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The Last Paschal Meal of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ

Neither love was compromised. He had a shocking solution to deal with the problem. He will go according to the will of the Father. His loved ones would not see His human face anymore after a day or two, would not hear His voice, but will experience His tenderness of heart. He also will stay on earth among us. He will remain with us with His true presence, exactly the way He was with us 2000 years ago. In the last supper He commanded His disciples to perpetualize this mystical supper in order to actualize His sacrifice on the cross, and literally consume Him through His Body and Blood.

For the Orthodox Christians Jesus’ words declaring the bread and wine to be His Body and Blood are not metaphors or analogies. After uttering the words of institution that “This is my Body …. and This is My Blood… Do this in memory of Me until I come”, Jesus willed to be with us until He returns. After His resurrection Jesus sits at the right side of the Father in heaven, and it is the resurrected Christ who is seated by the Father. It is the same Son who lives among us in the visible accidents of the color, shape, texture and aroma of a wheat bread, and the color, smell, liquidity or fluidity, and color of grape wine. He will keep His real presence in them as long as the bread and wine retain their natural forms. In the West, the Latin theologians tried to explain this supernatural phenomenon of Christ’s presence in bread and wine through Aristotelian categories, and came up with a high-sounding Scholastic term, transubstantiation, which means change of substances of bread and wine to the substances of the Body and Bread of Christ. The Orthodox Church does not adhere to this kind of metaphysical explanation. She has only one direct answer: The man Jesus, who was walking on the streets of Nazareth and Jerusalem, was God. He was a real human being with a visible human body, whom one can touch and feel, and also was real God. If this is supernaturally possible, it is supernaturally possible for the Glorified Christ to appear in the form of bread and wine. No more explanation is required; we need to trust the words of Jesus!

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