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Urgent funds needed to complete Parumala St Gregorios Cancer Care Centre by 2014

# Fr Shaji M Baby, Finance Director, begins Gulf visit to source funds
# Long-term investors to be issued bonds signed by HH Catholiocs
# Work now on in progress at Blocks ‘A’ and ‘B’
# Building when complete to have 10 floors, with 2 in the underground
# Individuals and corporate companies requested to contribute

MUSCAT: Fr Shaji Mukadiyil Baby is a man on an urgent mission. The newly appointed Finance Director of St Gregorios International Cancer Care Centre is presently undertaking a visit to Orthodox churches in the Gulf to source funds for the timely completion of the cancer care centre by 2014.

Fr Shaji, appointed by HH the Catholicos 6 months back, looks after the financial aspects of the construction work and is engaged in sourcing funds required to complete the work on time for this prestigious project. He is presently visiting Orthodox church members in Muscat and Salalah to drum up support towards this missionary cause.

At the Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka (MGOME), Fr Shaji screened a documentary titled “Thoovalsparsham” detailing about the latest works being undertaken at the centre and explained to the parishioners about the urgent need to fulfill the task on time. By 2014, the dream project of the Cancer Care Centre aimed at providing treatment for cancer patients at an affordable cost should be ready. Structural work for the project should be ready in 18 months time.

Later addressing a meeting of the parishioners in the presence of MGOME Vicar/President Rev Fr Joji George and Associate Vicar, Fr Binu John Thomas, Fr Shaji explained about the dire need for funds to stave off an impending crisis. “The construction is divided into 3 blocks namely A, B & C with A, B being the ongoing projects. “At present building for the first floor is on. On an average we require over a crore each month for the construction works to carry on smoothly. The ground level will have 2 floors with the remaining 8 coming above for a total of 10 floors. Due to shortage of funds, I decided to visit the Gulf countries where I am confident the Orthodox faithful will help me in this hour of crisis.”
Contributors investing in the project can get back the amount after 5 years. They will be provided bonds signed by HH the Catholicos. They also stand to benefit from yearly treatments. Institutions, churches and individuals can also name the wards in memory of their dear ones and have plaques installed.

Fr Shaji, former Vicar of Muscat Maha Edavaka, began his Gulf visit upon instructions from the Supreme head of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church. He will also soon undertake visits to Orthodox churches in the UAE.

The prestigious Rs 120-crore project and the only one of its kind in Asia when ready, is being owned and managed by the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Church. Chennai-based Consolidated Construction Consortium (CCCL) are the lead builders for the project.

Presently the project is under the direct supervision of Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan HH Baselios Marthoma Paulose II who is aided by three other Metropolitans in Dr Mathews Mar Severios, Metropolitan, Kandanad West, Dr Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos, Metropolitan, Niranam, and Dr Zachariah Mar Aprem, Metropolitan, Adoor Diocese.

A seven-member executive committee, technical committee, engineers, supervisors, project directors meets every Wednesday to take stock of the progress on the project and also holds technical meetings.

Work on the cancer centre began in 2009. The structural work for the mega project is expected to be over by next year and the centre is expected to be fully operational by 2014.

The St Gregorios Medical Mission at Parumala, since 1975, already possesses clinical facilities, except radiotherapy facility at the centre. The full-fledged cancer centre will have exclusive cancer wards, qualified and experienced personnel and radiotherapy treatment facilities. The new facility will have 17 different departments including palliative care, hospice, nuclear medicine, radio therapy and others.

In January this year, the final concreting of bunker area was held marking an important mile stone of the Cancer Care Centre. The concreting of the bunker roof was held non-stop for 64 hours by Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC).

The project boasts 350,000 square feet building with 450 beds. Also planned is a Medical City that includes a world class Cardio Vascular Centre headed by famous cardio vascular surgeon Dr K M Cherian, a De-addiction Centre, and Mar Osthathios Palliative Services (MOPS).

Fr Shaji Baby has kindly requested to contribute towards this healing mission built in the name of saint Parumala.

Contact the Finance Director on +91- 9446600107, +91-9526390810
Cheques/drafts in favour of SGICCC, Parumala.
A/C # 11310200003697, IFSC Code: FDRL 0001131
Federal Bank, Mannar – 689 622, Kerala, India.
St Gregorios International Cancer Care Centre (SGICCC)
Parumala P O, Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala – 689 626
Tel: +91 479-2312266/2312465
Fax: +91-479-2312866

7 replies on “Urgent funds needed to complete Parumala St Gregorios Cancer Care Centre by 2014”

I understand that Fr. Alexander Koodarathil, ex-CEO of the Parumala Cancer Center had collected a lot of funds for the Hospital from different countries, including USA and he has put a major share of the funds in his own pocket! Thus, he has been removed from the post by HH the Catholicose, Paulose II.

Whether it is a Metropolitan or a Priest, every body want Money and nothing else! Now it is the term of Fr. Shaji Baby! Poor Parumala Cancer Center!

God is not blind – people who might misuse the funds given for a good cause if misused will face the wrath of God one day or the other, and don’t think it will be in Hell – they would face it on the earth itself.

The other thing is once we have given a donation for some purpose remember, You part of the job is over and you get the blessings for your good deed and the person misusing it will pay the price accordingly.

Let us pray that the St Gregorios International Cancer Care Centre comes out in flying colors with the blessings of Christ and serve the purpose it is built for in good spirit.

May God’s blessing be there for each and every person who has, is and will be contributing to the success of the project in cash, kind, time or service or even in prayers.

If what Mr. Panicker states above is true, these ‘two horned priests’ should be handled by the faithful in the street and beaten up with wooden cross. They are a shame, disgrace and certainly nor worth of holding any religious positions in the church.

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