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The Spirit Of Divinazation

1. Spirit of Truth.

Jesus Christ used the expression “spirit of the truth” many times. Deliberately to contrast with the spirit of deception or lies. Even if the mankind has acquired an immense quantity of knowledge in various fields, due to the impact of the force of deception, evil is considered as good and vice versa and the most important and vice versa. The guidance of the spirit of truth, which imparts a power of discernment and leads to all truth, is essential especially when we face the complex issues of modern life.

2. Spirit of Unity.

Despite the advancement in education and science, the communal violence, division in politics and nations and disintegration of family are characteristic of modern life. Communities of fellowship together is an inevitable antidote to this disintegration. It is in this context must we appreciate the relevance of the uniting work of the Holy Spirit. The indwelling Holy Spirit instills in us love towards other and keeps us in Christ. So any attempt, which contributes, to division in congregations or churches is a damned wickedness against the Holy Spirit.

3. Spirit of empowerment.

When the Holy Spirit is permitted to work effectively, a spiritual fervor in worship and mission is evident. The Holy Spirit indwells and inspires internally to continue the ministry of Christ boldly. When the disciples were empowered by the spirit, they turned the world upside down. The empowering spirit is highly necessary for the Indian church which recently witnessed many atrocities and persecutions against its members. The Holy Spirit may inspire us to continue our mission of compassion with an added vigor.

The ministers in the church are appointed and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. The main celebrant in ordination ceremony is Holy Spirit. And the spirit received through the laying on of hands guides and strengthens the ministers.

4. Spirit of Sanctification.

Sanctification is a process of divinization in which the person concerned participates in the characteristics of God. To become like Christ is the same process. Christification of persons and community is a major work of the spirit. As a first step, the Spirit uproots the deep-rooted vices and destroys them along with the evil passions. And the seeds of virtues in man are nurtured and the person concerned produce the fruit of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness etc. whenever St. Paul exhorts to walk by the spirit. He means to cooperate with the spirit to manifest this life of divinization.

The greatest expression of being filled with the Holy Spirit is abundant love and other aspects of fruit of Holy Spirit and not the gifts of the spirit. The gifts like power of healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues etc are bestowed upon only certain members of the church whereas the fruit is meant to be used just for the edification of the whole church. St. Paul discourages especially the speaking in tongues and teaches that it will be terminated, whereas love never ends.

Reception of the Holy Spirit.

Holy baptism is the personal Pentecost of every Christian. This is above all a sacrament of Holy Spirit. In baptism the Holy Spirit is given as a gift to reside upon the Christian forever.

It is unjust to separate the baptismal acts and confine the idea of the reception of the Holy Spirit to a particular act alone. In fact baptism as a whole confers Holy Spirit upon the baptismal candidate. However we can highlight certain important baptismal acts in Syrian tradition by which the candidate receives Holy Spirit particularly.

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