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HH Catholicose begins 3-day Apostlic visit to Sultanate of Oman from Sept 27

Muscat Maha Edavka celebrates 40 glorious years and centenary of Catholicate

MUSCAT : His Holiness Moran Mar Baselious Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicose of the East and Indian Orthodox (Malankara) Metropolitan, begins a three-day visit to the Sultanate of Oman from September 27-29.

This will be the second visit of the Supreme head of Indian (Malankara) Orthodox to the Sultanate. HH had earlier visited in March 2011 during which he also visited St Stephen’s Orthodox Church in Salalah.

HH will be the guest of the St Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edvaka where he will take part in the 40th celebrations of the church and also the 1960 years of the Holy Church and Centenary of Catholicate in India.

Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese, (under which Sultanate falls) is already in Muscat to prepare the ground for this important visit.

His Holiness will arrive on September 27, Thursday morning from Kerala and will inaugurate a photo exhibition on Catholicate through the ages at the Maha Edavaka at 11 pm. Later he will address the local media at a press conference.

In the evening at 7 pm, His Holiness will lead a procession to St Thomas Church for the public meeting. The meeting will be attended by HE J S Mukul, Indian Ambassador to the Sultanate who will be the chief guest along with other distinguished officials.

Veteran members of the church who have completed 40 years as members will be honoured with a ponnada. A souvenir will also be brought out to mark the occasion.

On September 28, Friday, the Catholicos will lead a tri-mass at St Thomas Church from 6 am. Later in the evening, there will a devotional musical programme from Shruti, Kottayam. The Catholicos leaves for Kerala on September 29 morning.

The 40th anniversary celebrations of the Maha Edavaka formally began with unveiling a logo titled Celebrating Glorious 40 years (1972-2012) on September 7.

On September 14, the Youth Movement wing of the church hosted a symposium on Catholicate Centenary with the theme on the “Throne of Catholicate in Malankara and its Future Vision.”

On September 21, Diocese Metropolitan Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios hoisted the Catholicate Flag at the parsonage of the Maha Edavaka.

The schedule:
September 27 (Thursday):
09.00 am: Arrival at Muscat International Airport from Kochi by Oman Air
10.00 am: Arrival at St Gregorios Maha Edavaka and reception to HH
11.00 am: Inauguration of Photo exhibition on Catholicate through the ages
011.30 am: Press conference with local media at the Maha Edavaka
6.30: Evening Prayers
7.00 pm: Procession and public meeting at St Thomas Church
September 28 (Friday):
6.50 am: HH to lead tri-mass at St Thomas Church
7 pm: Devotional orchestra by “Shruti” Kottayam and Melody Music Centre
September 29: (Saturday): Depart for Kerala

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Catholicate Centenary Rally -Niranam 9-9-12

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The Catholicate Centenary Celebrations: Significance and importance.

The Malankara Orthodox Church, established by St. Thomas, disciple of Lord Jesus Christ, Apostle and Patron Saint of India in AD 52 has sustained so far in its original charisma only because of God’s special care, abundant graces and blessings.

Many Churches which came into existence in almost the same time of the inception of Malankara Church, which became prominent and influential later, disappeared from the face of earth in course of time. In this context, the greatness of the graces and blessings bestowed upon our Church becomes significant.

Malankara Orthodox Church is one among the few Christian Churches in the entire Christendom, which could claim to have plenty of ancient and unique traditions, rich heritage, magnificent system of heavenly services, holy and attractive worship orders and blessed and meaningful rituals of very high standards. It is a truth that it enables us to get proud of our Church. It is well known to one and all that our Church remains as a National Church since its inception till date. Still many foreigners who reached India were only interested to dominate and to take control of our independent Church. All of them succeeded in their attempts. The history proves that the Portuguese, who reached in 15th century, the Syrians who reached in the 17th century and the British who reached in the 19th century had the same intention and aim.

As a result outbreaks happened in the Mother Church and new churches came up combining the faithful who were attracted to their faith and who had surrendered their identity and liberty to the foreign Churches. The children of Malankara church, which longed and still longs to remain loyal to the local heads of the Church, attributed the titles like leader of the tribe, Arkadayakon, Metropolitan etc. to their heads of the Church from time to time.

No one could deny the truth that there were all signs and symbols of the Catholicate visibly or invisibly in the Church from the day of inception till the establishment of the Catholicate in AD 1912. From 17th Sept 1912 the Catholicate remains visible in the Church with all sorts of due significance and brightness. As and when the Catholicate was confirmed by H.H. Moran Mar Ignatius Abdul Messiah Patriarch and elevated H.G. Murimattathil Paulos Mar Ivanios as the first Catholicose in India, on the throne of St. Thomas, with the title “H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Paulose I, Catholicose of the East”, there started the new era of the Church. It enabled the church to attain steady progress and development. The growth of the Church, both in the religious as well as the secular fields was the net result of the establishment of the Catholicate. As a result of the establishment of the Catholicate, our Church confirmed that she could elevate Catholicose or Metropolitans, at any venue in India or at any time, and also to consecrate the Holy Chrism as and when required. The Church has achieved a tremendous growth as a full-fledged one, having Dioceses and Parishes not only in each continent, but also in every nook and corner of the globe.

The Church as a whole pay the tributes to St. Dionysius Vattasseril, LL HH Moran Mar Baselios Augen I, Catholicose, who had struggled and sacrificed much for the establishment of Catholicate in India and to all their Holinesses the Catholicoses who had reigned the Church efficiently from time to time.

On 17th Sept 2012, it completes the centenary of the establishment of Catholicate in India. The present Catholicose H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulos II, is the 8th Indian Catholicose. At present the Holy Church is blessed to have more blessings with the presence, prayers and benedictions of the previous Catholicose, H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Didimose I.

Here comes the significance and importance of the Catholicate, Centenary and the related celebrations. For an average member of the Church, it is a great and golden opportunity to take part in the centenary celebrations and to express his or her love and reverence to God for all the blessings we gain from and through the Church. The Church is to be understood as the body of our Savior and we the members are the tiny parts of the great body. It is the privilege and prestige of one and all members of the Church to participate in the centenary celebrations in a way or other or at least through the continuous prayers for the Holy Church so that they could praise God Almighty for enabling all to be the proud members of this ancient and spiritually rich Church.

Many Programmes, which had been chalked out, have been implemented in the parish, regional, diocesan and Church level, aiming the spiritual, social and general progress of the Church. The Logo of the centenary celebrations was released at Niranam Church on 21st Dec 2010 and the official inauguration of the celebrations was held at Parumala on 2nd Nov 2011, the first event of the program was the celebration of the Catholicate day of the year with more colors and glory. It was desired to celebrate the day as the flag day of the Church and Catholicate flags were hoisted in Parishes, Church institutions as well as houses of members of the Church.

Three colorful ‘declaration rallies’ are planned to be held soon.

The first one will be from Thiruvithamcode Church, and it will end at Niranam Church, (these two churches were originally established by St. Thomas.) When the rally will cover the Diocesan centers of the southern Dioceses, special public functions will be arranged at various centers. The rallies are to publicize the rich St. Thomas heritage, traditions and the real glory of the Church.

The second rally is to start from the northern corner of Kerala and will end at Pazhaya Seminary, Kottayam. It will also cover all important stations and centers in between.

The third rally will start from Mylapore and will end at Mangalore. Various programmes have been organized in the Parish, Diocesan and regional levels. The Lenten period in August (from 1st August till the 15th ) was observed as the meditation days of preparation.

In the main cities in India and abroad, public meetings, seminars etc. were arranged with leaders of the local religion, other denominations, WCC. KCC. and NCCI. It is proposed to undertake key essential social services as the memory of the centenary celebrations. The project under consideration will be finalized and announced among our members shortly.

The spiritual organizations of the Church, in their central and diocesan levels are in the attempt to introduce their own remarkable and unique contributions in these regards with a sort of competitive spirit. There are schemes to provide houses to the homeless in the Church and to provide benevolent schemes for the poor and needy. Conducting memorial processions through the places which are the cradles of Nazrani heritage, arrangement of historical exhibition which might declare the Nazrani, Bible classes in Parishes, Presentation of documentary at various locations, and arrangement of competitions are taking place everywhere.

H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Paulos II, Catholicose has released a Kalpana in which exhortations have been placed to observe 100 hours continuous prayer chains from 11th Sept 2012 to 15th Sept 2012, in the Church Head Quarters as well in various Diocesan Head Quarters. The spiritual organizations in various parishes could follow the call and implement the same in their parishes successfully.

The newly constructed Secretariat complex in Devalokam will be named after the Centenary Celebrations’ memorial. The new church under construction in the place of the previous Coonan Kurish Church will serve as the memorial of the celebrations.

The sub- committee from the Holy Synod, consisting of about seven Metropolitans are earnestly engaged in the publication of a few authoritative and solid books on Canons, Liturgy, Faith, Traditions and rituals etc. and it is expected to be a five year project, as a part of the centenary celebrations.

Various committees are working in full swing for the success of the great event on 25th Nov. 2012. The Souvenir Committee is committed to bring out a book type souvenir, which would serve as a guide to our faith, traditions, history and all other needy topics. In addition to this, it is planned to bring out a pictorial souvenir, presenting certain unique and uncommon pictures.

The valedictory function of the celebrations will be held with a Nazrani Sangamam at Baselios Marthoma Nagar, at Marine Drive, Ernakulam on Sunday, 25th Nov 2012 in a large scale where tens of thousands of faithful are expected to attend. The public meeting chaired by H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulos II, Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan, will be officially inaugurated by H. E. Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, Former President of India and the renowned Scholar, highly talented Scientist and pride of India has kindly consented to inaugurate the same. Central and State Government Ministers as well as religious leaders like H.H. Dalai lama; H.G. Mar Joseph Powathil will grace the occasion and offer a few words of benediction.

The prayers and co-operation of all members of the Church in every nook and corner of the world are earnestly solicited for the blissful functioning of all events.
May God bless us all

Author Jose Kurian Puliyeril is the Secretary of the Catholicate Centenary Celebrations Central Committee

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Catholicate Centenary Celebrations: St.Thomas Church, Ghaziabad

NEW DELHI: The Catholicate Centenary Celebrations in Ghaziabd St.Thomas Orthodox Church will be held on Sunday,16 September 2012 after the Holy Qurbana.

A public meeting will also be held under the leadership of the Vicar, Rev.Fr.Saji Yohannan. Publication of Special Catholicate Centenary Church Bulletin, Centenary Procession by Sunday School Students, Catholicate Awareness Message, Video Presentation, Special Prayers, Catholicate Pledge, sweets Distribution, Food packet distribution to Rickshaw Pullers and laborers etc. will be the highlights of the day.

To commemorate the Centenary year, the OCYM Ghaziabad Church unit has initiated a ‘Give Sight Project’ which facilitates 100 eye operations free of cost to the cataract affected poor people.

The Church General body has approved the proposal of constructing houses for 5 homeless orthodox Christians and releasing Marriage assistance fund for 3 poor orthodox girls; as part of the Catholicate centenary celebrations.


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Mar Thimothios appoints Elizabeth Joy as Dy. Secretary, Desk of Spiritual Organisations in UK

# Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church makes path-breaking decision
# Appointment seen as another major step towards empowerment of women
#Dr Mar Thimothios says Mrs Elizabeth’s rich contributions will be a blessing to Indian Orthodox, global ecumenical bodies
# An exceptional leader, she is widely recognised as ‘role model’ in her Diocese
#To play an effective role for Indian Orthodox in diverse ecumenical bodies
#Supportive and enhanced functioning of the office of Diocesan Regional Secretary

BROCKLEY, London : Dr Mathews Mar Thimothios, Diocese Metropolitan of UK-Europe and Africa, has appointed Mrs Elizabeth Joy (Kochamma) as the new Deputy Secretary for Ecumenical Relations and Spiritual Organisations at the UK regional Level of the UK-Europe and Africa Diocese of Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church.

In a Bull No 29/GEN/2012 dated August 23, 2012, addressed to Mrs Elizabeth Joy, Dr Mar Thimothios notes that the past ecumenical exposures of Mrs Elizabeth will enable to make innovative changes and better functioning of the office of the Diocesan Regional Secretary.

As Deputy Secretary, the Kalpana notes, Mrs Elizabeth in her role will make ‘timely efforts’ in seeking effective roles to play for the church, in diverse ecumenical bodies within the UK wherein she will liaise with the respective priest-in-charge and keep track for the progress and programme of the organisation.

Dr Mar Thimothios hopes that with her rich experiences of working with many ecumenical organisations will foster ecumenical relations and enable our parishes in UK to be actively engaged in ecumenical witness that mutually enrich the relationship of our Church as well as those beyond the Malankara Orthodox Church.

Reacting to her appointment, Mrs Elizabeth says: “I am very proud that the Church has taken this step. We need to work hard and prove that women can be a blessing to the Church as we are given greater responsibilities. I hope and pray that many more women will be recognised for their skills and talents to take up positions like this in our Church. I am also glad that our Church is taking these initiatives in this century and hope and pray that I will be able to deliver my best.”

Mrs Elizabeth is proudly recognised as a ‘role model’ by people in her own Diocese and stands out remarkably as an exceptional leader.
Prior to her UK experience, Mrs Elizabeth served as the General Secretary of the Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), the only woman in its 100-year history.

Mrs Elizabeth brings with her a wealth of experience and has served the Council for World Mission – a global community of Churches as the Executive Secretary for Mission Education for eight years. In this capacity she travelled around the world and liaised with many ecumenical organisations such as the World Council of Churches (WCC), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), World Alliance of Reformed Churches now known as WCRC – World Communion of Reformed Churches, World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), United Evangelical Mission, (UEM), Community of Protestant Churches in Mission (CEVAA), Caribbean and North American Council for Mission (CANACOM), Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), Christian Aid (CA), World Alliance for Christian Communication (WACC), and a host of churches from diverse denominations.

Mrs Elizabeth’s work with the youth, children, building communities of women and men in mission and with the church leadership around the world will make her an ideal person to take up the role assigned to her.

Recently both North East American Diocese and the UK Diocese utilised her services for the Family Conference 2012 in New York by being part of the resource team.

She is the spouse of Fr Niravil George Joy, Vicar of St Thomas’ Indian Orthodox Church in Hemel Hempstead (consecrated recently) and the former Secretary of UK Diocese. They have two children in Sudarshan Thomas Joy and Deepthi Rachel Joy.

Mrs Elizabeth is currently working towards her PhD at King’s College, London on a part time basis and also teaches few courses there and heads a mission initiative called Meora World Mission.

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Sohar St George Orthodox Church, launched the charity logo

SOHAR, Sultanate of Oman –- Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios has installed St George Orthodox Church in Sohar on the World Wide Web and also launched the logo for the charity organization called Kanivu (meaning compassion in action).

Dr Mar Yulios launched the logo on September 7, 2012 after the 8-day Lent.

Also launched was a charity organization called Kanivu which plans to help the poor.

The Parish website was designed by Jubin Simon which has a number of links to Malankara Orthodox Church, church calendar, Diocese, news and events and other information like jobs bank, prayer requests, parish directory and devotional files.

Betzy Mathew (spouse of Fr C S Mathew, Vicar Sohar Orthodox Church), had created the logo for the charity organization called Kanivu.

The logo shows two extended palms reaching out to each other showing compassion for each other which will primarily tackle home for homeless, educational fund for poor children, healthcare for the poor and marriage aid fund for the poor

Eappen Varghese, a member, donated the maiden charity cash to Kanivu in the presence of Dr Mar Yulios and Fr C S Mathews.

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Fr Geevarghese Ramban unveils logo for Muscat Maha Edavaka’s 40th anniversary

MUSCAT: Fr Geevarghese Kouchuparambil (Ramban) has unveiled the logo for the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka (MGOME). Also present at the unveiling ceremony were Fr Joji George Koickalethu, Vicar, Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edvaka, Fr Binu John Thomas, Assistant Vicar, E I Rajan, Trustee, John Thomas (Santhosh), Secretary, P K Koshy and others.

The logo in blue colour has the imprint of the church placed inside the digit ‘0’ in 40 years with MGOC Muscat written on it. The logo titled “Celebrating Glorious 40 years (1972-2012)” was designed by Benson Skaria from Bishara Establishment LCC and a Maha Edavaka member.


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Dr Mar Yulios at Salalah, to lead Catholicate Centenary Celebrations on Sept 14

SALALAH, Sultanate of Oman: Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pullikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios has begun a week-long Episcopal visit to Salalah in the Dhofar Governorate.

During his hectic week-long visit from September 9 to 16th, Dr Mar Yulios will be leading the Holy Eucharist at the St Stephen’s Orthodox Church and chief guest at a symposium on the 1960th anniversary of the Malankara Church and Centenary of the establishment of the Catholicate in India. The Metropolitan will also lead various area prayer meetings in Salalah city, meet with spiritual organizations and lead a symposium on the Catholicate Centenary. A prayer meeting has also been arranged in the industrial area in Salalah.

Earlier, upon arrival at the Salalah International Airport on Sunday afternoon from Muscat, Dr Mar Yulios was received by Fr Isaac Thomas, Vicar of St Stephen’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Salalah, members of the managing committee and parishioners. Dr Mar Yulios had earlier completed a week-long visit to Sohar St George Orthodox Church.

The schedule in Salalah:
Sept 9: Arrival in Salalah from Muscat
Sept 10, 11, 12: Area prayer meetings in Awqad, Salalah, Thamrait and other areas.
Sept 13, 7.30 pm: Meeting with various spiritual organizations like MGOCSM, OCYM, Sunday School, Martha Mariam Samajam
Sept 14: Holy Eucharist (7.30 am) and Symposium on Catholicate Centenary (10 am)
8 pm: Prayer Meeting at Al Sanaiya Industrial Area
Sept 15, 7 pm: Leads the Holy Eucharist
Sept 16: Returns to Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka


Catholicate Centenary NY Maha Sammelanam Vilambara rally

Catholicate Centenary NY Maha Sammelanam Vilambara rally conducted by Northeast American Diocese on Sept 9 at 5pm at Crowne Plazza Hotel, Sufferen

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Catholicate Centenary – New York

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