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Gospel Meet-2011 at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ras Al Khaimah

RAS AL KHAIMA: St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ras Al Khaimah hosted the third meeting of Gospel Meet-2011 (first meeting during the Apostles’ Lent) organized under the aegis of OCYM UAE Zonal committee in the Emirates on Friday, June 17, the first Friday of the Apostles’ Fasting, which also was marked as the Golden Friday on the Church Calendar.

OCYM members from St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai led the song session. Philip Mathew, Vice President, OCYM St. Dionysius Church, Al Ain made the devotional address basing Lamentations 5:21. Intercessory prayers were offered under the leadership of Fr. Manoj N Rajan, Vicar and OCYM Unit President of Ras Al Khaimah Orthodox Church.

The program began with songs and Bible reading from Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms. Jerry John, Unit Secretary, Ras Al Khaimah welcomed everyone to the meet. Fr. Manoj N Rajan, in his presiding address welcomed the initiative taken up by the OCYM UAE Zonal Committee to organize Gospel Meets during the holy fasts. Joju Mathew Philip, Unit Secretary, Fujairah proposed the vote of thanks for the Zonal committee. The one and a half hour long program concluded with candle light intercessory prayer service. Along with the Ras Al Khaimah parishioners, representatives from Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai units were also present.

Binu Chacko, Sunil David, Biju Thankachen, Jobin, Jibin, Swapna Binu, Jishy Binny, Wilcy Biju and Bincy Sunil led the singing session. Binu Thomas Varghese accompanied the singing on the keyboard and the choir was coordinated by Reju S John, Binny Mathew and Binu Zachariah.

News sent in: Reji Mathew Meenadom

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‘Lay leaders’ to devote time for God’s work: Dr Mar Seraphim

BENGALURU : Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan, Bangalore Diocese, has made a clarion call upon the lay leaders of the church to devote their time and effort towards the work of the church effectively.

The Metropolitan was addressing a monthly meeting of the Bengaluru Orthodox IT employees at the Mar Gregorios Cathedral, Hosur Road on Sunday evening.

“It becomes humanely impossible for a vicar or a bishop to reach out to all sections of people in large churches or cathedrals. It is here we require ‘lay leaders’ – people who can devote their time, maybe spend a hour in a week. The main purpose is to reach out to more people and for our community to be recognized,” he said.

Nursing colleges near churches can be targeted and young church members must devote time to go and meet them and to know their problems and request them to come for worship.

It was left to Fr Mathews George, Vicar of St George Indian Orthodox Church at San Antonio, Texas, to pep up the two-hour-long meeting.
Fr Mathews personally got answers from all the participants about their stress buster techniques which ranged from family time, yoga, meditation, teaching, cooking, playing with children, reading newspapers or working out at the gym.

The Vicar from the United States elicited good response when he said: “We are all leaders and so good in everything but not to our self. How best you can scale down the stress level internally, is what is needed,” he cautioned.

Earlier, Biji Kurian John from IBM, set the tone for the meeting with his inspiring introductory

address on leadership relevance and iconic leaders from the Holy Bible. He listed leadership qualities like self illumination; God’s calling and attaining transformation through this.

Biji mentioned iconic leaders like Moses, David and St Paul who were leaders in their own self having the right vision and knowledge.
Omana Mathews also from IBM explained the purpose of the meeting and the Metropolitans vision towards it. She volunteered to help out the aged people who are unable to work on their own. Dr Mar Seraphim wanted the group to also pray for the sick and help them during emergencies. The Metropolitan suggested that the meeting also include the spouses and families provided some arrangements were made towards a crèche facility.

Techies from IBM, HP, Macmillan, Oracle, CTS, HCL, ANZ, ABB, Accenture, Startech, Nous Infosystem, Sysfore and Cognizant took part in the fellowship meeting. Efforts will be made to have representation from Wipro during its next scheduled meeting for July 31, Sunday, at 3 pm, at the same venue.

A core group has also been formed from among the techies for follow up and to garner more IT employees towards its next meeting. A group email id will be launched soon for more closer networking among the members.

Dr Mar Seraphim proposed a vote of thanks while Fr Mathews ended the meeting with a benediction. Fr John Peter. also took part in the fellowship meeting.

Techies desiring to take part in the meeting can join the FaceBook link

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13 applications received so far for Muscat Maha Edavaka’s ‘Save A Life’ project

PATHANANTHITTA : An impressive beginning has been made to the Save A Life (2011-12), cardiac surgery project, of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka (MGOME), Muscat.

So far about 13 applications have been received for request regarding providing financial aid for the poor with heart ailments, says Dr Saji Philip, clinical and administrative co-ordinator of the St Gregorios Cardio-Vascular Centre.

Addressing a joint press conference along with Rev Fr James Geevarghese, Vicar and President, Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka, at the Pathananthitta Press Club last week, the reputed pediatric cardiologist and epileptologistc said the Cardio-Vascular Centre will be holding cardiology camps in several parts of Kerala like Chengullum, Kannittode, Sultan Bathery in the coming weeks to filter out the genuine cases.

Fr James Geevarghese said as the church enters 40th year, the Maha Edavaka as part of its popular charity project called ‘Thanal’ wants to provide financial aid to minimum 40 children through the project.

Dr Saji said the patients have been asked to come with letters of recommendations from their respective vicars for faster processing of their applications. Other than the 40 children, there is also a proposal to extend the aid to 10 more deserving adults with complicated heart ailments, he said.

A middle-aged lady had been surviving on a pace maker for a long time. She will be able to undergo by-pass surgery by coming to came to know about the camp, explains Dr Saji Philip.

Members of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka (MGOME), Muscat now on vacation in Kerala were also present at the press conference.

Fr James is also utilizing the Kerala visit to complete the formalities of handing over of home keys to the owners under its successful Thanal project of providing home for the homeless during 2010-2011.

The cardiac surgery project will be executed in association with St Gregorios Cardio-Vascular Centre. The international centre provides training and research for cardio thoracic and vascular diseases. The centre functions from the St Gregorios Mission Hospital, Parumala.


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Dr Mar Seraphim to address Bengaluru IT fellowship meet on June 26

BENGALURU — Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan of Bangalore Diocese, will give direction to the monthly fellowship meeting of the Orthodox IT employees in the Bangalore Region on June 26 at the St Gregorious Cathedral, Hosur Road. Techies from the IT world despite their stressful work culture will come together to lead a small Bible Study group this coming Sunday.

Dr Mar Seraphim, head of Bangalore Diocese Metropolitan, will also be present to co-ordinate the over a hour-long meeting. The fellowship meeting will be seen as a get-together essentially to bring them (IT professionals) into the mainstream, says Dr Mar Seraphim.

The Metropolitan is personally taking active interest towards canvassing the professionals to attend the meeting. Prior announcements have already been made in all the 7 Bengaluru Orthodox churches by the respective vicars.

Orthodox IT professionals from leading companies having their bases in Bengaluru and being part of the Orthodox churches in the city are expected to take part. Slowly, the group is expected to include a wide spectrum of professionals from other fields.

Earlier, the fellowship for techies involved those from the IBM which had met on several occasions. Around this time, a need was urgently felt to bring together all other company personnel under the fellowship. This later became what is now called the Fellowship for Orthodox IT employees in Bangalore Region.

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Muscat Mar Gregorios launches Save A Life charity project for cardiac patients

Muscat Mar Gregorios launches Save A Life charity project for cardiac patients
Project aims to save 40 kids by providing financial aid as the church marks 40th years in Muscat

MUSCAT: Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka Muscat has extended its much philanthropic project to the next level.

On Thursday, it launched ‘Save A Life charity’ project for heart ailments. During the previous years, the charity projects, called Thanal related to building homes, arranging marriages for the poorest of the poor in Kerala and others.

Addressing a media conference, Fr James Geevarghese,Vicar/President said coinciding with the church completing 40 years of its presence in Muscat in 2011, the special charity under “Thanal” has been named “Save A Life”.

“The aim is to save lives of up to 40 poor children who have heart ailments by providing financial assistance for their heart surgery although our assistance will extend also to those up to 60 years of age. Apart from meeting the spiritual needs of its members, the Church had responded to calls for help in times of natural calamities and also has been active in charity which is beneficial to its members and other communities in the Sultanate of Oman and in India,” explained Fr James.

This week, Fr James Geevarghese, will be in Kerala to launch the project with a road show and to create an awareness of the project by holding a press conference at the Pathanamthitta Press Club.

Abraham Mathew, Trustee and Biju Parumala, Secretary/Convener who also addressed the conference said the Church was supported by its benevolent members who are keen to help those who are financially weak and face the stark realities of life. “We have a general charity under which we extend help for marriage, medical care and for higher or professional education. During the last six years, we also have embarked on a special charity under the banner “Thanal” and have provided homes for the homeless, arranged marriages of several poor girls and offered assistance for self-employment which were also beneficial to non-Christians,” they pointed out.

The project will be implemented in association with the St Gregorios Cardio-Vascular Centre (Training and Research) , International Centre for Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Diseases, functioning from St Gregorios Mission Hospital, Parumala, Kerala. The Centre is supported by Frontier Lifeline and promoted by Padmashree Dr K M Cherian, a most respected and reputed cardiac surgeon known internationally.
Awareness camps and medical camps across Kerala will be held in association with the Parumala-based St Gregorios Cardio-Vascular Centre.

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka Muscat, previously known as the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church, Muscat, was formed as a parish in Muscat in 1972 now enters its 40th year. The Church falls under the newly-formed Ahmedabad Diocese headed by Dr Pulikkottil Geevarghese Mar Yulios as the Metropolitan head.


Fr.Santhosh George donates his kidney to Jaysree

Fr.Santhosh George donates his kidney to Jaysree after watching the news on Asianet News-Asianet News Impact

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One Shall Discern the Challenges of Times: Catholicos of the East

HYDERABAD: “One shall discern the challenges of times”, said Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan. The Pontiff was speaking at the reception given to him by the twin parishes on Friday, June 10.

The Supreme Head of Malankara Church reached Hyderabad to consecrate the newly built St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ramachandrapuram.

V. Sunitha Laxma Reddy, Minister for Woman Development and Child Welfare, expressed her happiness in receiving the Spiritual Head of two and half million people. She also said that the Church can hope for cooperation from the Government for the services that the Church renders were of great value.

Minister also has promised the Indian Orthodox Church of all help in any social service projects that the church is planning to launch in A.P. She was referring to a request made earlier by the bishop of Bangalore diocese of the Orthodox church Metropolitan Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim, for land for setting up a Youth Centre at Hi-Tec City

Metropolitan of Bangalore Diocese Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim presided over the meeting. Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese Dr. Yacob Mar Ireneaus, Bhikshapati Yadav and Nandishwar Gaud, Members of Legislative Assembly, Andhra Pradesh, Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konattu, the Priest Trustee, M.G. George Muthoottu, the Lay Trustee, Chor Episcopos T.K. Thomas, the Bangalore Diocesan Secretary, and Chor Episcopos John Thachamperil felicitated the Catholicos.

First part of the consecration began at 5.00 pm and the reception began at 7.30 pm. Priests and faithful in thousands from Mar Gregorios Cathedral, Hyderabad, St. Andrews Valiyapalli, St. George Orthodox Church, Balanagar, and St. Thomas Chappel at CRPF Center participated in the events.

Vicar Fr. Moncy P. Chacko welcomed the gathering and Fr. Bobby George moved vote of thanks.

On Saturday, June 11, the second part of the consecration will begin, which will be followed by the Holy Qurbana.

News sent in: Shibu Varghese


Presidential Address by Catholicose at STOVS Conference

Presidential Address by HH Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicose of the East at STOVS Conference at Parumala on June 9-11

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The Voice of Orthodoxy Forwards $1,200 to IOCC for Japanese Tsunami Victims

CHICAGO: Chor-Episcopos Dr. Kyriakos of Chicago, President of The Voice of Orthodoxy, Inc., a Ministry for Global Orthodoxy, has sent $1,200 to the International Orthodox Christian Charities to assist the victims of recent earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan, with preference for Orthodox Christian victims. He also expects to provide more assistance to the tsunami victims of Japan in future when more funds become available.

The Voice of Orthodoxy is a journalistic and philanthropic Orthodox Christian ministry controlled by a board selected from various States in the U.S. and headed by Chor-Episcopos Dr. Kyriakos of Chicago. The ministry publishes, an Internet conservative magazine, publishes books and tracts, and conducts charitable services to economically disadvantaged students and sick people overseas.

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Summer camp for Sunday School kids in Muscat

MUSCAT : Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Youth Movement, Muscat organised a summer camp for Sunday School Children in the Church parsonage.

This is for the children who have not gone for vacation during their holidays. After days of tense moments from their studies and exams, its time to relax. And the summer camp at the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka provided just that.

The summer camp is being organised by the MGOCYM under the able leadership and guidance of Mathew Abraham and Byju Babu John.

The camp comprises of young boys and girls, will extend for five Fridays and concludes on July 1, 2011.

Maha Edavaka Vicar Rev Fr James Geevarghese inaugurated the camp on June 3, Friday by lighting the traditional lamp after the Holy Qurbana. The event encapsules lots of fun-filled activities for children including art, songs, Biblical study classes, Mathematical games, dumb charades and many more.