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Move to Consecrate Bishop Gurgan as Patriarch

Malayala Manorama, the leading Malayalam daily, reports that there is a move within the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church to consecrate Bishop Mor Severios Moses Gurgan as the new patriarch. At present, Bishop Mor Severios Gurgan is at the helm of the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church.

ATLANTA: Malayala Manorama, the leading Malayalam daily, reports that there is a move within the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church to consecrate Bishop Mor Severios Moses Gurgan as the new patriarch. At present, Bishop Mor Severios Gurgan is at the helm of the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church.

The report also says that there is move to consecrate five more priests as bishops. Mor Severios Moses Gurgan had recently consecrated two priests as bishops. Last week, Fr. C.G. Mathews, who was member of the Orthodox Church, was consecrated as Mathews Mar Gregorios and Ramban Youhanon, who belonged to the Patriarchal faction, was consecrated as Youhanon Mar Thimotheos.

There is report in the Malayala Manorama of the same day that another priest was professed as Ramban. This report is also causing raised eyebrows.

One Metropolitan from the Patriarchal faction is also alleged to join the five already existing bishops of the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church. It is also understood that there is possibility of another Catholicos from Kerala after the Patriarchal consecration.

Bull from the Catholicos of the East that clearly stating the stand of Malankara Orthodox Church on this issue is already on its way to Chrurches.

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I do not see anything wrong when moosa goorgan is ordaining new bishops in his church. This goorgan is ordained by our bishops and church did not take any action against them. If the orthodox church is really serious about these ordinations, first take action against athanasious and milithious before blaming others.

History is repeating again here in kerala churches, start with fraud ordinations of a bishop and eventually become a mainstream church. Let me put some examples also. 1. creation of Marthoma Church in 1875 2. Malankara
reeth in the late 1940s 3. kaldaya church and recently another church Tiruvalla.

Ofcourse the penthacostal movements started in the early decades of 20th century and now it is a credible christian movement in kerala. I do not understand why people worrying about new churches, and let us face it and we need more churches more leaders from christian community.

Dear Beloved

Do not recognise any unethical Practices similer to the consecration of Bishop Gurgan .The mistake is again repeated when he starts consecrating other bishops under him. The Faithful Beleivers should be vigilent towards both inside and outside Church. At one end neo rivival churches are trying to canvass by misleading the innocent beleivers and the otherside people such as Bishop Gurgan.

PL be prepared to face courageously both of these personalities. Let Almighty give strgenth to us in preserving our faith .


Roy Thomas
Abu Dhabi-UAE.

Nothing to worry about it.What is there in it? Just one more Ptriarch of Antioch on the already over crowded throne of st. Peter !Let us wish all the best to the would be His Holiness Ignatius moosa goorgan I the prince patriarch of Antioch and all the universe! Let 100 patriarchs blossoms as we have nothing to do with the patriarchs.

Thomas Kuttikandathil,

In response to Mr. Thomas Kuttikandathil:
I am sorry to say that your response makes no sense what so ever.”Just one more Patriarch of Antioch on the already over crowded throne of St. Peter!” To my knowledge there is only one Patriarch and he is the 122nd successor to St.Peter. Hate it or not but he is still our spiritual leader in many respects. Due to the intelligence of our very own bishops (two whose name I need not to mention) there will be fake patriarch. What we need to understand is that this is not an issue between the Jacobite Church and the IOC. The two bishops came to our side preaching for unity, what unity did they create? Further schism is what they created and the possibility of further authority within that so called church by Gurgan. Many unmarried priest in both factions who have aspired to become bishops will flock to Gurgan because they know that they have a better chance there. Another issue is that just because you go into a monastic life doesn’t mean you need to become a bishop. Just look at the Catholic church, every priest in the catholic church is unmarried. How many bishops do they have in comparison to the amount of priests they have? This is a trend that needs to be stopped in both churches. We need UNITY to overcome these evil forces or we will be seeing a third Catholicos in India really soon.

Does it mean St. Peter’s throne is patented to the Patriarch of Antioch? There are 4 Patriarchs belonging to different churches stationed in Syria and around claiming lineage to St.Peter. Internet will help find them. What about the Pope of the Catholic Church, where does he sit? Can we term him not a Patriarch? What about the other churches who ascribe their lineage to St.Peter like the Lutheran Orthodox Church?

Meanwhile, how can we come in terms with good and bad? We see good aswell as bad people have children. The process for making Children remains the same for good and bad people. But it is never the same when it comes to they agreeing on something. For eg. A robber who is a bad man wants to own a Car by robbing some one and a good man wants to own one by saving for it. At the end of the day both may have a Car. How many of us are interested in knowing how did they get it? We are now saying both of them have to unite to put pressure to get the roads tar sealed to prevent damages. Will this take place? Even if it takes place, how long?

Dear Thankachayan, Why are you attacking Athanasius Thirumeni and Meletius Thirumeni? Let us try to understand the real problem here, not what the media is promoting. Often news is given to the media with an agenda depending on who is giving it. Media does not go in to the details, especially in Kerala. The two bishops you mentioned were members of the official ordination committee. It was the decision of the commitee to ordain a bishop for the Syrians in need. Very similar to how the Patriarchs of the past did for Malankara. Few points.

1. There were dissenting bishops (one or two who were against ordaining a Syrian) from the very beginning.
2. The ordination was properly discussed in the Synod meetings.
3. The commitee also met several times.
4. T he Holy Synod reached a consensus on the ordination. The syrian bishop was confirmed.
5. But after this consensus, the bishops who were against it from the very beginning continued their dissenting position. Now this is very much against the spirit of unity in the Church, the consensus in the Holy Synod and hence against the very nature of Orthodoxy. This is the problem we are seeing today. When you do it against the nature of Orthodoxy, we see problems in all Orthodox Churches.

If Christ was holding on to His Divinity only, there won’t be incarnation. Christ did not hold on to His Divinity alone, but came down and became man. So, once the Synod reached a consensus, the integrity should be maintained. Lack of integrity is a serious problem.

6. When the Syrian bishop visited kerala, he was ill treated. He came with hope, but must have returned with an offended heart. On the other hand if our approach was Christian and human, the effect would have been different. we forget the human aspect many times in our interactions. It is still the old feudal attitude we keep in many areas. We can change this for the needs of the future generation.

Whatever we do, we need to do it with integrity. Ours is an independent Church. We have the freedom to give ordination in the whole world. Today none of the ancient Churches follow old boundaries. Rome is giving ordination in all places. They even have a parallel Catholicos in Kerala. Rome didn’t take any action. But why they were all worried about this one ordination of the Syrian bishop. What justice is this?

BTW, I do not agree to what the Syrian bishop is doing. It is all about lack of unity, both among us and them. I think this is all more revenge based than anything out of Christian attitude or love for the Church. Ones own position, recognition, ego etc. are important here. Compared with the saints who really cared about the Church irrespective of their level of ordination, what is the state of the Church now? It is not possible to change it through more dissatisfied people getting ordained. I am sure the Syrian bishop is going through problems in his own personal life and there are dissatisfied people in both factions also. It is not going to help anyone even if he becomes a Patriarch with his new Church. The real problem is not Patriarch or Catholicos, but lack of proper realization about the nature of the Church itself. When people (and leadership) have this, they will automatically work for unity in the Church.

Please consider all these instead of merely attacking our bishops.


In response to Mr. Thomas:
Well, this is the first time someone from ‘inside’ come forward and telling the real story about the bishop ordination of Syrian German Moses Gourgan. I hope
now the air is cleared, and if there was consensus in the Orthodox Synod, then
the ordination of bishop Moses Gourgan is canonical. I am really sorry to bring
the names of Athanasious and Milithious thirumanis in this matter.
Thankachan Yohannan

Now the prophetic words of Late yohannaan rambachen have come true.IOC is in a real transe like the whale which swallowed cannot vomit and get rid of the three Joanas as they may join their creation .The insider Thomas will become their new Catholicose.Neverthless it will be a replay of the same unfortunate incident before 100 years.

To the foes of Mor Militus and Mor Athanasius ,

Please be aware of the real facts , then decide whether Mor Militus and Mor Athanasius to be blamed. I think, they didi a goog thing. Catholicose designate and few others, with ulterior motives undermined it. I strogly believe that they did so to help the patriarchal faction. If we continued in good terms with Guragan the present incidents would not happen. HB and Moe severios (Kandanad west) are responsible for the present issues.

Would any of you justify the incident of Gugan being insulted. Is this the way church leaders treat guests ?. If those people (including one counting days to ascend catholicose throne) can insult Gurgan, he has the right to give reply the way he thinks proper.

I remember that Gurgan kept our Bava’s picure (bigger than his own picture) in their web site home page, with a caption ” OUR SUPRME HEAD” Till date we have kneeled before foreigners. When a foreiger came to respect and hounour our church, we slapped him on his face making him an enemy. That is what happened.

Our Bava thirumeni is unlucky. HH’s chance to head a foreign church is lost now., bad luck of we all i.e malankara, syrian X’ians, keralites, even Indians, because of his own prospective successor and a few bishops who are unbecoming of that post. If at all any action to be taken, it hasto be taken against them only.

Do not dream of action s against Militus and Athanasios, especially inma matter alreday approved by synod. I wonder if someone demand action against the whole episcopal synod

You talk of the whale and Jona – once you get rid of it, you will see so many eels around us turning out to be a nuisance and then you will feel O if at all Jona and the whale was there, these eels would have been kept at its place. So appreciate the presence of Jonas, because remember all creatures in this universe is the handiwork of our Lord. We all are here for a purpose. Pray to Almighty to show us our purpose in life.

PL discontinue any further comments on Bishop Gurgan. This matter is duly concluded by Holy Synod and now is a closed chapter. Let us think about our Church, being our 2nd home.Many other Churches are in our surroundings. We should not be deviated from our core action plans for the future of our Church.


Roy Thomas
Abu Dhabi.

Man proposes and God disposes is that famous say. When you look at the real fact of the disposed matter, whether God was in the picture when the Synod took this decision is debatable. Today our church is more interested in democratic election, propaganda, majority, percentage and so on and we keep God in His place and blame that God disposed it. If you neutrally analyse this issue, the Bishops who stood for it and who were against have their justification. Now as of today the Bishops who stood against the ordination have justification in what they said originally.

This doesn’t mean that the Bishops who did the ordination need to be blamed. Let us appreciate their good intention. These things from the time of evolution has happened and can happen to anybody any time provided he is human. It is said ‘human is to err, divine is to forgive’.
Meanwhile, I am equally annoyed at the treatment the German Bishop got, if at all it was true. This is not the way we treat visitors and strangers. May be we are carrying that Syrian legacy of the Patriarch who kicked St.Dionysius on his face when he bowed down to seek his pardon. Definitely our Holiness Bava Thirumeni will never entertain such a doing. Infact, I had the privilege of visiting His Holiness along with the primate of the Armenian Church a year ago and I have personally witnessed inspite of Bava Thirumeni’s poor health, His Holiness was inquisitive in organizing breakfast for the Primate.

As members of the church we are obliged to pray for our Primates and fellow being for their well being, this will include their behavior as well. May be we lacked that and that is the reason our Bishops had a difference of opinion. Let us make amends by Praying for them daily and at all possible times, so that Lord guides them to lead us thru.

It is understood that IOC has lost the LIGHT that leads to Dvinity, LOVE that is realized in Humanity, and LIFE that make us realize oneness with God.

Again many foxes dressed in sheeps clothes have arrived in this forum, who want the IOC to take action against the two bishops…

When will they ever learn, that this is an age old tactic, and people are really not amused about it ..:-)

Abraham seems to be the only person who understand his comments 🙂
Acting brave when Alma matter going out to find solace in so called “Jesus Calls”
Hope you will arise and stop – Fiddling while Rome burns

The above comments are good. I just want to ask to both IOC and JSOC ( because why i should hate the JSOC to call them Puthenkurisu society and in return in their publication they mentioning as metran Kazhi). Why such situations happens to JSOC and IOC, only because they are not bothered for christ but bothered about some thing else. In the past there were many left from many churches , what ever may be the reason behind it, nothing happened to the mother church. But the situation with JSOC and IOC are not like that. So swallow all what happened and to be happened by both factions.
But honestly i advise all is dont support financially for by kind, so as to see our money goes for the benifit of power crazy people and to the pocket od advocates. Instead help the needy one around your locality or to spend in your church.

Did I write “visited his holiness with baba thirumeni”
Re-read what I wrote. If you are referring to the visit of the Primate of Armenian Church, that was on on 1st March 2009 on Sunday after the Holy Qurbana at Devalokam and the occasion was the first death anniversary of late L/L H.G. Thomas Mar Makarios. You should be able to view the photos from the Archives of MOSC official website.
Anyway what are you trying to establish?

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