Memorial Feast Of Pulikkottil Mar Dionysius

KOTTAYAM: The 188th Memorial Festival of Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius, the founder of the old Seminary was celebrated.

The flag was hoisted by Seminary Manager Fr. K. V. Joseph at 9.30 am on Sunday 21st November 2004. Many pilgrims from Kunnamkulam, the birthplace of Metropolitan Pulikkottil Mar Dionysius, attended the ceremony. They had been welcomed by the parishioners under the leadership of Fr. Dr. K. M. George, the Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary .

The Old Seminary is the oldest theological seminary of the Malankara Orthodox Church. It is situated in an area of twenty acres of land, on the southern bank of the Meenachil river. The place is on the western boundary of Kottayam city. The decision to lay the foundation for such a seminary for the proper training of theological students had been taken at the meeting held on the 40th day after the demise of Marthoma VII. The construction of the seminary started on 3, Kumbham 1814 on the sixteen acres of land donated tax free by Maharani Lekshmi Bhai. Her Highness had also donated Rs.20,000 because of the goodwill of the British Resident Col. Menroe permission was given to use the interest of the ´Vattipanam Case´ for the construction of the building. These two amounts and the money collected from many well wishers formed by the capital of the construction. This amounted to Rs. 45,395 approximately.
It was the pulikkottil Ramban himself who prepared the plan of the monastery. He was well-versed in architecture. The building containing a ´nalukkettu´ and a chapel was completed in 1815. On 21st March, 1815 the Madras Government informed the church authorities that none other than a Metropolitan had the right to receive the interest of the “Vattipanam”. Soon, Pulikkottil Ramban became Metropolitan. The Travancore and Cochin Maharajas accepting this promotion through official declaration. This marked the end of the continuity of the Pakalomattom Family as Metropolitans and also the increase in the influence of English Missionaries and Residents in Church affairs. Which finally led to the division of the church.

Regular institutional education of English started in Kerala for the first time in this Seminary in 1817. Other major languages like Syriac, Sanskrit, Hebrew and Latin were also taught here. The 150th Jubilee of the Seminary celebrated in 1965.

The southern block was completed in 1965-67. From 1967 onwards the principal of the seminary was the world famous Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan when he passed away Dr. K. M. George was appointed as the principal. The teaching program in the seminary continuous successfully under his able guidance.

The Tombs of the Metropolitan Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius, his successor Dionysius II and Vattasseril Geevarghese Mar Dionysius are situated in a chapel adjacent to the Seminary. Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius, the founder of this seminary which provides modern kind of theological education passed away on 24th November 1816. His 188th memorial festival was celebrated in the seminary on November 21st, 2004.

The Catholicos of H. H. Baselius Marthoma Mathews II, inaugurated the recently constructed P. G. quarters. After the evening service at 6 p.m Fr. Dr. O. Thomas, the priest Trustee of the Church made a speech. There was prayer at the Tomb at 7 p.m. This was followed by the Raza.

On November 24th 2004 Perunal Qurbana will be celebrated by His Holiness. There will also be an incense prayer at the Tomb.

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Anxiety On Increasing Violence Against Children :WCC

KOCHI: The Asian regional conference of W.C.C came to an end. In the conference held at Edathala Santhigiri Ashram near Aluva thirty representatives from 20 countries participated.

The conference expressed deep concern over the increasing violence against children. It was decided to take special care about those affected with H. I.V. Their rights will be protected and attempts for conscientisation will be held at church level. W. C. C will give leadership to the activities for safeguarding religions harmony , fraternity and creating awareness among the people about the danger of racial and communal riots. The meeting exhorted everyone to participate in the struggle for justice and world peace.

The conference was inaugurated on November 11 by Zechariahs Mar Theophilus, a member of the executive committee of W. C. C and presided over by Dr. Mathew George Chunakkara, the Asian secretary of W. C.C.

The concluding session was inaugurated by the Marthoma Metropolitan Dr. Philipose Mar Crysostom and was presided over by the Metropolitan Dr. Joseph Mar Irenaeus who is the President of the Christian Conference of Asia. The speakers were the Sree lankan Bishop Dileep D. Chikera, Metropolitan Zachariah Mar Theophilus, Fr. Dr. K. M. George, Chairman of the Program Committee of W.C.C, and Dr. Mathew George Chunakkara.

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Dr.Robert Carp at Parumala Hospital

PARUMALA: The world famous cardiac surgeon Dr. Robert Carp will be available at St. Gregorios Cardio Vascular Center at Parumala on November 15 to 25. It was Fr. Koodarathil, the hospital administrator who disclosed this news.

Dr. Robert Carp in the disciples of Dr. John, the famous cardiac surgeon of Alam University Dr. Carp has served as professor and head of the university for 17 years. He has written about 150 articles on science. He had also been the editor in charge of the Journal of Cardiac Surgery and The Cardiac Review.

He had also been the editor of ´Clarkin Barnet Boys´. This book is described as the Bible of Cardiac Surgery. He is visiting Parumala after a month-long service at Madras Frontier Life Line, led by Dr.K.M.Cherian.Those who desire the service of Dr. Carp should be in contact the hospital.

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Parumala Perunal Concludes- Hundreds Of Thousands of Devotees Attended

PARUMALA: The aim of every pilgrimage is to receive the goodness in man. Prayer is in fact a pilgrimage of words- Dr.Sukumar Azhikode said.

Dr.Sukumar Azhikode was inaugurating the pilgrim´s convention held on Monday November, 1 the first day of the Parumala Perunal. He observed that Parumala Thirumeni and Sree Narayana Guru were the two bright stars of spirituality that rose up in Kerala in the middle of the 19th century. The Thirumeni was eight years senior to the guru. They could alter the social and spiritual life of Kerala.

Dr. Azhikode declared that the duty of religion is to establish peace where discord exists. The principle of religions last for centuries. They should be able to harmonize and unify society.

All religions follow the vision of the great masters. Hinduism grew up in the valleys of Himalayas, Islam in the deserts of Arabia and Christianity in the plains of Israel. All aim at everlasting goodness. Compassion is the supreme quality according to Christianity. It reveals in human hearts unrestricted by time and space.

Dr. Azhikode told the people that church should be the shelters for poor and needy Persons. He reminded them that Mother Teresa had devoted his life for the receive if the poor and neglected people, not the princes of England.

Dr. Azhikode prefers to consider Parumala Thirumeni as the continuation of Indian Rishy Parampara.

Every pilgrimage teaches us to be fearless. The Thirumeni has asked us to give meaning to our life. He has showered on us love and mercy for a century. Dr. Azhikode said that he received the news that he would be awarded the Ezhuthachan Prize on his way to Parumala. Thirumeni and Thunchath Acharyan are two representations of the same external truth. Both of them are part of our ancestry.

He concluded his speech with the hope that the pilgrimage will bring in goodness.

The Catholicos-Elect, H.B.Thomas Mar Themothios Metropolitan presented Sukumar Azhikode with the first copy of Holy Qurbana a book about the musical notations of Qurbana Songs, written by Dr.M.P.George, Director of Sruthi, the music wing of the Seminary.
The meeting was presided over by H. H. Baselius Marthoma Mathews II, The Catholicos. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan, Dr. Alexander Karakkal, Dr. Christophorus Ramban and Eapen Oommen Arikupuram also made speeches on the occasion.

The processions of pilgrims were moving to Parumala like innumerable tributaries. The first group of Pilgrims from nine parishes of Chennai reached Chengannur by train on Monday, November 1st. More than 800 Pilgrim groups participated.
On Tuesday 2nd November the first Qurbana was conducted under the leadership of Sevarios Metropolitan. The Qurbana at 6 am was conducted by delegated Catholicos. The Qurbana at 8.30 was led by The Catholicos. The ´Vazhv´ (blessings) was conducted at 10.30 am.

The 96th Seminar of M.G.O.C.S.M was held at 11 am. In the meeting presided over by Metropolitan Mar Eusebius, the president of MGOCSM. His Holiness The Catholicos inaugurated the function.

In his inaugural address the Catholicos advised that each of the students should make a self-examination and find out if he can become a good student. Other people´s opinion about us is important. The student community should begin to realize that the loss of character in the loss of everything.

His Holiness recalled his school days. He had his primary education at Injivila NSS School- “my teachers were exemplary. It was my class teacher Ayyan Pillai sir who recognized the devotion in me. He was the first person to suggest that I should become a priest. I tried to be a model everywhere. The Almighty has permitted me to be so´ he said.

The chief orator was Fr. Dr.K.M.George. He observed that we are passing through a period when we are losing models. When there are no ideal persons for us to imitate it is impossible to have a better life. It is high time that we should realize that mercy is not the only criterion of wellbeing.

Those students who had won ranks and higher marks in the SSLC and Examinations of the professional courses were awarded cash prize and mementos.

The Raza began at 3pm and proceeded around the church. The Perunal flag was lowered after the prayer. As Hundreds of thousands devotees received blessings from His Holiness and other members of the Holy Episcopal Synod, left after the final benediction and ´Nercha Vilamp´, curtain fell on the 102nd Parumala Perunal.