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144 Declared Around Thrikkunnathu Seminary

Aluva June 28 2004: 144 was declared by the district collector today evening around the Thrikkunnathu Seminary at Aluva.

Sreshta Catholicos Baselios Thomas I of Jacobite Church withdrew fast and left the scene just after the declaration of 144,for Puthen Cruz to preside a special synod meeting.

His Holiness the Catholicos, Catholicos Elect and sabha Secretary returned to Kottayam today.

District Collector allowed the Patriarchal faction to enter into the seminary chapel

Many old Orthodox faithful from Aluva blame Yuhanon Mar Milithios for the entire episode at Thrikkunnathu Seminary.

The prohibitory orders stands on one kilometre radius of the Thrikkunnathu Seminary at Aluva from Tuesday June 28.

Conducting processions within a kilometre of the seminary has also been banned. The prohibitory order also bans public speeches, demonstrations and meetings in the area for one month.

Any unlawful assembly, gatherings and entering the seminary, church, cemetery and its compound has also been prohibited.