The Koonen Cross Oath

supremacy from the mainstream of Syrian Christians of Malabar. Thus, the undivided Malankara Church was divided into two. Those who went to the Roman Catholic faith came to be known as Romo-Syrians.

The Syrian Christians undeterred by the mass betrayal of their brethren, however, were happy at the opportunity to come off the supremacy of Rome and stand independent but still serving the Orthodox faith of Eastern tradition.

The Dutch, who displaced the bigoted Portuguese, were tolerant and fair minded in their religious outlook. The first act they did concerning religion was to order the externment of all foreign priests from Cochin. Thus with the arrival of the Dutch, and the exit of the Portuguese prelates, the Syrian Christians obtained a much needed interval of peace. While the Portuguese had adopted all fair and foul means to prevent bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the Middle East from coming to Malankara, the Dutch actively assisted them.

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The article is the full text of Chapter Six from the Book ‘The Orthodox Church of India’ written by David Daniel

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