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The Spirit Of Divinazation

They are:
(a) Breathing: The celebrant breathes 3 times upon the candidate and also on the surface of the water in baptistery. The child receives the Holy Spirit as the disciples received him when breathed upon by Jesus Christ.

(b) Laying on of hands: The celebrant lays his right hand upon the head o the candidate during the time of the baptism proper in the baptistery. This act reminds us of the laying the hands of John the Baptist on Jesus in the Jordan River when Jesus received Holy Spirit. It is noticeable that many other ancient rites like East Syrian and Manorite rites there is an invocation to the Holy Spirit by laying the hands on the head of the candidate.

(c) Baptism proper: ‘baptism proper’ refers to the part of the sacrament which takes place in the baptistery especially the cleansing by the blessed water. It is note worthy that after the epiclesis or the prayer for sending the Holy Spirit, holy moroon, is poured into the water. Thus a proper ground is prepared for a rebirth in water and spirit.

(d) Anointing: The pre-baptismal anointing with the oil of gladness confers the gift of son ship whereas the post baptismal anointing with the moroon imparts the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament, anointing was the symbol of the reception of the spirit. And Jn 2:20-27 refers to the Holy Spirit receiving through the anointing. The Hebrew term messiah means the anointed one and the anointing is with the hly spirit. Hence all men and women are expected to become “christs” through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Even if we have received the Holy Spirit in baptism, we need to grow in the spirit and to be filled and to be filled with him. St. Paul exhorts us to be filled not in alcoholic spirit but in Holy Spirit. All spiritual  exercise like fasting, repentance, holy Qurbana, prayer etc. are meant to rekindle the dim fire of the holy spirit. The celebration of Pentecost and the preceding 10 days of waiting ale to be observed meaningfully with vigils, retreats and teaching in each parish. When there is a sincere attempt to walk according to the guidance of spirit and desire ardently for more spirit God will grant us an abundant life of Holy Spirit.

In our consumerist culture unfortunately majority are driven by greed than by need. It is natural that they are not much interested in a life guided by the Holy Spirit. On the other hand many of the so-called extreme spiritual people claim that they had an electricity like experience o holy spirit. In fact the Holy Spirit divinizes the world mainly through restoring our true human nature in Christ or making us Christ like. So he spirit filled life is manifested through our disciplined life, fellowship and our earnestness in translating love into concrete actions in our society through suffering.

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