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The Last Paschal Meal of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ

Yes, Orthodox Liturgy is the very sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Christ does not die physically again and again to impart the gift of redemption, but out of His mercy, He demanded us to do the same in remembrance of Him, so that in our present context His death could become mystically and sacramentally actualized just as it was real two thousand years ago.

The Holy Eucharistic Liturgy, being the same sacrifice on the cross, also demands a priest to offer it. Yes, it is Christ the High Priest who performs it; but in order to actualize the same in our time and our midst, a human priestly functionary acting as Christ, in the place of Christ and for Christ, who was His sacramental sign, was necessary. In fact this also was the occasion at which the New Testament priesthood was instituted, although the Holy Spirit imparted this priesthood on His apostles at a later time after His resurrection.

3. The next problem rests on two contradicting facts. The natural desire in every love is the union between the lover and the loved. We see that in human love is the noblest of all love we see in nature. A man and woman love each other, and their love is consummated ultimately in their union, which is physical and sexual naturally, and spiritual and moral sacramentally. God’s love for mankind is constant and enduring. In other words, God always wants to be one with His rational humanity, keeping His own substance as Creator and keeping the privilege of humanity as created beings, not in the concept that humanity gets dissolved in the vast of ocean of His Godhead as Hinduism teaches. The fact remains that God has a craving for union with His redeemed humanity, His Church, His bride.

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