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Kattachira chapel developing as a major pilgrim centre

This summer a small and silent residential locality in Kerala’s Kayamkulam area has witnessed an unprecedented number of pilgrims. They were from all parts of India coming to seek refuge at the lap of St Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Chapel near Kayamkulam.

KATTACHIRA: This summer a small and silent residential locality in Kerala’s Kayamkulam area has witnessed an unprecedented number of pilgrims. They were from all parts of India coming to seek refuge at the lap of St Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Chapel near Kayamkulam.

Many of the expatriates and the nonresident diaspora who visited Kerala for their recent annual vacation made a bee line to the spot and to visit and pray at the shrine.

The miracle photo of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus in which flows an oily liquid with an aromatic smell since it was first noticed in October 21, 2009. Despite repeated wiping of oil from the photo, there was a continous flow. As per the Kollam Diocese Metropolitan HG Mor Theodosius Mathews kalpana, Holy Qurbana and prayers are being held on a daily basis.

Now similarly, oil flows from the cross kept near this photo and also from the Kalpana of HH Moran Mor Ignatius Zaka I. HH has shown interest to visit the place but ill health seems to have held him back.

Already film artists, political leaders, rationalists, scientists and atheists’ have visited the spot and examined the place. Rationalists have felt that more investigations were needed to establish the source and nature of the liquid.

Since November 21, oil has begun flowing from the Holy Qurbana taksa kept in the chapel’s madbhaha.

Fr Roy George, Vicar, of the chapel says: “So far we have collected 62 bottles of oil from the photos and the cross and kept them inside the madbhaha. Early morning at 7.30 am when the chapel is opened for Holy Qurbana one can feel the smell of the fragrance at its peak. Many of the pilgrims from far and wide are coming over to pray and get blessed.”

Before setting out to visit the place, first timers should be sure of the location. It is on the Kayamkulam-Punalur road and ask for proper directions since it is a popular spot now.

The small church area is now seeing massive expansion work to accommodate more tourists and pilgrims in the days ahead. Souvenirs on Mother Mary’s photos, trinkets key chains, rings, oils in small and big bottles, CDs of the events, photos and many other items are on sale.

On January 10 this year, the chapel was declared as a Marian Pilgrim Centre as per the Apostolic Bull (No E 187/09)of Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I. The Kattachira chapel has since been declared as Marian Divine Centre.

A number of video results for Kattachira church are also available on You Tube.

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I have heard about this kind of stories from many places. On efamily near my house in Cochin’s Kaloor, started claiming that a photo of St Mary is shedding Jasmin flowers and tears.. and there was a steady flow of people.

These claims shoudl be examined properly in the light of evidences and theologians should try to find the reasons. My suggstion i sthat Do not lead people to be superstitious.

As one can see there are vested interests behind such claims and when proved otherwise later, blievers feel they’have been fooled. Will the Church authorities allow the evidences to be examined?

Lot of pilgrims are visiting there, people who once vist the chapel are going again and again, that means something is there for happiness. Because of this miracle at chapel, the prayer is continued through out. So the place becomes more and more holy. (This difference we can easly catch, if we go Parumala Chruch/Manacad chruch etc, without over effort the minds start praying and get cools down, but in many chruchs we have continue on praying to set our mind).

Visiting that place is good for the needy one. And it is not the first time that an oil (form of an oil) comming out of pictures (in orthodox/catholic)/statues(in catholic) of St Mary or Jesus etc.

Lots of prayer is happenning there and the miracle is because of the oil many turn towards God.

Rather than a scientific proof, Just feel by ourselves and belive.


In Toronto, Canada, a decade ago, we had this phenomenon in a Greek Orthodox Church run by an excommunicated priest. Prilgrims came from all corners and the excitement went on for weeks. Incidentally, the official Orthodox Church termed it a hoax. Scientists were involved and it was theorized that some wax melted in the agreeable weather condition. In the end, the crowd frizzled and the excitement was busted. But, not before the priests collected pots of money.

When I went to Kerala this winter, I was told about this phenomenon and Toronto incident came to mind and I gave it a pass. I thoght: let scientists have unfettered access to the facility and prove that it is not a hoax. Even Catholic Church investigates the matter before declaring some site a prilgrimage bound.



Without seeing the miracle never make comments like this…I have experienced it on the 3rd day itself was a heavenly feeling once i entered the chapel.I never got a fragrance like that ever before.Many Miracles are happening there daily.

Unless u see and feel it never comment against this.

I would say this is the miracle of this century..
Scientists from ISRO and Govt.Officials had taken samples and examined the holy oil and they failed to give the actual chemical composition of it.They just said,,ITS A MIRACLE>


Not questioning your faith. You mean to say modern science can’t find out what this liquid is about? If any laymen can feel it as an oil, it got to be oil or something similar. But you mean to say that the officials interpreted it as a Miracle. Strange! Get your testimony published in some Antiochian publications. There will be takers.
Remember God does not want to perform miracles unless one needs them. As St.Paul says it is for the non belivers and not for the believers that mircales are needed. So to which category do we fall into.


I don’t want this to be diverted to another faction fight.

I would say this is for the non believers..especially those who degraded st. Mary..

Please visit that holy place and experience the miracle with your sense then make comments against it…Unless you do that you are just ignorant about it…
thats all….

When I was on vacation to Kerala during May 2010, nobody told me and I was not aware of such a miracle! Otherwise, I would have visited the chapel to see myself what is what, as I hail from Kollam District and Kattachira is not far away place!

Almost 10-15 years ago, there was a phenomena happened in Gujarat that ‘Ganapati idol drank milk” on a particular temple in Gujarat. The news was spread all over Gujarat and the world over within minutes. Devotees ran with milk to each and every temple, in search of idol of Lord Ganapati! Later it was turned out to be a hoax, as it was for only one day and the next day, “Ganapati idol stopped drinking milk !

I do believe in Miracles and it did happened somewhere, sometime . However, this miracle is to be seen, before believing. Since seeing is believing!

The news spread like wild fire. Wthin a matter of few days, the order was issued was HH Patriarch. What was the hurry like this, if at all this is true? Did HH consider the matter in a proper way? Was there any truth finding?

These were the same kind of people who followed Jesus during His lifetime on earth. They were the same people who spat on Him, and abused Him.

There is no element of spirituality in this kind of so called Holy places. The same people will go to Thanku brother or Velankany or Swamy or whoever..

After some month we will hear the same peopel talk “it was a hoax” Still we won’t learn

Miracle seekers are generally low quality spiritual people. Mr Thomas David just now rightly said that In Jesus’s time most people who sought Him just wanted to see some miracle performed, just as we enjoy magicians.

We as Orthodox Christians should take His cross and follow Him, and not seek short-cuts to salavation. There is little doubt that the church leaders who declared this place as –centre in a hurry were also seeking some short-cuts to fame and money. Time will prove that these are only short living. GOD ONLY IS TRUTH. WE SHOULD SEEK HIM ONLY

D.H. Mondfleur famously said “Eliminate physical clutter. More importantly, eliminate spiritual clutter.”


Those who been there at least once will never say against it,,,,

The holy oil is not coming from one photo its coming from

The holy Thaksa,The Photo which is just a Flex board with a wooden frame , A color photo , a dtp print out of the same photo. ( which was taken by a hindu brother), The golden board in which HH kalpana is imprinted…

The holy fragrance is spread inside….Till now more than 65 bottles of holy oil have been collected….

Any one can check it.They are not hiding anything…u can take the photo and check it if u hav doubt…

Our HB had strictly instructed that not to give publicity to this thru media…..

It is almost getting an year by this October…None of the so called miracles never lasted for more than a week…

Ther is live video of the photo which started oozing blood from Jesus picture on the same photo….This happened on Monty Thursday ….

You can find more pictures and details below..

Orthodox Christians attitude towards miracles

How should we Orthodox Christians treat miracles? The answers are clearly laid down by saintly Orthodox fathers. Reading the articles of Fr. Seraphim Rose, would be a good guidance to this. Devil can deceive us with the many similar miracles which a saint are able to do. The Bible itself starts with the act of misleading.

The concept of ‘prelest’(delusion) is solely indigenous to the Orthodox Church, which states, not to blindly believe in any miracles or visions. ‘Prelest’ is somewhat similar to the Hindu concept of ‘Maya’ propounded by Shankaracharya, which states, everything is an ‘illusion’

Unfortunately, the catholic or protestant teaching do not follow the concept of ‘prelest’ hence they are more swayed by any so called miracles, like ‘Speaking in tongues’ and many other visions.

I am not calling the kattachira issue a hoax, am in no way capable of judging the same, however the attitude of an Orthodox Christian towards any so-called miracles should be somewhat questioning and testing, because devil can also perform many miracles to mislead the faithful.

I sincerely recommend every commenter here to read the article written by Father Seraphim Rose, he was an American atheist turned Buddist turned Taoist turned Orthodox Christian. Please read this article till the end, something which we all should know and understand

Thank You Abraham

Our church fathers had experienced these matters and had given proper guidances. It is really unfrotunate that the present church leaders who do not study them jumps into conclusion and declarations are made within a matter of few hours. It is like the ‘blind leading the blind’. For fear of losing respect of dovotees some church leaders may also maintain a studied silence. We have to read our past Orthodox fathers and see these things in proper understading without which we would be led astray.

To believe in miracle is a personal and private. Once’s experieced effect of a miracle is based on so many things. One man’s miracle may be other man’s joke. Bibilically speakig COSMIC MASTERS ( Jesus as one example) have the power to channel and or condense energy found in spiritual world to achieve certain mission in which they are asigned. Those Master have the power to cancel karmic debit of a person( blind person in bible) , place or a Nation. They work closely with their FATHER(GOD).

WE as a human being so imperfect in our evelutionary scale have no wisdom to judge. Every life cycle we come with some experiece and we gain some more. This cycle will continue until we master life’s trials and tribulations.Then our innerself(SOUL PERSONALITY) is identified with Universal Soul. Then YOU have all the spiritual power, wisdom, and all things you see in Jesus.

Civilized people will not make a negative comment on people or events outside their faith. Tolerence is accepting others choice as your own.


As per Mr KK, to believe in miracle is personal and private and also one man’s miracle may be other man’s joke!

Some people do immediately believe whatever things they hear from others. This, of course, is not a good practice to be followed. The wise one, like St. Thomas, want to see and experience himself the resurrected Christ, before he could believe it!

It was because of this, I ran to a temple in Gujarat before 15 years (I lived there for 28 years) to see myself when news spread that “Ganapati idols in temples of Gujarat do drink milk” on a particular day and time! I could see nothing unusual with my bare eyes and later on, it turned out to be a hoax spread by
some religious fanatics.

To me, I am not ready to believe in some stories or miracles, which I have not seen yet! Since, seeing is believing! ( Except God – since he cannot be seen, but only experienced!)

Even if it is genuine or hoax, herald only got this news now only. Why so late to publish as it started during october/ november 2009. The video was available in many sites.

Even if it is original or hoax, why do we worry. That Chapel was too small, atleast let them have a good amount as fund and let them make it big.

If we can declare Thiruvithamcode church a pilgrim centre , they also have some thing for them right so marian pilgrim centre.

Who can say virgin mary is below St. Thomas.
But they might have tested the liquid and make it public not for others atleast for their people.

I have visited Kattachira Church along with family, we prayed there and smelled the oil. It has a ver pleasing smell, I am not that intelligent to doubt this flowing of oil. As an ordinary christian believer I would say its miracle. Indeed it will offer unpredictable gorwith opportunity for the church and surrounding area.

I would recommend all to vist there , its an experience. Let me add I belong to Orhtodox side but see the church as one with its visible head as H.H. Patriarch of Antioch.

Most of the comments made on Kattachira church miracle was not about the truth. It was aimed at a faith(faction) that should not belong to you. Imagine it happened in one of your churches you would be exalted.

A miracle is a perceived effect of unperceived cause. Wisdom is the possession of no man, yet it can be had by all men. Indian orthodox church members or members belongs to any faith has no maral right to judge on miracles happenig outside of their faith.

If you take commandment NO. 1 ” You shall have no other Gods before me” and Lord’s Prayer first sentence ” Our father who art in heaven” – praying to God through saints are of blind belief. Praying at church or shire in the name of any saint you prefer and dropping some money for answers you seek not based on any truth. It is you, what you want to believe. It has no spiritul or mystical truth. It is what you want believe. Fast tracking through Bribe( an unofficial comment, if it hurts any I am sorry).

BELIEF implies LACK of KNOWLEDGE; it is like HOPE without FOUNDATION.
FAITH often defined as “ACTIVE” BELIEF. Most people act upon acceped premises. If you prefer FAITH is an expresssion of confidence, and the confidence is born only from experience(knowledge).

Beloved IOC members there are so many important matters worrying us. Injustice in church is biggest problem. In ancient time church collects money to uplift the needy. Today it is mismanaged at ecclesiastical level,build institutions for profit, fancy cars and builings for luxuries.

IT IS IGNORACE, IGNORACE ALONE, MAN MUST BE SAVED. May be JESUS is praying for our forgiveness.

Dear commenters, when i am in kerala i experience the smell and see with my eye, what is happening.posting the comments, sitting in a chair is not fare.experience it. MOTHER MARY PRAY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.

Let it be a miracle or let it not be too. There are much such things happening in this magical world. Ecclesiastes 1:2 – Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

Jesus did all the miracles for a immediate need only. Why this so called miracle now is happening for no reason and continues to happen for the past one year with out any clue? Moreover, Jesus did all his miracles from something of a small size to a bigger size only. 5 breads to 5000. Water to Wine etc. It is no where heard in the 34 miracles by Jesus in Bible that he made anything from null and continues to make that for no reason or for the purpose of a demonstration. A vast majority of his miracles were mostly on healing the poor and needy.

One thing but I really don’t understand is are those who adhering to the Christian faith non-believers? Remember in the context of what Jesus told in the below versus: Sit and think for whether a true Orthodox person need to go behind miracles and signs to affirm our belief.

John 20:29 – Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”

Mark 8 : 12 – He sighed deeply and said, “Why does this generation ask for a sign? Truly I tell you, no sign will be given to it.”

John 6:2 – and a great crowd of people followed him because they saw the signs he had performed by healing the sick.

John 1:50-Jesus answered, “Do you believe because I told you that I saw you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than these.”

Are we still doubting or wandering for signs and miracles to affirm our faith? Pathetic…

These types of miracles happened many places in kerala and around the world and still happening. I and my family had witnesed many of this kind .. This is a very clear symbol even can be understood by children. Mother mary is crying like any of our own mother thinking about our own eternal punishment . People placed money and comfort above the place of God. Sin is accumulated abundently and it is reaching in such a level that the world is about to sink. In my opinion there are two greatest sins of this age one is black mass and other is abortion. Our life is the greatest gift given by God,without opening the gift spoiling the same and sending back to the creater is called abortion. Lacks of abortions are conducted daily,Three hundredcrores have already done since 1970. Innocent blood is sheading like river. Who will answer for this,Are we not responsible for this. Why are we keeping mum. We have to work hard against these sins in warshooting baisis because little time is left for us. For achieving the target we have to pray and do penance.

It is our duty to save maximum soul. Do good things in the nme of Jesus so that his name will be glorified and we can inroduce Jesus to others. We shall pray through maother mary for giving strength.

pl respond to my mail cell 9901491105 bangalore

I visited kattachira pally and saw the miracle. I strongly believed this miracle.because I saw that eye drops from that picture..Mother Mary forgive us, pray for us and bless. Joykutty

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