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Episcopal Election 2010: Cartoonist Joy Kulanada

The final Holy Elimination round at Sasthamkotta live. This cartoon is published in the latest issue of Malankara Sabha Deepam

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The cartoon looks great.But it is so low class cartoon.Your image become so dull. It is looks like a political election and I think you are among the one whose candidate didn’t get a chance for the Bishops election.

The cartoon at its face value is very timely and funny. G.Parackel failed to realize that the cartoonist Joy Kulanada is not a priest, only priests can contest in the bishop’s election in our Church. Enjoy the cartoon don’t try to burn your brain.
Edmonton, Canada.

I appreciate the humor sense Joy Kulanda. Infact IOH should carry his cartoons on a weekly basis. Makes real sense of what is happenign today even though it looks sarcastic. It is not to laugh or criticize the church, but to point the lacunas and correct them. That should be the whole intention.

Cartoons or comics as the name imply is comedy or humor meant for entertainment. At the same time it conveys a strong and specific underlying meaning. Do not take cartoons as a personal insult or do not point fingers at any person. Enjoy cartoons, understand it and take corrective action and appreciate the cartoonist for imparting a message in humor. Not all can do it without a war of words.

The meaning in this cartoon is apt as it illustrates shoving and trampling each other in the “passionate rush” to become Metropolitans at “any cost”, forgoing Christian standards of love and care, not counting others better than you and forsaking all moral principals; And in the blind melee, drowning not only you but others as well in your passions. This is the sad plight existing in our Church today in the race for Metropolitan, contrary to yesteryears which witnessed under the same democratic system “Saintly”, as well as “Scholarly” candidates who had to be thrust into accepting the responsible post of the Shepherd and they ‘shone’ and still ‘shines’ as “priceless jewels of the Church”.

All including the laity are responsible for current situations vis-à-vis the lack of ardent prayers to overcome passionate tribulations.

Philip Abraham.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

this cartoon comes from a pre-mature brain .This should not be published in any of our church publications . This type of cartoon should not be encouraged .


Roney George

Mr Philip Abraham (SA) encourages me to put a couple of lines here. Thank you for reflecting a thought that will be endorsed by many who love our Church. One of those “Priceless Jewels” ( from Pampady) earnestly resisted but submitted himself to the will of God. Let us all pray that our spiritual leaders try to regain the lost art of the church (Let me quote one sentense from Late His Grace Mar Gregorios of Delhi – “prayer is the lost art of our Church” – This is from a speech he made to Sunday School Teachers’ training session at our Seminary in Kottayam when he was Fr Paul Varghese)> Let us try to abolish the screening committe and go back to the old system with some modifications such as no campaigning of any kind., let each parish be a polling booth and all adult members (including women) be the electorate.

Sad to see this cartoon. Do not blame the cartoonist, he reflected what he is seeing correctly and honestly. Please see what makes him to draw this cartoon. Church is not an institution or an organization. That is body of Christ a living part of Christ.
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34)

It is true that there is a passionate rush to become Metropolitans at “any cost”, in all the Indian Christian Episcopal Churches. It seems that fellow believers like G. Parackal and Roney George are not aware of the ground realities and influence of money in our Metropolitan elections. In fact, it is similar to an election to the Kerala Assembly or Indian Parliament. Did any one of us think why a Police Officer was appointed as the Returning Officer ?

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