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MGOCSM Unit Registration Begins

KOTTAYAM: Fr. Varghese Varghese, General Secretary of MGOCSM has informed that MGOCSM Units shall be organized with the cooperation of seniors at parish and institutional levels. Memberships can be distributed to students from high school level onwards.

It is required to conduct unit meetings twice a minimum in a month. Units shall endeavor to teach and discuss the faith of the Church, worship and liturgy, problems among students and young people, the solutions therefore etc.

At the parish level, there shall be a Unit Committee comprising of Unit President (Vicar of the parish), Two Senior Vice-presidents (preferably a man and a woman, who are able to lead classes and discussions in the absence of the Vicar), Two Secretaries (a boy and a girl), Treasurer, and Committee Members (maximum five, three boys and two girls).

Parish Units have a registration fee of Rs. 50.00 and School/College Units have it at Rs. 100.00, which shall be remitted to the MGOCSM Central Office.

Address of new office bearers and completed registration forms need to reach the Central Office before July 30, 2010.

Education support from the MGOCSM funds will be granted only to the registered members of MGOCSM at the Central Office.