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IOH Exit Poll 2010 Results and Episcopal Election Results: Vox Populi Vox Dei

Until 2010 it was only mouth to mouth opinions voiced by people a means to predict results for the Episcopal Election. Therefore people always suggested that this time five candidates or four candidates are going to get separate majority in the priests’ and laymen’s votes to become winners. There were no scientific methods to generalize or standardize these popular opinions to come to reliable conclusions. This was until Episcopal Election 2010.

It was for the first time in the history of Malankara Church that some agency conducted an Exit Poll towards the Episcopal Election to predict possible results. IOH had bravely ventured the Exit Poll 2010 to scientifically predict the seven winners. IOH had also taken important and serious measures to filter away all kinds of manipulations into the Exit Poll 2010 to the maximum possible extend as well.

Readers might have noticed that some of the candidates had their names in bold letters throughout the Exit poll 2010 and some names in normal letters. Those names that have appeared in bold letters indicated that these names have figured in those votes that have been cast for seven candidates together. Those that were not bold indicated that people voted for those candidates singularly.

It was not possible for a person to vote more than once from one IP Address. Happened that a person tried to vote a second time, the Exit Poll 2010 said to him/her that he/she had already voiced his/her opinion. This has contributed to the veracity of the Exit Poll 2010 tremendously.

962 people participated in the Exit Poll 2010 from all over the world, namely, from the Americas, from Arabian Gulf, from all over India, Oceania and so on. This indicates that the results have come from the true cross section of the Malankara Orthodox Church members from all over the globe. IOH sincerely thanks to all herewith, who have voiced their judgments.

Most important fact is that the results of Exit Poll 2010 reflected exactly in the Episcopal election results as well, except one or two candidates changing their positions in standings of majority. Fr. Dr. George Pulikkottil stood ahead of all candidates right from the beginning and he had the maximum votes with 65%, when the Exit Poll 2010 ended. Fr. V.M. James was predicted as the seventh candidate to qualify and exactly it happened too.

Finally one more observation. One candidate’s name was proposed to the Malankara Church Managing Committee by the Screening Committee after a lot of deliberations. Reason for these extra deliberations was that this candidate did not find favor in the eyes of the Principal, Orthodox Theological Seminary and so did it happen with the Chairman of the Screening committee too. Believable sources have confirmed this to the IOH.

The candidate, whom the Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary in his confidential report deemed as ‘not fit to become a bishop’ has reaped the maximum number of votes in the Exit Poll 2010 as well as in the Episcopal Election at the Malankara Association 2010.

We need to see this result with caution though. At times God speaks through the leaders. At times, when the leadership reflects decay and needs correction, God speaks through the people. That is why genuine leaders have always respected the saying, ‘vox populi vox dei, namely voice of the people is the voice of God’! Results of Episcopal Election 2010 simply suggest that the Malankara Church Leadership needs somehow to rediscover the meaning of this old Latin saying.

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5 replies on “IOH Exit Poll 2010 Results and Episcopal Election Results: Vox Populi Vox Dei”

Vox Populi Vox Dei was crystal clearly displayed by I O H through its opinion poll..It was moreover Scientific…… Public Opinion is the supreme pillar of a democratical Process.Fr George Pulikkotil was leading from the start in your polls and it was reflected in the Results …this is the proof of your sucess…..keep it up….Advocate Jacob, Coimbatore

I am quite surprised to see an editorial on what is supposed to be confidential deliberations of the Screening Committee. An article such as this, especially during the time the Sabha has entered into a period of the Great Lent can only cause to incite and inflame the readers of this forum, and cast a negative light on the Principal of the Orthodox Theological Seminary and others concerned. Honestly, there are some details of this process that the laity simply do not need to know.

I am really surprised at the outcome of the election when compared with this exit poll. Yes, God spoke through the people, when the ‘selected few’ fail to listen to Him. We need to overhaul the screening committee with new blood with a bold vision for the Church and only ‘for the Church’. The Church today is in need of dedicated but able and efficient people to defend the doctrines and faith of the Church. We may not like war, but if war is forced on us we have to defend by any means. We need more Bishop’s like Vattasseril Thirumeni.
IOH, Keep up the good work.
C. Abraham, Edmonton – Canada

Why then IOC obstruct church elections to decide the faction to choose but only advocate statusquo and keep the patriarchial majority churches in the name of 1934 constitution?? What happened to the supreme court ruling that parish members need to choose by election their faction and administration??
Why IOC leadership so much hipocritic so they can keep the wealth and power!!!
think with conscience!! and then all the closed churches could be opened for prayer??
All the IOC practice and principles advocated are not conformed to any rational democratic constitutional or bibilically coherent as they stick to outdated 1934 constitution and twist all interprettations as needed but not to the opinion of major majority of parishners of many problem churches like Kollencherry Mammalasser and so on. – Just Satanic hold!! Only parishners have any right in a church but not any bishops or priest to decide their fate!! that is the supreme court ruling??.

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