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The Spirit Of Divinazation


Is Christianity an impossible deal? The answer is yes and no. Yes, for only those who do not take the indwelling Holy Spirit seriously. The apparently impossible teaching of our lord can be practiced if we cooperate with the guiding spirit. That is why Christian life is often defined as a new life in Christ guided by Holy Spirit. And this article focuses on the Holy Spirit who assists man to become not a superman but a real man. Yes humanization is divinization or by becoming like God by the help of the Holy Spirit is.

Holy spirit and the church.

Jesus Christ promised to the church the assistance and the guidance of the spirit when his physical presence left it. In Pentecost the early Christian community received the Holy Spirit and the church was officially inaugurated. They witnessed the erection of the tower of church which gathered together the people beyond the language and cultural differences, which is contrary to the building of the tower of Babel, which brought about the division and dispersion of people due to the communication gap. The principle unity in church is not the Catholicos or the pope or the Holy Synod but the Holy Spirit. As blood is circulating through all parts of the body. The Holy Spirit strives to empower all members of the church and keep them in fellowship.

Holy tradition of the church which contains the bible, doctrines, councils, canons, church fathers and saints is an expression of the life of the church through the Holy Spirit, and the spirit uses these to inspire and vivify the members of the church.

The church is supposed to be the kingdom of God. Participation in the renewal and sanctification brings about by the Holy Spirit is inevitable to make the church “the kingdom of God”. The Son of God incarnated in order to establish the kingdom of God on earth. The ministry of the church is nothing less than to continue the mission of Christ. This is fulfilled by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. According to Gregory of Nyssa the petition “thy holy spirit come upon us and cleanse us” Unfortunately the pride of man and his reluctance to subject to the sanctification enacted by the spirits thwarts the establishment of community on earth as God wishes.

Major functions of the Spirit.

Edification and guidance of the church, sanctification of its members, and thus the enlightment of the world are certain fundamental functions of the spirit.

Various symbols employed in the New Testament to denote the indescribable Holy Spirit indirectly explain certain aspects of his functions. Water (Jn 7:37-39) as water is indispensable for life; Holy Spirit is essential for an abundant life. The purifying thrust of Holy Spirit is also implied in this symbol. It is noticeable that water is used in the service of Pentecost as a lively symbol of the spirit. (b) Fire: as the pillar of fire and the cloud led the Israelites through the desert, the holy spirit functions as the light to the way of the church. (c) During the time of Christ dove was a sacrificial object, which restores the communion with God. (d) Advance: the Greek word Arrabon means advance payment or first installment. Life in the Holy Spirit is a foretaste or advance experience of the life in heaven. (e) Seal: seal is a guarantee of ownership. The seal of the Holy Spirit, which the Christians receive in baptism, always remind that they belong to God. (f) Oil: oil was important for healing in ancient days. The Holy Spirit restores the health of soul and mind.

Besides these the Holy Spirit works in numerous ways to bring people to perfection. The holy spirit makes us aware of sin and judgment, strengthens us to stand for the truth, assists in prayer, leads us in deification, imprints the image of Christ in us, brings about fellowship, leads us to truth, produces fruit of the spirit and imparts special gifts etc. among these I would like to highlight four important functions of the spirit.

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