a Judges house. Focus on the message not the messenger my friend. Hope the synod will select five members to initiate dialogue with the Jacobites and come with a solution for each Parish to end its litigation and bring peace to its parishioners. If those thirty or odd Parishes have peace the Malankara sabha as a whole will have peace soon. We are so close to achieving this. Everyone just have to do their part a little bit.

മലങ്കര സിറിയക് വൊയിസ് എന്നാ യാക്കോബായ നുണ പത്രത്തില എഴുതുന്ന നുണകൾ ഒക്കെ, അന്തിയോക്കിയ ഭക്തെൻ ശ്രീമാൻ ജോണ്‍ ഓർത്തഡോൿസ്‌ ഹെരല്ടിൽ നുഴഞ്ഞു കയറി ഉരുവിടുകയാണ് ചെയ്യുന്നത്.

1) ബഹു. സുപ്രിം കോടതി 1995 ലെ വിധി ന്യായത്തിൽ പറഞ്ഞിരിക്കുന്നത് ഇപ്പോഴത്തെ കേസിൽ മലങ്കര സഭയിലെ പള്ളികൾ കക്ഷി ചേരാത്തത് കൊണ്ട്, ഇടവക പള്ളി സ്വത്തുക്കളെ സംബന്ധിച്ച് ബഹു. കോടതി ഒരു തീരുമാനം എടുക്കുന്നില്ല എന്നാണ്. അതിന്റെ അർഥം, ഇടവക പള്ളികൾ സംബന്ധിച്ച 1958 ലെ സുപ്രിം കോടതി വിധിന്യായം നിലനില്ക്കുന്നു എന്നല്ലേ?

2) പുതിയ വ്യവഹാരങ്ങൾ ഉണ്ടായാൽ നടപടികള്ക്ക് വേണ്ടി കീഴ്കൊടതികളെ സമീപിക്കാം എന്ന് ബഹു. കോടതി പറഞ്ഞിട്ടു എന്ന് മാത്രം.

3) മുന് അമേരിക്കാൻ ഭദ്രാസന അധിപാൻ അഫി. മകാരിയോസു മേത്രപോലിത, ഡല്ഹി പള്ളിയിൽ വൈദീകനായി സേവനം അനുസ്ടിക്കുന്ന 1958 കാലഘട്ടത്തിൽ, ബഹു. സുപ്രിം കോടതിയിൽ കേസ് നടത്തിപ്പിന് വേണ്ടി വളരെയേറെ ത്യാഗങ്ങൾ സഹിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട്. ആയതിനു വേണ്ടി അദ്ദേഹം ഡൽഹിയിൽ കണ്ടു മുട്ടിയത്‌, ബഹു. സുപ്രിം കോടതിയിൽ സഫാ കേസ് വാദിച്ച വകീലിനെയാണ്. അദ്ദേഹം കണ്ടു മുട്ടിയതും, സ്വാദീനിച്ചതും ബഹു. സുപ്രിം കോടതി ജഡ്ജിയെയാണ് എന്ന് യാക്കോബായക്കാർ പറയുന്നത് മറ്റൊരു കള്ളം. ഡൽഹിയിൽ VIP സെക്യൂരിറ്റിയോടെ താമസിക്കുന്ന ഒരു സുപ്രിം കോടതി ജഡ്ജിയെ ഒരു സാധാരണക്കാരന് വീട്ടില് കയറി കാണാൻ കഴിയുമോ?

4) 1995 ലെ ബഹു. സുപ്രിം കോടതി വിധിന്യായവും ഇപ്രകാരം ഒരു കണ്ടുമുട്ടലും, സ്വാദീനിക്കലും മുഘാന്തിരം ഉണ്ടായതാണോ?

5) കോടതി വിധികളെ എക്കാലവും മാനിക്കുന്ന മലങ്കര ഓർത്തഡോൿസ്‌ സഭ, കോലഞ്ചേരി, പിറവം മുതലായ പള്ളികൾ സംബന്ധ്ച്ചു നിലവിലുള്ള കേസിൽ ബഹു. സുപ്രിം കോടതി എന്ത് വിധി പുറപ്പെടുവിച്ചാലും, ആയതു അന്ഗീകരിക്കും, സംശയമില്ല.

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