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Welcome 2013 with new resolutions!!

Very recently, precisely while we were caroling, one of our parishioners asked me pointing to my Accord, “Achen, did you buy a new car?”

“Yes, I did, but it was precisely seven months back though”, I answered.

After having received complements for the seven months old new car, I and my family got into the car to drive to the family, where we were next to carol.

Soon we reached the next red light, and I stopped. That was the time, I really looked at the rear-view-mirror of my new car and not just through the rear-view-mirror to the back.

What I found out was very much surprising. The rear-view-mirror of my seven month old new car needed a little cleaning activity. There were shades of oil, dust and dirt in it. I tried to clean them with my palm and that complicated the problem. I was not able to see the traffic coming from behind effectively, especially as darkness pulled itself gently over the earth. Thank God, we had some wipes with us, which were of temporary use to clean the rear-view-mirror and we carried on with the ride on the Expressway westwards to the next house.

Today, when I sit at my desk to meditate on thoughts for the Year 2013 this very incident came surprisingly into my mind screen. It might do good to analyze the event a little bit further.

Usually, we do not touch the rear-view-mirror at all. We might adjust it this way or that way, but touching the actual mirror is very seldom. Still there were shades of oil, dirt and dust on it. I do not remember having touched the rear-view-mirror and nor my wife does. I can not blame the children either for they never sit on the front seat. Dust can be understood. However, where did shades of oil and dirt come from? No answers! They just came!

Looking back to the passing 2012 the same thought is ruling over me. Am I seeing the passing year clearly?

Usually, we see the passing year through a rear-view-mirror that is dirty, which often skips our attention.

Sometimes we find it out and try to clean with our palms that would even complicate the issue.

If we really want to look back to the passing year clearly, first of all we need to clean the rear-view-mirror with real good wipes. Let us use the wipes of truthfulness, frankness, honesty, humility, humbleness and finally, the mercy of God to clean the rear-view-mirror to evaluate our lives in the passing year.

Secondly, let us realize that we always sit in the direction of travel in the car, while we look through the rear-view-mirror. We do not reverse the direction of travel to analyze and correct what had gone wrong in the rear. We learn from the mistakes that we have identified looking through the rear-view-mirror and sincerely try not to repeat them in the present or in the future. Let us resolve to drive ahead positively employing the lessons we have learned by looking through the rear-view-mirror! Let us drive safer!

Wish all the readers of Indian Orthodox Herald, a Blessed and Happy New Year!!

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The editor takes so much pain to make a succesful item. It is really sad when readers do not comment.

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