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Child Genius Aadarsh George (5) Receives Queen Jubilee Invite

Aadarsh George Collecting Achievement Award from Global Pravasi Malayalee Council in Manchester

Forget Google or trawling through books- if you want the answer to your questions about anything in the planet, ask five-year old Aadarsh George. He has wowed politicians like UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Royal family by knowing everything from the name of Chelsea FC’s owner to the date and time the Titanic ship sunk.

Aadarsh George, who was given an achievement award by the Global Pravasi Malayalee Council and UK Vartha; last week in Manchester, will showcase his brainpower at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee party in June after getting a personal invite.

In a personal interview, the pint sized brain box was able to answer who is the chairman of TATA, number of survivors of the Titanic, captain of Titanic, the first ship who came to rescue Titanic, Tallest building in the world, deepest portion in the ocean, tallest mountain the world including the measurements; about moon, sun and solar system. Explained to us about the abbreviations of AIDS, MRSA, H1N1, HIV, DNA, RAN etc and he even counted in 12 different languages.

Aadarsh George, who attends Muschamp Primary School in Carshalton, Surrey, declared he has big ambitions when he grows up. He said “I like scientific books. I watch BBC News I want to become a Scientist when I grow up and first to invent a car running with water, no with electricity or CNG.

He added: “I am in reception class. I am in a normal school, I like it. It’s so simple. I like science, technology”. Aadarsh George has received letters praising his skills from high-profile figures including and appreciation letter and a Marriage Invitation letter from Prince William, Prime Minister David Cameron, and an official letter from David Cameron expressing his interested to meet this little genius in Prime Minister’s office 10 Downing Street. He also got appreciations from Ex-India’s President and Missile man of India, Scientist Dr.AJP Abdul Kalam and former United Nations superemo Dr. Shashi Tharror.

In the interview asked about Titanic, Aadarsh said: “The accident happened on April 14, 1912.they were sleeping at 11:47pm. The ship fully sunk at 2:24am on the morning of April 15. Aadarsh remind us un- doubtfully, God is the superpower above all science and technology; he added, before starting the Titanic maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, Captain Edward John Smith said ‘This is a running palace even God can’t Stop It’ ; the destiny itself prove that God is above all nations, science and technologies.

Aadarsh is a computer expert too, he told us about the inventor of Computer Charles Babbage, about the first computer ENIAC, having the size of a three bed room house, and the abbreviation of ENIAC, (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) and about the world’s fastest super computer Japanese ’K-computer’ was officially named the world’s fastest supercomputer by International Supercomputing Conference having 88128 CPU’s in it. Aadarsh is having Facebook account, Orkut account and twitter too; telling about his ambitions in future, first ‘I want to become a scientist to invent many things for human beings, secondly I want to set up a charity organization to help poor peoples who really need support and help. His dad Anish told us, when he was 2 years and 3 months old he was featured in ITV London tonight, and stunned the ITV Journalist Glen Goodman telling all the capital cities of the world countries. Then ITV Daybreak Programme for the young genius child in UK and many visual media’s and papers. He got the Best British Malayali Young Talent Award 2010 in Swindon. Global Pravasi Malayalee Council-UK Vartha Achievement Award for best young talent of the year 2012. Now Wall to Wall is filming him for Channel 4 for a documentary named Young child genius in UK.

Aadarsh born in London, His father Anish George is a sales man and mother Manju is a senior Nurse with NHS, they are from Kerala,Thuruthicad a small village in Pathanamthitta district, India, are very happy about the development of their only one child. Aadarsh told us, first I am admiring my grandfather C.P George an ex-military officer of Indian Army. The youngster has decided he wants to study at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard before moving on to one of India’s prestigious Institutes of Technology (IIT). He admire living scientist Stephen Hawkins and AJP Abdul Kalam, Microsoft’s Bill Gate and Face book founder Mark Elliot Zuckerberg as his role models.

Aadarsh’s proud Dad Anish, who works in retail, said he realised his son was a genius early on. When he was two years two months old, he started to read without anyone teaching any alphabet. I was holding his hand on the street and he was reading car number plates. I asked 10-15 questions, and then I understood he was a special character. I am an average guy, my wife is average too. God has special ambitions for him. He has a small library at home and an internet connection. You ask him anything in the world he’s very quick. He’s able to count in 12 languages-even Filipino. He added “we’re so proud of Aadarsh, day after day he continues to amaze us.” He added above all we want him to grow up in God and a good man in life.

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You’re really a wonder child, Adarsh. I read the article about you an also heard a report in the TV programme, Caledoscopy in the Indiavision channel. Very Good. Keep it up. Prayers and blessings.

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