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Fear Not – Be strong to do His Will!

Are you Ready to Face the Future, regardless of how dark things look? The days of 2012 were in many ways darkening ones – crime, immorality, corruption, and deadly violence by young and old. No informed person today will deny that the human race walks in darkness. We face dilemmas and problems that seemingly have no answer. Many observers despair of solving the problems of the world; they suspect that we are people who not only walk in darkness but who walk in darkness to our doom.

At the root of our problems is our continuing attempt to live without God. An anti-god spirit is becoming more hateful and vocal and widespread. For years, people have been seeking to organize human life without Him. They have tried to thrust Him out of the universe. Critics are attacking evangelical Christianity throughout the world because they find it hard to believe in God, they have transferred their faith to man. They have invented a creed that is the worship of humanity. “Glory to man in the highest” is their theme.

This worship of human nature feeds on our own conceit. We have been told, especially in some of our classrooms, that there is no sin and that the human race simply has a bit of selfishness that with time will correct. It flatters the egoism in us; it seems to make redemption unnecessary; it empties the cross of its meaning. People will grow better, we are told.

However, the failure to solve the problems of the world has shattered the hopes of many. We are unsure of peace and have less freedom than ever before. We have built a world of technology and spaceships, which have led to possible terrorist attacks, chemical and biological weapons, of radiation poisoning, snipers and of suicide bombers. In our brilliance without God, we have become fools.

Into this world of madness came an event that can change everything. If we allow it, it can bring peace to our hearts, heal our relationships, correct our self-image, and bring light to our darkness. We celebrated this event few days ago – “Christmas” – baby Jesus was born “to be with us”. From the lips of Jesus Himself came these words, “The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). Christ came into a world that was facing problems very much like the ones we tackle with today. We often imagine that the world Jesus came to was not complicated, that its problems were not complex. The problems of that day were similar to the problems of our day.

Jesus came to help us through our suffering and sorrow, saying, “I am with you. Let Me share your burdens.” Today, in spite of all the darkness and despair, in spite of all the headlines about murders, riots, terrorism and war, there is hope. He is alive to conquer your despair, to give you hope, to forgive your sins and to take away your loneliness. He is alive to reconcile you to God.

Face every situation with faith in God in this darkening hour face all problems in full Reliance upon god’s faithfulness. No situation, no condition, involved, unknown, untried, dark, and dangerous circumstance or combination of circumstances–is too hard for God. He knows all things. And he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7; 1 John 3:20). Nothing is too hard for God (Jeremiah 32:17). With God all Things are possible (St. Matthew 19:26). He has already shown His love and manifested his compassion for us by giving his only begotten Son to die a cruel death for us.

As we look forward to a brighter future in 2013 and beyond, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Put your faith and trust in Him. Do not lead a life of Fear, but a life of Love for God and people. Give Him your heart, your soul, your life. The human race walks in darkness, but God offers us light. He offers every one of us eternal life if we will put our faith in Jesus Christ. Take time, make time, use time for reading and also for meditating on god’s word, that you may know His Will, and that you may be strong to do His Will!

A new year is just around the corner, and it promises more challenges, changes, and chances to make a difference in the world. As we leave 2012 behind us for a New Year 2013, please enjoy the time with your friends and family – tell them how much you love them and how valuable they are in your life.

I wish you a wonderful new year filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments.
May 2013 be your best year yet!
Let us hold Him tight and walk with Jesus Christ into the New Year 2013.

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An exposing article shedding light to the modern trend in human outlook. Secular humanism is taking stronger hold but they don’t realize that they are marching in the wrong direction.

The Bible says 366 times, fear not. But, we are perpetually failing to trust in GOD’s promise of protection. We discuss with our friends and relatives when faced with problems, and a dozen people have a dozen solutions and we are confused. But, we have failed to see GOD’s solid direction and guidance while facing problems in life.

Can we sit down, meditate and ask GOD for proper guidance? When we feel peace and calmness in our heart, we can hear GOD’s voice to take the proper direction in life, which may may be totally contrary to the wisdom of human beings.

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