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Passover is Crossover

If every Christian has a resurrected life, his family has a resurrected experience. If all the families have such a resurrected life, that community, that state or country definitely enjoys the peace of resurrection brought to the creation by Christ. The Syrian Orthodox Liturgy on Pascha loudly announcers this Peace brought down by the resurrection of Christ. The tragedy is that we do not have this peace on earth. Why? Our kind of Christianity is nothing but hypocrisy! Enjoying a resurrected life does not come to us without our effort. From the moment one is in Christ, his stormy life begins, and his life in the wilderness begins. But the most comfortable aspect of this Christian journey is that Christ is with him to share his burdens, to carry his cross, to dress his wounds, to satiate his thirst, and wipe his tears. The crossover to the heavenly Canaan is not fun; it is sometimes more painful for some people; some may smoothly move without many events; but the course is on a rough terrain. Once we cross this rough terrain with total fidelity to our Savior, a resurrected experience is guaranteed.

Another very important juncture in the life of the Israelites in the desert took place on the fiftieth day after their departure from Egypt; it was on that day they received the Decalogue, the Ten Laws, which established openly their existential relationship with their Yahweh, the Creator, Who by imposing those laws over them forged His authority over them. Thus they were bound by God’s laws. The case is different in the New Covenant, in which on the fiftieth day God filled them with His Holy Spirit, which ultimately is mercy and grace. WE are no more under law now, but are in grace, which is totally free for us. However we have to merit His grace by walking with Him on this earthly terrain carrying our crosses. Every day of our life on earth is mixed with sufferings, tensions, frustrations, abuses, discriminations, injustices, rejections, sicknesses, disabilities, weaknesses, and all the earthly problems. If we were under law, none of these uncomfortable encounters would have brought us grace of purification and communion with God; but the second Pentecost definitely granted us the indwelling of the Comforter. Thus the most encouraging truth about our crossover is that we have a Comforter with us to provide us with divine fortitude. Thanks be to Jesus Who had promised Comforter for us and sent Him on the day of the New Pentecost after His resurrection!

The next phase of our resurrection is our reward for being faithful to the One Who saved us with His blood, which is God’s gift for us. We become worthy of this resurrection at His second coming in order to judge the living and the dead. We sing this everyday in the Symbol of faith, the Creed.

Yes, the Pascha, Passover, which we celebrate immediately after the Great Lent, is antecedent to a crossing over the Red Sea and the Sinai to the Promised Land, the heavenly Canaan, which is the kingdom of God.

For those of us who are still struggling on earth, the Pascha or Passover is not complete until we are prepared for a crossover. Indeed, the Passover is crossover; and it is after a successful crossover that the heavenly Canaan is realized for us.

May all of our readers have blessed Paschal Season and all the blessings of the Spring Season!

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