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Gregorian Home for Seniors

Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, President PMGMC Trust
A Unique opportunity to ‘Spend your 70’s with 7s’
An Old Age in the company of Lovable, Energetic, Innocent Kids, Bishop and Priests, Get together with other families

Gregorian Home is a modern concept of an Abode-a Home away from the traditional House, providing an ambience to seniors for a happy peaceful and tranquil stay with modern facilities and amenities.

“….In our society the number of elderly people are increasing day by day with new challenges. Many organizations and institutions are in the forefront, extending various kinds of services especially to geriatrics. Thank God for the people who identify it as one of the most needy area of human touch. The concern of the Church, religion and society has to focus to solve the problems and issues of elderly people irrespective of caste, creed or community. This may result the society will be moving in tranquility and harmony….” (An extract from the Presidential address: Editor)

Parumala Mar Gregorios Memorial Charitable Trust, Thalacode (P.M.G.M.C.Trust) was founded by His Grace Late Lamented Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios in 1976 who was moved by the sufferings of the society. He took over St.Mary’s Boys Home at Thalacode with 115 orphan/semi orphan/destitute boys in 1976 which was started originally by Very Rev. O.C.Kuriaikose Corepiscopa in 1963. Some of the children who have come out from the portals of the Boys’ Home are well placed Engineers, Doctors and leaders in various walks of life in India and abroad.

After the demise of Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios , the founder President of the Trust, started a santhwanam community named Dr.Paulos Mar Gregorios Memorial Old Age Home for Women on 25.11.2011 for senior citizens who are destitute, needy and poor, irrespective of caste or creed or community .

Dr. Cherian Eapen, President of M/S Roy International Children Foundation, California is sponsoring the day to day running expenses of these two projects.

As a next step, PMGMCT intends to create a community, “Sampreethy Bhavan” for accommodating senior couples and individuals at this premises on payment basis .

It is an eco friendly residence located on a hill station, coupled with a serene atmosphere, for a healthy and harmonious retired life. Members can be rest assured of the warmth of hospitality and care extended by trained and devoted volunteers (care takers) under the supervision of renowned spiritual leaders.

A full fledged suite (A/C or non A/C) will be provided in a multistoried building. The elegantly designed suite having a plinth area of around 400sqft., with attached bathroom, pantry, hot water facility, living cum office area.
Common facilities include kitchen, dining room and recreation wing. Spiritual leaders will be available for consultation, counseling, interaction and guidance.

Electricity, Telephone, medical services, Internet, Home Nurse Services and food will be at the members cost. Special ‘paying guest’ facilities can be availed by immediate relatives of the members with prior consent, subject to availability.

It is administered by Board of Management consisting of His Grace Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Coorilos as the president Ph: 09820333379, Vice Presidents : Rev.Fr. K.T.Philip 09446841200, Dr. Cherian Eapen , Treasurer Mr. K.C. Wiison 0 9895755299, Members: Rev.Fr. C.M. Kuriakose 0 9447331270, Mr. Joy. P. Jacob 09447060322. Mr.Babu Paul 09446560698, Mr.George Paul 09847042612, Mr.George Kuriakose 0 9447209063, Mr.Salim.P.Rajan 09746780130, Mr.Jose Kurian 09605098109, Chaplain :Very Rev.K.J. Kuriakose Corepiscopa 09447575728 Manager:Mr.Shaji. J. Malayan 09400740569, Director: Rev.Fr. Dr. T.P. Elias 09447475446

For further details contact either Rev.Fr.Dr.T.P.Elias or through Email ID :

Postal Address:
Gregorian Homes,
Thalacode. P.O, Mulanthuruthy,
Ernakulam (Dist), Kerala-682314,

Telephone No: 0484-2711290, 2713209

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Philadelphia Orthodox Renewal Convention on June 2

PHILADELPHIA: An Orthodox Renewal Convention, under the auspices of “Way of the Cross ministries” will be held on Saturday, June 2 from 9AM to 4PM at St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia.

“Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts” (Hebrews 4: 7) will be the theme of the convention.

Prayer and Worship, Powerful preaching renowned speakers, Confession, Sacramental Testimonials are the highlights of the renewal convention.

Fr. Maximus Urbanowicz, Evangelist and Missionary, Fr. Andrews Daniel (Leeson Achen), Vicar of St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church of Grater Washington, Br. Toby Manimalethu, Evangelist will be the speakers of the convention.

Fr. Gheevarghese John, the Asst. Vicar of St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia is the Director of the Way of the Cross ministries.

For more information contact:
Fr.M.K.Kuriakose: 201-681-1078
Fr. Gheevarghese John : 914-720-0136
Shibu Thomas: 215-527-1632
Jerin Juby: 215-478-1090

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Dr Mar Yulios US, Canada visit to focus on inter-religious dialogue

CHICAGO, Illinois: Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios embarks on a month-long visit to United States and Canada from May 24.

The visit will be the second this year coming in after four months since his previous visit in March this year. The previous visit covered Houston, Texas, Chicago and New York where the Metropolitan delivered lectures, seminars and was the chief celebrant and guest for the NE American Diocesan Catholicate Centenary celebrations at the New York Orthodox Church.

During the present visit, Dr Mar Yulios will reach Chicago on Friday and lead a baptism and also a funeral service at the St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Oak Park, Illinois. Oak Park is the favourite spot for the Metropolitan since it was here His Grace had served as a Vicar.

On May 26, His Grace moves to St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Detroit, for the service of the Festival of Pentecost. The visit also conducts Holy Eucharist, classes for various spiritual, religious organizations, conduct seminars and promote inter-religious dialogue.

The present visit will also see the Metropolitan visiting Canada for the first time after his ordination as a Bishop. His Grace will visit St Gregorios Church and St Gregorios congregation, which are two different places of worship. St Gregorios Orthodox Church of Toronto is part of the Northeast American Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios is expected to return back to Diocesan HQ by July 1st.

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Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim convenes IT professionals meet on June 3

BENGALURU: After a visit to UAE for over a month, Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, has convened the next meeting of the Fellowship of Orthodox Professionals Meeting for June 3, Sunday at 4 pm.

The previous IT meeting had discussed in detail about the study on Holy Eucharist and had an enthusiastic response from about 75 participants.

The Metropolitan expects more participants this time and has intimated on the Facebook Group, Fellowship of Orthodox Professionals in Bengaluru Region.

During his recent visit to UAE, Dr Mar Seraphim took part in the grand reception to Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan HH Baselios Marthoma Paulose II during his first Holy Apostolic Visit to Abu Dhabi on April 26.

More importantly, the Metropolitan was the chief celebrant at the Dubai Cathedral Church for the Passion Week and also participated in a host of important events. Mar Seraphim consecrated the new site of St Gregorios Indian Orthodox Chapel on April 13, realizing the long felt dream of Dibba Orthodox Christians.

The Metropolitan also blessed the foundation stone laying ceremony at the Al Ain St Dionysius Orthodox Church, Al Ain, UAE, on April 20.

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Child Genius Aadarsh George (5) Receives Queen Jubilee Invite

Aadarsh George Collecting Achievement Award from Global Pravasi Malayalee Council in Manchester

Forget Google or trawling through books- if you want the answer to your questions about anything in the planet, ask five-year old Aadarsh George. He has wowed politicians like UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Royal family by knowing everything from the name of Chelsea FC’s owner to the date and time the Titanic ship sunk.

Aadarsh George, who was given an achievement award by the Global Pravasi Malayalee Council and UK Vartha; last week in Manchester, will showcase his brainpower at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee party in June after getting a personal invite.

In a personal interview, the pint sized brain box was able to answer who is the chairman of TATA, number of survivors of the Titanic, captain of Titanic, the first ship who came to rescue Titanic, Tallest building in the world, deepest portion in the ocean, tallest mountain the world including the measurements; about moon, sun and solar system. Explained to us about the abbreviations of AIDS, MRSA, H1N1, HIV, DNA, RAN etc and he even counted in 12 different languages.

Aadarsh George, who attends Muschamp Primary School in Carshalton, Surrey, declared he has big ambitions when he grows up. He said “I like scientific books. I watch BBC News I want to become a Scientist when I grow up and first to invent a car running with water, no with electricity or CNG.

He added: “I am in reception class. I am in a normal school, I like it. It’s so simple. I like science, technology”. Aadarsh George has received letters praising his skills from high-profile figures including and appreciation letter and a Marriage Invitation letter from Prince William, Prime Minister David Cameron, and an official letter from David Cameron expressing his interested to meet this little genius in Prime Minister’s office 10 Downing Street. He also got appreciations from Ex-India’s President and Missile man of India, Scientist Dr.AJP Abdul Kalam and former United Nations superemo Dr. Shashi Tharror.

In the interview asked about Titanic, Aadarsh said: “The accident happened on April 14, 1912.they were sleeping at 11:47pm. The ship fully sunk at 2:24am on the morning of April 15. Aadarsh remind us un- doubtfully, God is the superpower above all science and technology; he added, before starting the Titanic maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, Captain Edward John Smith said ‘This is a running palace even God can’t Stop It’ ; the destiny itself prove that God is above all nations, science and technologies.

Aadarsh is a computer expert too, he told us about the inventor of Computer Charles Babbage, about the first computer ENIAC, having the size of a three bed room house, and the abbreviation of ENIAC, (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) and about the world’s fastest super computer Japanese ’K-computer’ was officially named the world’s fastest supercomputer by International Supercomputing Conference having 88128 CPU’s in it. Aadarsh is having Facebook account, Orkut account and twitter too; telling about his ambitions in future, first ‘I want to become a scientist to invent many things for human beings, secondly I want to set up a charity organization to help poor peoples who really need support and help. His dad Anish told us, when he was 2 years and 3 months old he was featured in ITV London tonight, and stunned the ITV Journalist Glen Goodman telling all the capital cities of the world countries. Then ITV Daybreak Programme for the young genius child in UK and many visual media’s and papers. He got the Best British Malayali Young Talent Award 2010 in Swindon. Global Pravasi Malayalee Council-UK Vartha Achievement Award for best young talent of the year 2012. Now Wall to Wall is filming him for Channel 4 for a documentary named Young child genius in UK.

Aadarsh born in London, His father Anish George is a sales man and mother Manju is a senior Nurse with NHS, they are from Kerala,Thuruthicad a small village in Pathanamthitta district, India, are very happy about the development of their only one child. Aadarsh told us, first I am admiring my grandfather C.P George an ex-military officer of Indian Army. The youngster has decided he wants to study at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard before moving on to one of India’s prestigious Institutes of Technology (IIT). He admire living scientist Stephen Hawkins and AJP Abdul Kalam, Microsoft’s Bill Gate and Face book founder Mark Elliot Zuckerberg as his role models.

Aadarsh’s proud Dad Anish, who works in retail, said he realised his son was a genius early on. When he was two years two months old, he started to read without anyone teaching any alphabet. I was holding his hand on the street and he was reading car number plates. I asked 10-15 questions, and then I understood he was a special character. I am an average guy, my wife is average too. God has special ambitions for him. He has a small library at home and an internet connection. You ask him anything in the world he’s very quick. He’s able to count in 12 languages-even Filipino. He added “we’re so proud of Aadarsh, day after day he continues to amaze us.” He added above all we want him to grow up in God and a good man in life.

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MGOCSM North America Hosts First National Orthodox College Retreat

Orthodox college retreat, or OCR, began simply as the fruition of an idea, a passing thought that grew into something greater than any of us ever expected. From a simple conversation in a car ride, the force behind the conference came from two souls who felt themselves straying from the precepts of their religion, who found themselves questioning the very precepts of the faith they had grew up in.

The idea was proposed to and approved by the council of MGOCSM North America. The initiative of the First National Orthodox College Retreat was taken by Ajay Mathew and John Michael Chacko, and further grew with the formation of a committee in the Dallas area with the support and prayers of various clergy and laity. It is through much prayer and hard work that the initial dream of an Orthodox College Retreat eventually became a reality on Thursday, March 15, 2012. This 4 day retreat took place at the Tally Retreat Center at Camp Copass in Denton, Texas from Thursday, March 15 through Sunday, March 18, 2012.

Our Mission Statement: An open, collegiate atmosphere in which to discuss the different religions one will be faced with and also the deferring trial and tribulations that one goes through in a college environment, all leading towards a reaffirmation in Orthodoxy.

The theme chosen for the retreat was “Take a Stand”. The theme was taken from Ephesians 6:12-13: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” As college students, we go through a lot of struggles whether it be in classes, in relationships or in Church. We often do not take a stand because we do not know how to. That’s why we split the theme to have 3 different categories in order to thoroughly address these aspects: Take a Physical stand, Take a mental stand, and Take a Spiritual stand.

The main speakers for this retreat was Fr. Stephen Lawrence from Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Lowell, Massachusetts and Dn. Daniel Mathai who currently resides in Houston, Texas as the youth minister at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church. Searching for speakers, we wanted people who would not only be great speakers but also relate to the college students and help us to be able to apply what we learn once we leave OCR.

Since it took place during Great Lent, only vegetarian food was served. This along with the canonical hours of prayer were some of the ways we tried to implement the Orthodox way of life as practical for a college student. The retreat had various fun activities such as getting to know each other through a game we called Speed Friending and Capture the flag in the dark. There were small discussion groups according to age that took place before the main speaker sessions. This helped to get an understanding of the topic first and to raise questions within the individuals so that they may get answered during the main speaker session. The Love Jesus, Hate/Love Religion videos were also shown in order to demonstrate the influence social media and the internet has on us. We should be careful to filter the information especially from the internet in order to only absorb the truth.

Participants learned how to change a tire and how to wear a tie as well as putting on a sari and applying makeup. The participants bonded in the guys and girls sessions while discussing the various struggles we go through and overcoming them. A cooking game based on the tv show, Chopped also took place where the groups were given certain food items found in a college dorm/apartment and asked to make a meal out of it in the allotted time.

We wanted to keep this retreat small so that the participants could gain more from it and they wouldn’t be as hesitant to ask questions or speak out as they might with a larger crowd. The purpose behind this retreat was to reaffirm our faith in Orthodoxy and to come in unity as we realize that as young adults in this world, there are certain to be struggles; but with each other’s help and prayer, we are able to take a stand. Therefore, with the hard work and prayers of the Founding Fathers (12 committee members), Speakers, and many others, the First National Orthodox College Retreat produced its Alpha Class of 2012. Glory be to God.
Stoumen kalos (Let us stand and stand we well).

Speakers: Fr. Stephen Lawrence, Rev. Dn. Daniel Mathai

Committee Members: Fr. Mat Alexander, Ajay Mathew, John Michael Chacko, Juel Raju, Lijin Raju, Angie Thomas, Merlyn Varughese, Christine Varghese, Divine Paul, Angela John, Priya Mathew, Jithin Zachariah

Participants: Joffrin Alexander, Sherrin Alexander, Sharon Assariathu, Jake Chandy, Georgie George, Kathey George, Swapna George, Jobin Jacob, Simi Jacob, Richy James, Jeffrey John, Joel John, Sabin John, Steven John, Vipin John, Ajin Joy, Ajith Joy, Tincy Oommen, Babitha Palathumthalackal, Cheryl Rajan, Cybil Rajan, Aju Thomas, Danny Thomas, Jainy Thomas, Allen Varghese, Ashley Varghese, Nancy Varghese.


Philadelphia Renewal Convention

Philadelphia Renewal Convention – Presented by “Way of the Cross”
Director -Rev. Fr. Gheevarghese John

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Dr Mar Yulios says role of media vital in solving issues like Kolencherry

# Media wing to hold its maiden meeting in July before Holy Synod meets
# Aims at media coordination rather than control, says Metropolitan
# Media men to be recognised and honoured for their contributions

MUSCAT: Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, is the new Vice Chairman of Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church’s media wing for the Outside Kerala region.

In his comments to Indian Orthodox Herald (IOH) and Malankara Orthodox TV (M.TV) during his recent visit to Muscat, the Metropolitan emphasized that the new media wing both print and the visual, besides playing meaningful roles will also help in disseminating information about church ministry to the various news channels.

The Metropolitan’s assurance has come as a boost to the media fraternity with its promises to do more.

Excerpts from the interview:

The holy Episcopal Synod has appointed you as Vice Chairman of Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church’s media wing. What role do you visualize…

This will be a new role which has been bestowed on me by the Holy Episcopal Synod. After this new set up, Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church has hence decided to vest total charge of the foreign media section towards a metropolitan.

My role will be to disseminate various Church news and doctrines to Malankara Sabha community all over the world.

The wing will look after both print and the visual media. It will work under the Presidentship of Chengannur Diocese Metropolitan HG Thomas Mar Athanasius and Niranam Diocese Metropolitan Dr Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos. HG Mar Athanasius will look after activities in Kerala while myself will head the media for all Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church activities in the Outside Kerala region. We will meet soon to chalk out our future programmes.

What will be the main aims and programmes of the wing..

Let me make few things very clear. The media wing has not been formed with the intention to control the media but to help the freelancers in their work.

We will go to any extent to provide information to freelance journalists with providing latest information about the church activities and the ministry. Let me make it clear that the church will not control the media with a tight leash. But we will disseminate whatever information we have and also accept and honour Christian media workers.

The Holy Episcopal Synod is also very clear on this. The media cell will also act as a platform for media watch and alert.

When is the committee you likely to meet

The new committee has not met so far after its formation. We have planned to meet by July before the Holy Episcopal Synod meets in August for its customary sitting. We plan to discuss few matters in our meeting and will come up with proposals to be presented at the Holy Synod meeting.

Can you explain on the type of media watch and how it will act on..

As I said earlier, the wing has no plans to impose total control on the media but instead will help the freelancers towards discharging their duties in a free and fair manner possible. It will also serve as a proper platform for media watch on many of the church issues.

The Kolencherry church issue is one such. Media can really play a major part in solving the vexed issue. Many other issues which the church faces can be highlighted by the media and a solution can be found. They have to be vigilant and help solve the matter and not aggravate the issue. The church schism which presently exists can be solved and cooperation of the media is very much sought.

We will be able to help the media get accurate information and facts for all their news. HH the Catholicos will act as the spokesperson of the Sabha matters.

We feel the recent Kolencherry issue was not highlighted by the media with regard to the views of the Indian Orthodox Church. At the height of the crisis in September last year, we conducted a press conference on the issue to express our stand on the matter. Sadly it never came out the way we had expected it to be, both in print and visual media. The news media failed to project our views to the world and instead were partial. Rather than espousing our stand, the media was more eager to report on which of the political parties we would align with or support during the Piravom by elections.

The main purpose of the cell will be to strive towards unifying all media groups in the outside Kerala region and for its effective working with a common goal.

The Holy Episcopal Synod also discussed the role played by various Orthodox print and e-media channels like Indian Orthodox Herald, (IOH), Malankara Orthodox TV (M.TV), Orthodox TV, ICON and others.

Any other issues which will be taken up…

The Indian Orthodox will also try and highlight topical issues. Something like the recent Earth Day, Heritage Day, Autism Day and various other events of global significance.

If any incidents occur, say in North India, we must be able to explain to our community about our stand on such issues. We like to have some kind of coordination with the media folk but never to control them or twist them. I can give my assurance in this regard.

We will honour our media men for their contributions and encourage them. We will provide them with all official information and help towards their work. The committee will hold its first meeting in July and come up with suggestions.

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Annies Kanmani Joy, the first nurse to qualify for Indian administrative service

NEW DELHI: Annies Kanmani Joy from Kerala has scripted a new chapter in the history of the prestigious All India Civil Service Examination.

She is the first nurse to qualify for the Indian administrative service, having secured 65th rank in the examination. As there are over 85 vacancies in general quota in the glamorous IAS, Annies is confident of joining the IAS cadre. Interestingly, Annies, 26, is already in the All India Services. She appeared for last year’s examination and was selected for the Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS). She is currently undergoing ICAS training in Faridabad, Haryana.

As her aim was to join the IAS, she decided to try her luck and came out with flying colours. What adds more sheen to her story is that she is a member of a farming community in the remote Pampakuda village in Ernakulam district, unlike the majority of other achievers who are from cities and big towns and have a family background of high academic records. Her father Joy is a farmer and mother Leela a housewife.

IAS exam “My father’s decade old dream has come true,” she told Gulf News over phone from Faridabad. Joy used to tell his daughter about the IAS exam and joining government service when she was in school.”But I had no idea about it then. I began thinking seriously only when I was doing my one-year internship in 2009 after completing my BSc in nursing at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College.

“A close relative of mine was then doing his LLB in the city. He motivated me. Finally after finishing nursing, I decided to take up the challenge.’’

Initial confusion – But there was initial confusion whether a nursing student could take the IAS exams. “I was then told that any graduate from a recognised Indian university could appear for the exam.’’

She took Malayalam Literature and Psychology as her optional subjects for the Civil Service exam. She joined the Kerala Civil Service Academy in Thiruvanathaparuam for overall coaching and brushed up her knowledge on Malayalam literature at St Thomas College in Palai, a small town near Kottayam. And for the last part of her preparations, she went to Delhi and joined a coaching class in an institute there.

Annies K Joy is a member of St. Marys Church, Faridabad of Delhi diocese and daughter of Joy Paul.

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Focus on Christ-oriented meetings: Pulikkottil Dr Mar Yulios

MUSCAT : Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios has called up on the Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Youth Movement members to concentrate on Christ-oriented spiritual meetings than organizing mere business meetings.

While applauding the charity work of the youth members, Dr Mar Yulios, has urged them to do more for the new Ahmedabad Diocese and for the MGOHE.

Dr Mar Yulios was addressing the valedictory of the OCYM’s activities for 2011-12 at the St Thomas Church, Ruwi, on April 13, Friday, after lighting the traditional lamp.

The Metropolitan also advised old-time youth members to encourage new comers and to work united for the welfare of all and for the church in general. Metropolitan later welcomed new office bearers for 2012-13 and urged them to do their best. Prizes and mementoes were also presented by the Metropolitan to all those who won prizes in the various competitions held during the year.

Outgoing Vice President Mathew Abraham in his address gave details of the activities undertaken during 2011-12 and the achievements.

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka Vicar Fr Joji George, Associate Vicar Rev Fr Binu John Thomas and Fr Varghese George also addressed.

Large numbers of youth movement and church members also took part in the function.