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The Church Does not Approbate the Recent Bishop Consecration at New Delhi: Catholicos of the East

Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan made the stand of Orthodox Church clear on the recent bishop consecration at New Delhi through Bull No 300/2010, issued from the Catholicate Palace Kottayam on June 19, Saturday.

KOTTAYAM: Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan made the stand of Orthodox Church clear on the recent bishop consecration at New Delhi through Bull No 300/2010, issued from the Catholicate Palace Kottayam on June 19, Saturday.

“It came into our attention from news media that Severios Moses Gurgan, who is not recognized by the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, had consecrated one of the priests as bishop. This is against the Constitution of the Church and further, this priest is not elected to be consecrated as a bishop by the Malankara Association, nor is it approbated by the Holy Episcopal Synod. We strictly order not to let such people enter into Churches of Malankara, nor to welcome them with honor and respect that befit an Episcopos, nor to attend any of the prayers or any spiritual events, where such people are giving leadership. If anyone acts there against, we will consider it as an act of indiscipline and as a challenge against the spiritual authority that the fathers have divinely vested upon us as the supreme head of the Holy Church. We will impose disciplinary actions against such people. This order is also valid for all members of the Malankara Church, who get ordained to any ecclesiastical positions either by Severios Moses Gurgan or any one, whom he has consecrated. We consider the spiritual and temporal discipline of the Church extremely important and hence seek all our beloved spiritual children of the Church to refrain from such activities. We further affectionately demand you all, not to have interactions with anyone, who attempt to create any kind of unrest in the Church”, says the Catholicos of the East in his Bull.

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Bava thirumeni should also mention the action to be taken against militeus and athanasios for illegally ordaining moosa as a bishop. Also under whose pressure was a bull given recognizing moosa and why was it later withdrawn. the laymen are confused as to what sin will come over them if they unknowingly kiss the hands of these three bishops as well as the 3 newly ordained ones. does the church have a right to defrock the bishops it consecrated.

I request all the brothers to remain strong in their own faith and stop these “chakkilakkan” programme which will destroy the very basis on ancient Christanity

When One get excommunicated from Orthodox or Jacobite they must have committed some sin and are out of Christianity per se.
Whoever takes them just to socre points are actually making their followers also sinners.

This is the time when foloowers money to be spend on good things,NRIs money should not be used to run cases or do these type of “preist grabbing”

All the above are my thaughts! I am jacobite.Apologies if anyone get anointed

How canonical was the ordination of Gurgan. Just like Mr. Varghese said we common layman are confused by the fact that 1+1=2 one day and another day a kalpana comes that 1+1=3. Church should always call a spade a spade. We reap what we sow.


Thomas Kuttikandathil,

Appreciate your comments Kefa.
There is no point in criticizing Mar Militios and Mar Athanasos regarding the ordination of Gurgon. If you genuinely look at the chronology of events, one can give them the benefit of doubt that they have been fallen into the trap of “the plum colored skin” from Arabia. Moreover, if you look at the history of events in Malankara, similar things have happened in the past and people like Mar Militios and Mar Athanasos are made scapegoat. So let us no put unnecessary pressure to crucify them, when their intention was genuine.
What was the intention of the person who invented nuclear energy? Definitely not to make nuclear bomb. Unfortunately gurgon turned out to be one. So let us pray and hope common sense prevails in him. Unfortunately we can’t diffuse him as Christ lives in us. He should be more interested in looking after his people in Germany and around for which he pleaded to make him a Bishop. Now see what he is doing.
We give alms to beggars in the towns in Kerala knowingly or unknowingly that majority of them are part of an organized Mafia. That is how things are happening unfortunately in our home land.
Like what Kefa wrote, there is no point on scoring scores at people and destroying the church. Afterall the Church belongs to God. And whoever tries to destabilize it will get destroyed.
Let us abide by the Kalpana of His Holiness.

A.C Philip – If you are so correct on saying ” Afterall the Church belongs to God. And whoever tries to destabilize it will get destroyed.” – Then the anger fire ball from the God will fall on those who use the money and matter to stop once faith and close down Church

This is happening in Kothamnaglam,Manarkadu and Piravom

Please do not act a like a Anti – Jacobite.The seeds of hatred will grow among them and our advantages will one day become our disadvantages.Sitting in USA try to do anything to help our community in fighting between Jacobite & orthodox which is helping Pentecost community to flourish in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta

Thank you – Hope herald team will publish this
I am an orthodox married to a Marthomite

Digging out the grave for a re postmortem will only emit foul smell.This is not the time for mud slinging which can only create rift among the synod members.The time is to resist bodely and collectively the nefarious designs of the gurgan team.

2.The holy synod had already approved today the actions taken by H.H.the catholicose against the controverial bishop who crossed all the limits of ethics.So there is no point in criticising the actions taken by the synod or the individual bishops in this case.

3.What ever may be the merits and demerits of the whole episodes ,the curtain for the drama was down with the approval of the bishop as the pimate of the independent church of Europe by Bava thirumeni..What ever may be the reasons there is no justification for his actions of ordaining bishops for malankara on revenge.

4.Now some people find fault on addressing him as ”ayaal ” by bavathirumeni.Ayaal means he.It does not mean that he is not a bishop.What the patriarch called palakkunnathu thirumeni was ” balayar”.Bava thirumeni only withdrawn the approval and relations with him and his new church seeing his wicked actions.But nobody questioned gurgan when he sent a threatening letter to Bava thirumeni that he will interfere if no peace process is initiated in malankara.

5.Some people say all these actions were against the constitution.Constitution is for the malankara church.It deals with only election and ordination of episcopas by the church and for the church only.This was an extra ordinary ordination for a foreign church on their request.Constitution need not to be refferred for this.

6.Now one question to the critics of the 2 synod members.If one of your family members commits some wrong thing(they think it was not wrong)will you throw them out of the home even if they are adopted one.No. You will accomodate them with some excuses.But if they repeat the same mistake or collaborate with the enemies of your family then appropriate action will be taken thinking ‘let them go to hell’ .

Thomas Kuttikandathil;

Mor Miletus and Mor Athanasius did a good thing. Catholicose designate and few others, with ulterior motives undermined it. I strongly believe that they did so to help the patriarchal faction. If we continued in good terms with Guragan the present incidents would not happen.

HB and Moe severios (Kandanad west) are responsible for the present issues. How can we justify the incident of Gugan being insulted? Is this the way church leaders treat guests? If those people (including one counting days to ascend catholicose throne) can insult Gurgan, he has the right to give reply the way he thinks proper.

I remember that Gurgan kept our Bava’s picture (bigger than his own picture) in their web site home page, with a caption ” OUR SUPREME HEAD” Till date we have kneeled before foreigners. When a foreigner came to respect and honor our church, we slapped him on his face making him an enemy. That is what happened.

Our Bava thirumeni is unlucky. HH’s chance to head a foreign church is lost now. Bad luck of we all i.e. malankara, Syrian Xian’s, Keralites, even Indians, because of his own prospective successor and a few bishops who are unbecoming of that post. If at all any action to be taken, it has to be taken against them only. Do not cry for the blood of Miletus and Athanasius, especially in matter already approved by synod.

Those who does so, is no doubt is the enemy of MOSC. Because of these kind of people Abraham Mar Severios thirummeni returned (with broken heart) to Patricarch group.

As I understand as per the constitution/bye-laws in our Church, the Catholicos in Synod takes the decision. There is no so called Veto power vested with the Catholicos. This doesn’t mean the Catholicos has no power. Infact, members of the Synod adhere to what the Catholicos says who is the head of the Synod. This can happen both ways. First the Synod arrives at a decision and the Catholicos approves it. Second, the Catholicos takes a decision and the Synod approves it later.

Recently the Association elected 7 Bishop Candidates and they were submitted to the Holy Synod for approval. The Catholicos approved the same in consultation with the Holy Synod. This is the routine procedure.

However in case of emergencies, as in the case of the recent consecration His Holiness had to take an immediate decision as one of the Priest belonged to our Church and was under suspension. There were rumors a few more are on their way. As people are notorious for pretending innocence, the Kalpana was to prevent their advances if any amongst our faithful.

The Holy Synod couldn’t be convened at such short notice to take a decision. As such members of the Holy Synod were informed about it and the Holy Synod was convened with a week’s notice which was held on 25 June 2010. A few members couldn’t attend but as they were aware of the agenda had communicated their approval to the decision of His Holiness with regard to consecration.

I would sincerely advise and request our faithful members to refrain from making any further comments on this issue.

dear friends in Christ

whatever happened was disgraceful. the catholicose has clearly disapproved the consecration and also issued a kalpana,so whats the big fuss all about. lets us diligently follow the kalpana as true believers of the Holy Malankara Church. God bless us all.

We should not have interfered in the internal affairs of Syriac Orthodox Church. We should have sought the opinion of other churches in Oriental Orthodox Communion like Coptic and Armenian Churches who did not interfere in this affair before deciding on the ordination of Turkey bishop.

If The Universal Church is to fail, it is because we allowed those who were bestowed the honor and dignity to uphold the ancient faith to make it happen. There should be a better way for all parties involved to resolve disputes. That way is indeed practicing the Way of Christ. Clearly, our own learned leaders have more learning to do and are proof that they are human as well.

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