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Scripture And Tradition


Tradition constitutes the Christian faith. It can be devoted as the act, by which something, which is handed down from ancestors of posterity. The Orthodox churches hold the view that apart from the Holy Scripture, other sources of divine revelation manifested through the incarnating Jesus also form part what churches believe and practice today. As social creatures, human beings depend not only on a contemporary group or literal writings, but also on earlier generations and their living conditions. They receive a heritage from a rich and diversified heritage, which may be called as tradition. However, when we assume the terminology ecclesiologically, the concept has deeper and wide meanings. There could be fundamental difference between tradition and traditions even. When traditions cover the concept and practices, which were handed down from ancestors, tradition, imbibe the integral part of everything that is it includes all the socio economic religion background in its integrity. When we transfer this aspect in ecclesiology, we will reach to the point that “Church itself in the traditions”.

What is Holy Scripture?

The Holy Scripture is the sacred book that reveals the divine plan of Salvation in Jesus, which God the Father has began in the Old Testament times. The Holy Scripture relates the history of salvation revealed to Israel (OT) and the church (NT) for the benefit of the whole humanity.

The OT and NT are Holy Scripture. The OT predicted and expected a saviour, the Messiah in the fullness of time. In the incarnation of Jesus, the prediction of OT, one part of the Holy Scripture was fulfilled. This fulfilment was recorded and preserved in literary form, which is the NT.

Why the Holy Scripture?

Thus, since the NT reveals the God through Jesus Christ, the Bible is a holy scripture. According to the church, God inspires the Holy Scripture. Therefore, the scripture is true, Sacred and infallible and normative. In this sense, the Holy Scripture is a divine book.

Divine inspiration of the scripture

The Holy Scripture has divine origin. The inspired men of God under divine directions speak God’s word or write it (cf. Ezekiel 3:4; Acts 1:16, 4:25; Rev. 2:1, 8, 15). The divine mysteries revealed by God to persons who then were under spiritual compulsion to speak or to write. Consequently, the creative intuition of the writer is reflected in the Holy Scripture. In other words, the scripture reflects divine charisma by which inspired words of God is written.

The divine inspiration is uttered in the Bible as St. Peter, the chief of the apostle says “First of all you must understand this, that no prophesy or scripture is a matter of ones own interpretation, because no prophesy ever come by human will, but men and women moved by Holy Spirit spoke from God” (II Pt. 1:20-21).

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